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Preface by the publisher

GOD and his antagonist, this interplay of forces all human beings either consciously or subconsciously participate in during their life here on Earth. This duality expresses parity and explains the reality in as much as there must be two characteristically dissimilar principles present. Religions are also based on the irreconcilable contrast between LIGHT and darkness, GOOD and evil. Every human being will consciously find itself in either one of these realms of the spirit after their physical death. We are actually already in the midst of all of this and we are already determining the future level or sphere of life after our demise through our thoughts and actions. It is important to realise that our damaged environment is an expression of our thought processes. We can unfortunately only envisage a world imagined by people and in spite of all explanations do not feel comfortable in it!

During his physical life, individual man is asked to gain the required clarity to be able to decide to which side he wants to belong to. It is necessary that one knows both sides; LIGHT and darkness, to do so. Many speakers at esoteric seminars or dubious gurus unfortunately play down the dangerous powers of darkness in a most irresponsible way. Their interpretations and explanations culminate in the statement that GOD and HIS antagonist is one and the same “person”. – One should not allow oneself to be duped! The power of darkness is negative, highly intellectual, sly and perfidious. If man creates the required prerequisites, it will pounce on him without warning. This is how accidents come about in this world. Crucial indicators in regards to this duality can be gleaned from reliable psycho-scientific literature. In order to make the selection easier, I have arranged a literary composition under the heading “Death – an aberration with fatal consequences”. Another option is that one looks for a proven medium in order to convince oneself. These opportunities do exist, especially in England.

However the detractors do not look in the indicated places so that they can continue to insist that there is nothing there to be seen; they tightly close their eyes and deny the sun’s existence. The dialogue between theology, the sciences and the broader community is nowadays as useless as an attempt to have a conversation with an automatic speaking clock.

Bad Salzuflen, August 1993

1. Introduction (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin MFK)

GOD’S DOMICILE is the SPIRITUAL REALM and HIS TRUTH can therefore only come to Earth from this REGION. This has always taken place and it has never been restricted to one specific place or time. All INDOCTRINATIONS and additional REVELATIONS from these REGIONS are always adapted to man’s level of development and cultural state. Comprehensibility and relevance to the current situation are therefore always guaranteed.

Mankind is certainly not only dependant on partially falsified traditions and their interpretations. These are evidentially not adequate! If these had been adequate and above all based on logic, we would, after thousands and thousands of years of reflection, have paradisaical conditions on Earth.

Only the objective, divine TRUTH and knowledge that can be expressed through terrestrial vocabularies can reach planet Earth. Everything beyond your comprehension must, by necessity, have to wait, because the extent of the present terrestrial terminologies does not suffice. The already available material however suffices to elevate the world’s present level to a higher level of understanding. – All one would have to do is to acknowledge it!

He, who has something to hide, usually asks for blind faith. GOD has no negative THOUGHTS and PLANS HE would like to keep from HIS CREATION. HIS truthful REALITY is absolutely august and stands high above all terrestrial standards, opinions and assumptions.

The opportunity to test the spirits as it were is absolutely possible and imperatively necessary and it can be done with an alert and logic mind, with one’s feelings and its associated cognisance ability!

Every human being is able to utilise or ignore these abilities. Every human being has the opportunity to familiarise himself with this wonderful eventuality fully consciously and with clear insight, as long as they do not egotistically fight this notion. The only requirement is a sincere search for the facts and a willingness to learn.

There are an enormous amount of mistakes and knowledge gaps in regards to the divine TRUTH. They reach far into the past and they are solidly entrenched within the world’s philosophies. To correct the mistakes that have crept in and to fill these gaps of knowledge would be an uncomfortable process to many people and institutions, so they prefer to avoid doing so altogether.

It is of course not easy to admit that, according to divine FACTS, one’s own opinions and actions were incorrect. Prestige is unfortunately extremely hindering here. There also exist a huge amount of lies and misinterpretations. This is all a part of the century old practice of keeping the masses on a lower spiritual level thereby making them more obedient. The egomaniacal goals are called: Domination, suppression, seduction, exploitation and if everything else fails, it’s annihilation.

The path towards a rapid spiritual evolution of mankind is consciously impeded. This happens in a well organised fashion on a large scale, but also on a smaller scale through personal misconceptions. Might is only able to prevail when the elucidating, divine TRUTH is defamed and attacked, portrait as incredible and ridiculed, with the result that the knowledge gaps will endure. This also applies when people hide their feelings from one another due to lack of interest or better insights.

