Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete



Protocol extracts from the Menetekel brochures of 1956 - 1975.

GOD and HIS antagonist
Questioners: Psychic Peace Circle Berlin (MFK)
Mediums: Uwe Speer (17) and Monika-Manuela Speer (15)
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The Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin, a Christian/Spiritual community, psychically received the texts to this theme between the years of 1956 to 1975. These transmissions are a part of the Menetekel, a collection of 4,500 A4 pages of freshly catalogued protocols, amassed over 20 years. All of these mediumistic messages were left in their original form, even if similar questions were repeated. The work of the two mediums began when they were 15 and respectively 17 years old. The total production of the MFK-Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin), the Menetekel and the 21 transmissions from the space-brothers are considered the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific research. Other spiritual circles have often tried to copy the work of the MFK, but its quality was never achieved. The reproduction and distribution of these rearranged messages and protocols is explicitly encouraged and is not covered by any copyright.



Preface by the publisher

1. Introduction (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin MFK)

2. Errant opinions

2.1 Immature concepts (Transmission from the year 1968)

2.2 Creation requires intelligence (Transmission from the year 1958)

2.3 Why all this doubt? (Psychic transmission from the SPHERES of LIGHT)

2.4 Questions and answers

2.5 The way to GOD (Transmission from the year 1960)

3. Without GOD?

3.1 Ungodliness (Transmission from the year 1964 and 1965)

3.2 About atheism (Transmission from the year 1970)

3.3 Questions and answers

3.4 People’s behaviourism (Transmission from the year 1964)

3.5 Questions and answers

3.6 The abnegation (Transmission from the year 1957)

3.7 Questions and answers

3.8 The mystery GOD represents (Transmission from the year 1962)

3.9 Blasphemy (Transmission from the year 1969)

4. Acknowledging evidence

4.1 Questions and answers

4.2 Removing doubts (Transmission from the year 1971)

4.3 What are miracles? (Transmission from the year 1964)

4.4 Can GOD’S existence be verified? (Transmission from the year 1970)

4.5 The great evidence of GOD’S existence (Transmission from the year 1963)

4.6 Questions and answers

5. GOD and us human beings

5.1 The veneration of GOD (Transmission from the year 1963)

5.2 Questions and answers

5.3 The direct path to GOD (Transmission from the year 1962)

5.4 Questions and answers

5.5 GOD’S LAWS are not commandments (Transmission from the year 1957)

5.6 Question and answers

5.7 Peace across all frontiers (Transmission from the year 1968)


6.1 GOD’S HELPERS (Transmission from the year 1959)

6.2 Universal guidance (Transmission from the year 1963)

6.3 Acknowledging things (Transmission from the year 1962)

6.4 Questions and answers

7. The sciences and the church

7.1. The greatest prestige (Transmission from the year 1961)

7.2 Questions and answers

8. Omnipotence and Justice

8.1. Is GOD omnipotent and merciful? (Transmission from the year 1963)

8.2. Mother Nature (Transmission from the year 1968)

8.3. Questions and answers

8.4. GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS (Transmission from the year 1958)

8.5. About ALMIGHTINESS (Transmission from the year 1967)

8.6. GOD is ALMIGHTY (Transmission from the year 1961)

9. The devil – yes or no?

9.1. Is there a devil?

9.2. Something about the antagonist (Transmission from the year 1973)

9.3. GOD and the devil (Transmission from the year 1962)

9.4. The great negative (Transmission from the year 1962)

9.5. The negative (Transmission from the year 1962)

9.6. Questions and answers

10. Negative creation

10.1 The borders of the universe (Transmission from the tear 1960)

10.2. About CREATION

10.3 The origin of evil

10.4. Questions and answers

11. Negative characteristics

11.1. Malicious glee (Transmission from the year 1974)

11.2 Demonic forces

11.2.1. Questions and answers

11.3. Crime

11.3.1. Question and answers

12. The Battle of Armageddon

12.1. Questions and answers

13. Better behaviourism

13.1. The world without TRUTH (Transmission from the year 1974)

13.2. Protection against negativity

13.2.1. Questions and answers

14. New Year’s Eve (Transmission from the year 1975)