The release from this devilish cycle to a peaceful and harmonious future offers higher KNOWLEDGE from GOD’S positive realm. This KNOWLEDGE can be detected via one’s feelings and then verified through logic. In order to do so, the mind has to be trained in divine LOGIC and one’s feelings have to be refined in regards to their positive VIBRATIONS. Both of these things belong together, they complement one another and form an unalterable unit. Access to the TRUTH can be gained through the themes from the series of scriptures called the Menetekel, which have actually been collated for this reason.

This LOVE offers every human being individual HELP for the higher development of spirit and soul, of mind and emotions, however it is never forced upon anyone! The reader will quickly realise the CHAPERONAGE that is present whilst perusing these scriptures. A myriad of GOD’S authorised HELPERS are active in order to accompany human beings. Whether we are willing to feel, recognise and accept this HELP remains the personal decision of every individual.

He, who genuinely seeks and strives for higher KNOWLEDGE, that is to say, he, who has focussed on his goal, will have his cognisance abilities enhanced. He will be able to recognise aberrations and fill the gaps in his knowledge. Every human being can refine their soul and their feelings, if they are willing to open their hearts to divine LOVE and to close it towards the negative in equal measure.

The following INDOCTRINATIONS to the theme of “GOD and HIS antagonist” are only a part of a comprehensive program of elucidation from the Fifties, Sixties and the Seventies, given to all those who can identify with this.[1]

These transmissions are not the property of certain “chosen ones”, but basically belong to all human beings! They should be disseminated with this in mind!

These messages are rendered here word for word and stem from GOD’S positive REALM. They were transmitted by specially trained and authorised MESSENGERS of LIGHT and they come from within GOD’S HIERARCHY.

May every reader gain ample benefits from the KNOWLEDGE offered by these psychic messages!

Herbert Viktor Speer

2. Errant opinions

2.1 Immature concepts (Transmission from the year 1968)

People have portrait GOD in a variety of ways – and nobody seems to be happy with any of them. However what you have to take into consideration is the fact that mankind is subjected to advancement and development; mankind’s mental horizons are continuously expanded. The boundaries are slowly set or expanded. The expansion of mankind’s knowledge brings a greater understanding of the universe and the things in it.

In the past, man knew very little about his environment and the miracle life represents. He equated everything with the activities of the gods. He could only imagine GOD as a magnificent, but human-like being. This is how the original thought of making sacrifices comes from. They assumed that the gods were angry when thunder rolled and lightning lit up the sky. They believed that this anger could only be averted through offerings.

These immature concepts gradually make way to more laudable ideas. Man now endeavours to find the LIGHT. He fights his way through the darkness of ignorance and the veils of superstition to finally realise that the CAUSE, the great CAUSE, is way beyond his power of imagination. Traditional convictions however die a slow death and this is why the image of a splendiferous, radiant old man, a person that created the universe, managed to survive for centuries.

Mankind now finally begins to find out that the divine ARCHITECT, the august SOVEREIGN over the universe, is neither man nor woman nor any other creature. GOD is not a person in the literal sense of the word. The universe is only guided by HIS LAWS – and these LAWS are infinite in their range of coverage and also in their application. These LAWS do not stem from man’s consciousness; they are the result of divine LOVE and WISDOM, perfect, infallible and neither subject to aberrations nor one single mistake.

Human beings, who live in a physical world, are by necessity compelled to think that everything runs the way their five senses see, feel, taste, hear and smell things. They are unable to comprehend anything that lies beyond these senses. He, who is subjected to these limitations, is therefore unable to comprehend what lies behind it all.

We say that the universe is governed by completely natural LAWS and that the divine INTELLIGENCE behind these LAWS is perfect. However man cannot comprehend this absolute perfection, because he is imperfect himself. Due to the fact that man is a person, he can also not comprehend the impersonal.

He, who is still backward in his development, can not comprehend that there is a consciousness outside off, separate from his brain. He can also not comprehend that GOD is a cosmic UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, a sentient INTELLIGENCE not bound to any body. – I hope that these elucidations help you somewhat, because this theme is not all that simple.


2.2 Creation requires intelligence (Transmission from the year 1958)

Even the most dedicated atheists do not completely reject GOD, however they do rob HIM of HIS intelligence, consciousness and almightiness over man’s destiny. They reduce GOD to laws of nature that wisely compel, but in themselves have neither intelligence nor experience in a human sense.

Listen well and contemplate!

An animal lives and rejoices in its existence and is afraid of many dangers. However an animal neither contemplates CREATION not the CREATOR. Man on the other hand stands far above animals and possesses a completely different mind-set, one that enables him to contemplate everything he perceives with his senses.

But how does man perceive the CREATOR? – He observes that everything is meaningfully organised, that everything has a purpose and that everything strives towards one goal. He sees nature growing. He sees the emergence of human beings and the procreation of creatures. He observes and hears a formidable environment. He has an inner sense that the world with its flora and fauna is something beautiful. He tries to mimic Mother Nature, to explore evolution, looks far into the cosmos and calculates that the universe is inconceivably large and enormous. Man is helplessly exposed to natural catastrophes and the elements. He is indescribably pleased when he succeeds in duplicating one of these enormous catastrophes.

Man therefore knows that the universe is formidable, enormous and beautiful. He is aware of the versatility and the variety of life on this Earth and he knows that there are billions of stars that must surely feature a continuance of this enormous and interesting CREATION. Next to the world of plants there would only be the world of animals here to enjoy their existence, if man would not exist at this stage. However the whole endeavour of this CREATION would not be appreciated by animals.

GOD therefore had to create something that could appreciate HIS ENDEAVOURS, HIS MIGHT and INTELLIGENCE, if HE didn’t want to be the only one to comprehend and to savour the unimaginable eternity and polymorphism of HIS CREATION. An effort like this would not have been necessary just for HIM, because one star would have been more than enough for HIM. However GOD created HIS angels, HE bred beings from HIS LIGHT that stood at HIS side to aide HIM, to discuss things with HIM and to take pleasure in every new creation.

You know that every individual experience is without substance if one cannot share it with someone else. You need friends you can share the experience with, friends who understand you and enjoy everything with you. CREATION needs an intelligence that is capable of conjointly experience all of CREATION with GOD.

Every human being wants to be heeded by his fellow men. Every artist likes to see his works are given attention to. It gives great pleasure and impetus to see others enjoy his accomplishments. Even GOD is not an exception in this. HE is pleased about the slightest emotion that shows that someone loves and adores HIS CREATION. Any CREATION that is ignored or not comprehended, well, even destroyed, would be without meaning and would therefore not have to exist at all.


2.3 Why all this doubt? (Psychic transmission from the SPHERES of LIGHT)

Those with ears should listen!

Those with eyes should see!

Those with a mind should contemplate!

Those that seek the TRUTH shall find it!

The TRUTH is with GOD!

You try to explain GOD and with all your powers of reasoning you endeavour to somehow define HIM in a convincing manner.

You have a tendency to complicate the simplest of things. Well, GOD is not really a thing, but HE is still very easy to comprehend unless you make HIM incomprehensible of your own accord. – This is something the churches definitely do!

I am one of GOD’S angels and I admonish the church:

You look for EVIDENCE of GOD, because the most obvious evidence that GOD exists, namely that you are endowed with HIS soul energy and that you could not exist at all without HIM is not enough for you.

Did you create yourselves?

Well, in your lunacy you believe that GOD could also not have created HIMSELF, because you never created yourselves either and because you could never do so anyway and that this is the reason given why HE does not exist.

I am aware of all your thoughts and all of your questions, all your misdeeds and all your senseless endeavours to find an earthly truth that does not exist.

You try to explain the CREATOR who actually does not need a more detailed explanation as HE does not make a visible appearance HIMSELF. If GOD would make such a physical and forceful appearance that we would be able to immediately recognise HIM as supernatural, it would mean the unstoppable decline of all of mankind. The very moment this would come about, mankind would only rely on GOD and would cease to make its own decisions, nor would it undertake any endeavours that would promote the world. At the same time, all of mankind would be in the grip of fears and inferiority complexes and this would help to promote a rapid decline.

Why do you waste your time thinking about whether GOD really exists?

Who amongst you can see the spirit of their brother or sister?

You are not prepared to believe in something that is still beyond your reach, because you would like to occupy the highest position. The devil advocated this attitude even though he was infinitely higher placed than you are. However this attitude, this wilfulness, made him plummet into darkness and into an abyss.

You have established many principles in order to explain your existence. You have included the CREATOR in these principles, completely disregarding whether you’re dealing with theological, cosmological or ontological evidence of GOD’S existence. All of this alleged evidence is pure child’s play.

Well now, I will tell you what the reality looks like.

Those with a mind shall contemplate this!

Is it really that difficult to comprehend that you have to assemble whole communities in order to interpret the simple logic of the bible? – Whatever you interpret from the Holy Scriptures is superfluous! You might as well interpret a detective novel. However the bible proclaims a TRUTH you have not yet recognised, because you neither understand the language of the prophets nor do you believe them.

It is also written:

"Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth."

It is also clearly written:

“You shall not make for yourself a carved image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”

He, who does not believe in the sacredness of the revelations, also does not believe in GOD. He is beyond help!

What have you done to GOD’S COMMANDMENTS?

A codex with hundred thousand paragraphs!

This codex is required in order to have sufficient commandments at one’s disposal to circumvent GOD’S COMMANDMENTS.

But you are not afraid from bans and interdictions, because you assume that you are independent and free and this is why you have turned the LORD’S ANGELS into kitsch and derided the souls of the departed. You call them “ghosts” and depict them as caricatures.


2.4 Questions and answers

Question : Why do even savants rack their brains asking whether GOD exists or not?

AREDOS : Man cannot comprehend GOD’S EXISTENCE, because he lacks the mental training in regards to this. Man cannot comprehend anything without experience and without training. He thoughtlessly turns from GOD and concentrates his egotism on material things. Mental exercises of a divine nature are called meditation, but meditate under a half-moon, because the negative forces are at their most powerful under a full moon.[2]

Question : Why do even those people not progress spiritually that are of good will and eager to believe in GOD?

AREDOS : Their good will turns to obstinacy in most cases. However obstinacy is the negative form of good will. Willpower must be directed at a positive goal through self-knowledge.

Question : Is the path to GOD very difficult for an individual person?

ARGUN : The insufficient knowledge prevalent on this planet does not make this path an easy one. However man complicates this path by avoiding the TRUTH, because he is ashamed of the TRUTH. The heart, and not hatred, must always speak first. Brotherly love is the only useful foundation for an all-inclusive community here on Earth. Hatred is a demonic indoctrination and power blinds the leaders of this humanity.

Question : Is it actually important that one occupies oneself with what GOD is all about?

AREDOS : No, certainly not, because one is not really able to comprehend HIM. But it is however important to deal with GOD’S intelligent ORGANIZATION and to act accordingly. Man must first comprehend himself before he can reach for the stars.

Question : There are those that say: “I don’t believe in GOD, but I do believe in a higher being.” What are we to make of such definitions?

ELIAS : This comes from the fact that most people imagine GOD in the form of a person. This is a great mistake. GOD is a spirit – and not physical matter. However GOD is also everything – omnipresent, planning, knowledgeable, helping and eternal. One has not made an effort to define GOD correctly or to define HIM even approximately correctly.

Question : Are the knowledgeable obligated to teach others the TRUTH?

AREDOS : Yes, but only when the others want to hear their instructions! There are people that adamantly close their mind to any knowledge. Any attempt there is futile, it might even worsen the situation. – Be careful with the word “GOD”! Use other terminologies like: “THE GREAT PLANNER” or “THE INFORMER”.

Question : Why is the word “GOD” inappropriate?

AREDOS : Because the churches have given this terminology an inappropriate connotation. They have dragged the word “GOD” through the mud with their dogmas and false promises, with their materialistic thought processes in general, so that hardly anyone believes in a living GOD.

Objection : As is well-known, one also objects when the word “GOD” is used too often.

ELIAS : Yes, the more often such a word appears, the more manipulated people feel. A very difficult task to find the right solution here!

Question : The sciences also shy away from using the word “GOD”, one talks about “X”, the unknown. What do you say to this verbalization?

ELIAS : If one looks for a formula for the word “GOD” one should rather use a circle. It is not an unknown factor, but encompasses everything. GOD is an abstract concept that sounds very nice. This word must be rehabilitated! The word “GOD” does not require a different verbalization, even though a lot of other explanations are allowed. However GOD remains GOD – any other word for GOD still remains an abstract concept. One would do exactly the same with any other word as one does with the word “GOD”. The word “CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS” expresses a little more, namely the invisible consciousness in all of nature. However we ask ourselves, must GOD be explained at all? Isn’t it enough to know that HE exists?

Question : Because GOD is very abstract to our comprehension we need a more concrete picture of HIM. Is this the reason why the idea to humanise GOD to a large degree has come about?

ELIAS : GOD is timeless. HE is neither young nor old, but very wise. GOD is absolutely taboo! Theology hardly takes notice of this, otherwise one would not beat about the bush so much, to ask for instance whether GOD might be dead. GOD’S antagonist knows of no such taboo. He tries with all available means to promote himself to the front. I have tried to explain this to you before. This is naturally very important. One has to point this out over again.

Question : There are those that not only deride other people’s religion, but that try everything to persecute GOD, by malevolently reviling HIM and by regarding Him to be a figure of fantasy. Why does one persecute GOD?

ARGUN : GOD is infallibly just. However this JUSTICE is unwelcome, because it doesn’t concur with the wishes of the ignorant and the negative. They demand that they should be well off and that they should have the power to enslave and to exploit others and because GOD does not allow this to happen, they turn against HIM.

Question : Due to all the blasphemies and discriminations GOD actually needs to be rehabilitated by the people on Earth. How do you see this?

ELIAS : Yes, this is actually true. GOD needs people and they need HIM. HIS CREATION does not give Him any pleasure without mankind’s acknowledgements. The present situation can be compared to a child never saying mum or dad. You have done your bit in this regards by explaining to others that GOD is a COSMIC CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS. GOD is unfortunately – even if often only subconsciously – regarded an individual personality. I mean to say that GOD is most times given a human personality. However this is the very reason that HE is justly dismissed as such a personality. The appellation “dear God” already creates this image. One is spontaneously inclined to think of a dear old gentleman.

Question : When one looks around the world one can ascertain here and there that not only the word “GOD” is proscribed, but also the word “spirit”. Is this observation correct?

ELIAS : This is because man can glean very little from these words. Everything to do with the spirit is still to be discovered. Well, one talks about GOD’S spirit – but one means GOD’S soul because one doesn’t think of spirits in regards to GOD, whilst the soul and the astral body are to be seen as spirit. The word spirit is a collective term.

Objection : Even the explanations of the greatest thinkers still leave us with remnants of doubt.

ELIAS : GOD cannot be explained, because man will never be able to completely grasp GOD.[3]

2.5 The way to GOD (Transmission from the year 1960)

Of all the living creatures throughout the universe, man is the only divine being that is able to contemplate CREATION and the CREATOR. But only a few people on Earth make use of this ability. However those of good will to contemplate the secrets of CREATION and the meaning and purpose of their own existence, are being hindered from exercising the freedom of their mind by many dogmas.

The religious coercion the people on Earth are exposed to is extortion, blasphemy and it hinders any genuine GOD REALISATION. No genuine GOD REALISATION can come about through coercion, it can only come about through one’s own experiences and observations, considerations, self-realisation and freedom of mind.

The priests and educators in this field of knowledge established many regulations that are formulated as if GOD had passed these regulations and complying with them was demanded with absolute authority. People sense this coercion and balk against it. Have you not been able to observe over again that GOD does not forcefully interfere in terrestrial affairs, but hardly perceptibly and this with infinite TOLERANCE and LOVE?

How often does it happen that the Christian confessions urgently warn their devotees from all other religious communities? The Catholic Church even threatens those devotees with eternal damnation that should dare to contemplate looking for answers in any other way, even though eternal damnation does not exist; it is only a temporarily limited period of time that can be brought to an end by every human being and every soul of their own accord. How often are people completely dependent on their priests and allow themselves to be molested in regards to their faith and all their religious thoughts?

A molested philosophy or god-realisation is never the correct path into the LIGHT. The divine LIGHT must be searched for and found by every individual soul under its own steam. However there are GUIDES at your disposal to help you search and they will indicate the right path to you. But there are also seducers standing at the side of this path and they direct you towards darkness. Man’s own sense for the truth shall be the compass the soul should be guided by.

The highest GUIDE and GOD’S representative for the whole terrestrial and spiritual humanity of planet Earth is and remains CHRIST! Through his just and assured guidance he redeems us from all evil, namely in absolute FREEDOM and LOVE! In as far as you manage to spiritually fight your way forward to a point where you begin to assess everything according to the measure of FREEDOM and LOVE, you will never go awry and you will go towards the LIGHT.

The churches and their organisers are not GOD’S representatives by a long shot, but churches ought to be places of divine indoctrinations. GOD’S words can certainly be proclaimed there, however the teachers engaged by the church do not have the right to assert the right to make decisions that only GOD, his SON and his ANGELS have the prerogative to make. – These teachers usurp the right to condemn. – GOD does not do so!


3. Without GOD?

3.1 Ungodliness (Transmission from the year 1964 and 1965)

Well, theology has never been successful in uniting all of mankind under the umbrella of one religion. Atheism has always had a mighty word to say in the past; however atheism now also plays an important part in world politics.

Religion should actually be completely separated from world politics, but this is not the case, because atheism is now a very significant factor of making whole nations amenable in regards to political interests. One attempts to make people devoid of scruples so that all measures of human seducements and human defence mechanisms can be carried out without resistance.

This is the reason why FAITH in GOD in all its nuances is regarded a threat to the state. If the major religions were not as powerful as they are, they would have been liquidated long ago. However religion is not just what the churches teach. Religion is more of an inner awareness in man. Just how someone advocates his point of view is a different matter altogether.

The word “atheism” should therefore not to be generalised!

It doesn’t necessarily follow that we are dealing with complete ungodliness here. Only the preconceptions of GOD and HIS REALM are often different than that of the churches and sects. The major religions basically err in most things, even though they are in possession of a few partial truths. However man’s terrestrial and otherworldly THOUGHT PROCESSES are entirely different from one another. No progress is made by blindly persecuting atheism. It is also senseless to persecute ungodliness.

It is however important to disseminate the TRUTH even when the existing major religions are not happy about it. The objective TRUTH is also to be disseminated with all possible means, particularly there, where the sciences are dealing with false insights and false formulas.

The recipe for mankind is:

Do not condemn atheism prematurely, because it is often not completely ungodly, but just a severe criticism of existing religions. However the existing religions must cop this severe criticism because in spite of being severely criticised, they are unwilling to relinquish their hardened point of view, even though they sense that they are not correct.

Religions have produced more fanatics than positive, deist human beings. Even the Christian religions have never taken the initiative to keep track of the research and experiences of psychic research and act accordingly. The spiritual realm blames all religions for the present level of ignorance of mankind on Earth in regards to the human situation.

Many atheists criticise religion pretty severely – and this is absolutely justified! – One should listen to them and act accordingly if one wants to get to know the TRUTH more intimately. – This is the only way they will get to know GOD.

I see no reason to attack or to persecute something, just because it doesn’t make sense to me or I don’t like it. This is why the spiritual realm cannot understand why you persecute GOD, just because you cannot comprehend HIM.

We are therefore not just dealing with atheism here, but with the regular persecution of the CREATOR, whom you blame that you are unable to get on with one another and whom you blame for not physically interfering. Well, is this what you want, that GOD actually participates in your strife? – What kind of humane GOD would that be?

Based on idiotic philosophies, the atheist insists that there is a Mother Nature, but that there is no GOD. This definition is absolutely absurd. It is devoid of any logic. GOD is indeed not a human being, but HE is an enormous COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, quite apart from HIS many POWERS and CHARACTERISTICS.

However human consciousness is cosmic, meaning that it is not located within the brain itself. The difference is that GOD’S CONSCIOUSNESS, which also does not require a brain to think, is much, much larger than all consciousnesses of all universal humanities.

Admittedly, man is intelligent; he does create machines and implements that can be regarded miraculous. However man’s wondrous activity can certainly not be compared with GOD’S WONDROUS ACTIVITY. Whilst man is microcosmically active, GOD is macrocosmically active. The macrocosm is HIS CREATIVE ARENA.

Erroneous concepts in regards to GOD, promoted by false religions, bear the blame for the rise of atheism. Atheism is a healthy criticism of the way the concept of GOD has been falsified. But no judiciously thinking human being should make the mistake of simply ignoring GOD and HIS SPIRITUAL REALM.

Atheists say that Mother Nature produces everything and that she does not require a GOD to do so. Mother Nature would have to have some enormous ENERGY at her disposal to make all of this happening.

But where does Mother Nature get this INTELLIGENCE and these ENERGIES from? – The atheist, the faithless and ungodly doesn’t say anything about that. GOD does not have to get this INTELLIGENCE and these ENERGIES from anywhere, because HE possesses them already. They are HIS CHARACTERISTICS, the way human beings also have their characteristics and their life force.

Man draws his spiritual ENERGY from the cosmic universe. Man only receives a minute amount of ENERGY from the enormous mass of ENERGY available. GOD however has a far greater capacity for these cosmic rays and forces. Compared to man, HE is a gigantic generator, whilst man is just a minute aggregate.

Mother Nature would not know what to do with these ENERGIES, even if the greatest sun were shining. However GOD, with HIS COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, meaningfully controls this greatest of chaos of unfettered forces of nature and HE constructs and expands the universe with these forces.


3.2 About atheism (Transmission from the year 1970)

Atheism is often discussed these days. Atheism is already regarded a sign of the times. There are even whole nations that more or less avow to atheism.

The question now arises whether atheism has some justification in some way?

One cannot call all those that profess to be atheists as really godless people – or what is even worse, as GOD’S enemies. He, who seeks the TRUTH, is never an atheist. Whether he finds the TRUTH or not, which is solely with GOD, doesn’t matter here. Even a materialistically minded scientist who deals with stars and microbes looks for some hidden TRUTH within nature; ergo he is not an atheist, even if he has no real concept of GOD at this point in time.

The word “GOD” only plays a subordinate role here; whether we’re dealing with a law of nature, a process within the universe or a biological activity within man is of no consequence. All of these phenomena are of a divine nature and are a part of GOD, the gigantic PLANNER.

Atheists usually balk against the appellation of “GOD” and not against HIS POWERS. This comes from the way the churches have erroneously humanised the concept that is GOD. The churches try to make the incomprehensible plausible to their followers. They have unfortunately achieved the complete opposite in the process.

A survey amongst the younger generation was carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany. One of the questions was: “Do you believe in GOD and how do you envisage HIM?” – One third of thus questioned avowed to a personal GOD. – Two thirds envisaged GOD as an active FORCE. This is the corresponding pantheistic explanation. Even if one imagines GOD as an active FORCE, we’re dealing with just one part of GOD, but never with all of HIS MAJESTY!

No scientist can deny the fact that an intelligent order exists throughout the immeasurable universe; it functioned all the way down to the microcosm and even further than that. There is not one example throughout the universe, and this includes all sciences and philosophies, where order without experienced INTELLIGENCE is the order of the day.

Nobody on Earth will ever know whether somebody will ever be able to come in contact with the PLANER on a terrestrial, extraterrestrial or spiritual level.

The GREAT PLANER certainly has other functions to perform than to stand in judgment over a poor soul. However this does not absolve anybody from the responsibility they bear witness to when faced with the spiritual realm’s CHOSEN ONES.

The real atheists are antagonistic towards GOD and this out of pure stupidity!


3.3 Questions and answers

Question : We often asked ourselves just what makes atheism so attractive that so many people fall for it.

ELIAS : Atheism takes people’s inner moral inhibitions away.

People thereby get rid of their complexes.

It is unpleasant to have an invisible WITNESS to all of one’s deeds and thoughts. This is what they like most about their new religion, namely that they believe they can do whatever they like without a WITNESS and without responsibilities. However such a WITNESS is most important for man, because when he passes away, this WITNESS helps him to cross over, a little like someone helping somebody to alight from a train. The WITNESS is here so that the disembodied spirit finds its way. The way people die varies a lot, however a reasonably decent human being has nothing to fear, he will have HELP.

Question : In light of our present world situation, the path that leads to GOD becomes ever more difficult. Is this why atheism continues to spread its influence?

ARGUN : Due to poor insights here on Earth, this path to GOD is not an easy one; but man makes this path even more difficult by evading the objective TRUTH, because he is ashamed to admit that he believes in a TRUTH that others consider nonsense. The heart and not hatred must be listened to first and foremost. BROTHERLY LOVE is actually the only practical opportunity for the peaceful coexistence between people.

Question : What effect does frankincense have on an atheist?

ELIAS : An atheist finds the use of frankincense ridiculous, the way they regard every religious tradition ridiculous.

Question : If we want to understand today’s matter of fact people, we must assume that through consistent, mental training certain brain cells must feature a corresponding development. Is this the case?

ARGUN : Yes, they have adapted to atheism and therefore accordingly developed. They also align themselves with the law of adaptation, assimilation.

Question : How can man assess whether his thought processes are logical?

AREDOS : The term “logic” comes from LOGOS, meaning GOD or divine. Atheists want to be logical, respectively they continuously bear reference to logic, however they are neither interested in GOD nor the DIVINE. Man must also test whether his thoughts contradict GOD or the DIVINE. Is this the case, his thoughts are illogical.

Question : According to this, the fact of a spiritual existence is beyond the comprehension of many people. Does atheism actually belong to our hereditary preconditions?

ARGUN : Yes, because we are dealing with a mental underdevelopment of the brain’s activity. Even children do not exercise and foster their intellect to begin with, but mainly their imagination. This is the reason why imagination is more pronounced with most people than a healthy common sense. Alleged great thinkers therefore apply their imagination to a higher degree during their investigations and definitions and this is why they produce these fantastic explanations, thereby avoiding the TRUTH altogether. This is why spiritual experiences and evidence is usually called an aberration of fantasy.

Question : Is this the reason why there are so many people who are absolutely inaccessible in regards to insights from the spiritual planes?

ARGUN : These people never had anything to do with insights from this field of knowledge – and if they have – then in a negative way. Their mind is therefore not prepared. They have no perception for these types of INDOCTRINATIONS. These people have been taught from a young age that there is something funny about the supernatural or the DIVINE. This has managed to inhibit all future learning.

Question : How can we demonstrate to these doubters under these circumstances that a conscious, responsible existence after one’s death is a reality?

ARGUN : The TRUTH must find its way out of the quagmire. There is enough evidence available all over the world. It isn’t just about evidence, but about the mind that is supposed to correctly assess this evidence. The LORD is not pedantic, but HE does not play HIS HIGHEST TRUMP just yet.

Question : All the evidence we provide is falsely interpreted by academic scientists and psychologists. Are we to ignore their judgement?

ARGUN : These people are afraid of JUSTICE. This is why they delude themselves and vehemently reject anything that seems too eerie to them if it were true. They close their eyes when faced with GOD’S, for them, unbearable LIGHT. They deliberately reject the TRUTH so that their precious, price-winning lies can continue to exist. But these people are already aware that they have lost this battle. They thrash about like somebody that is drowning.

Question : Is atheism the result of negative science?

ARGUN : Yes, absolutely! – One’s spiritual existence can be verified at an instance. Everything is obtained from the cosmos. However the verification of one’s spiritual existence would be too dangerous for the sciences. This is why all efforts are supported by all sides when it comes to escaping a higher JUSTICE.

Most academics persuade themselves to believe this nonsense in an extreme suggestive fashion and this gives them the peace of mind to deal with their scientific and social misdeeds. But once they despair, they no longer know what’s right. This is actually the point where the SOUL recognises itself and desperately looks for help, but eventually breaks down.

You deny and condemn the existence of the soul, because you are unjust and ignorant. GOD reincarnates souls according to HIS LAW and not all souls are in the service of progress!

Negatively disposed people soon become victims of evil and fall prey to their false theories and dogmas. However, the people who really accomplish something stand quietly in the background and offer all they have to idealistic research.

Question : We ascertained that the universities throughout the world prevent any objective progress through proscribed limitations. Do you share this opinion?

ELIAS : Yes, one unfortunately has to say that this is so. These proscribed limitations are the dangerous fetters we call dialectic.

Question : If universities continue to follow this course of action, the TRUTH will be a long time coming. Is this correct?

ELIAS : There are some amongst the scientists that do not close their mind in regards to the TRUTH and think further ahead. Most scientists, even though they are looking for the TRUTH, have an antagonistic attitude towards the TRUTH. However scientists will find the TRUTH – and once they have found it, they will find IT difficult to comprehend. Even those that are not interested in divine INSIGHTS will gain them, but they will be a bitter pill to swallow.

Your endeavours have done more than you assume. Many pundits deal with the results of your endeavours, however only privately and secretly.

Question : Atheistically minded politicians do not believe in celestial punishment. One is of the opinion that one does not have to give account of ones deeds and actions, because death simply eradicates everything.

ELIAS : This is a terrible aberration, because the otherworldly punishment can be a lot worse than any terrestrial one. - To be incarnated on an inhospitable planet is certainly not a pleasure. Prehistoric monsters still live on such planets and living conditions are close to a primordial state and absolutely terrible.

However, hardly any politician or scientist in the service of the antagonist will believe in such an incarnation, otherwise they would leave these things alone. This has nothing to do with “Dante’s inferno”. It is GOD’S LAW of JUSTICE!

Question : We have the impression that the political atheism here on Earth continuously progresses. Could a situation arise where it actually will gain the upper hand?

Answer : Do not allow yourselves to be duped by appearances. Whatever happens, you must continue your fight. Do not be afraid of contradictions and also not of being attacked through unfair means. There is no other victor but GOD! Only the TRUTH can survive. But the powers of darkness can severely arrest progress. However the SPIRITUAL REALM is at your side.

Question : World communism is strengthened by atheism. How do you see this?

ELIAS : Yes, this is unfortunately true. Atheism is taught at all universities on Earth, it doesn’t matter whether it is in the curriculum or not. This fact is conspicuously recognisable through the behaviourism of students.

Question : Are there atheists who are respected in the spiritual realm in spite of their scepticism?

ELIAS : It isn’t just about whether a human being believes or not. It is actually all about whether he acts and thinks positively. There are naturally atheists that are moral, progressive and humane. However you are wrong to think that you will be able to force an opinion on an atheist. If one tries to force something on an obstinate person, one achieves the opposite, namely hatred. This also applies to politics.



[1] You will find a list of all the themes translated so far on under the Union Jack symbol.

[2] One should not meditate too often!

[3] Man is only capable of three-dimensional thought, however GOD and HIS REALM are multi-dimensional!