Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete


Theme: GOD and HIS antagonist (2)


3.4 People’s behaviourism (Transmission from the year 1964)

Well, there is not one single higher being on the whole Earth than man. He has the gift of being able to comprehend creation in all its complexity. With his mind and his senses he is able to grasp everything he is surrounded by.

However the Earth does not represent all of creation, it is only a part of an immeasurably enormous GRAND CREATION. This places man not just on this planet, but smack in the middle of a huge universe. He is made up of two parts, namely of matter and of the cosmos. Without the cosmic part, man would just be a lump of flesh. When man dies on Earth, he cosmic part leaves the physical body and only his flesh remains on Earth whilst the cosmic part remains in the cosmos, which is its actual home, its original home. Man has not yet grasped this fact. He searches in all directions, but he only reluctantly dares to deal with the divine REGIONS.

Every human being living on Earth is aware that the human race he is a part of is not the best. Its behaviourism is negative and everyone believes that he can do as he pleases unless the state stops him from do so. As far as he’s concerned there is only terrestrial punishment and this is what he tries to avoid. But the cosmos represents a parallel to the earthly existence. This realm also has GUIDANCE and also a JURISTIC LAW. Many have probably heard about it, but one regards such a realm a fairytale. Many children and simple minded people consider fairytales to be true and there are therefore naturally some that will also believe in the hereafter.

The histrionic man of cultural also regards the faithful to be simpletons that are unconditionally prepared to accept every fairytale and every saga as truth. The thought processes of an intellectual however are simpler than one assumes: They demand from GOD that HE should show HIMSELF in all HIS GLORY and all HIS MAJESTY. – Their deliberations do not go beyond this point.

Firstly, GOD is a being that stands above physical matter and therefore constitutionally unable to fulfil this request. Secondly, GOD has HIS REPRESENTATIVES. However when these appear in physical form, they are looked upon as terrestrial human beings, because they are subject to the same terrestrial laws. Thirdly, GOD would not gain the slightest advantage if HE were to force mankind to obey.

It is an unfortunate fact that people have no yearning for GOD, not to mention for LOVE. This is the best evidence for how immature these people still are and how often they probably have to absolve an existence here on Earth.

The majority of the human race has no idea what reincarnation is all about. Even all the many churches frivolously bypass this fact. There are many, many people on this planet that actually were their own grandfather or their own grandmother. This is where the mental family likeness one regards as” heredity” comes from.

At any rate, CHRIST said: “Every debt must be paid!”


3.5 Questions and answers

Question : A Moscow radio station transmitted an atheistic radio program that criticised GOD for not verifying HIS existence through phenomena. What will be the result of this blasphemy?

AREDOS : This fact alone proves that communistic atheism already contemplates GOD, that is to say, that it finds its own ungodly behaviourism a little eerie.

The divine PHENOMENON they look for is CREATION itself, however to “see” GOD is impossible. Even CHRIST did not see GOD, only HIS GLORY; but he did hear GOD’S own VOICE.

Question : Why is it that young people are particularly attracted by this scientific ungodliness?

AREDOS : Due to a lack of a better doctrine atheism seems far more logical than an imaginary FAITH in GOD. This however is the fault of the major churches. They tempt, well actually coerce people into accepting atheism, because in their stupidity and ignorance, they themselves have become stuck in a fanatical fashion and they don’t make any endeavours to progressively inform themselves.

The DIVINE LAW dictates to man that nobody, and this without exception, is to receive something they’re not entitled to. In a desperate situation however, man can receive something without making a personal contribution. But what are adolescents entitled to without meriting it?

But adolescents must absolutely see the world through the eyes of a redeemed soul one day. They will however not be able to do so, if their own process of redemption is withheld from them. The mature and responsible human being may not abet youth in this way by sparing them something that is the foundation of the terrestrial redemption process and an insight into higher, supernatural KNOWLEDGE.

Today’s youth’s behaviourism and attitudes warningly indicate this miscalculation and it is unfortunately sponsored by the state, because statesmen have no knowledge what-so-ever about the meaning of life and about divine TRUTHS.

Question : Why is atheism so pronounced amongst students in particular?

ELIAS : Once a student has learned something, he immediately thinks that he is smarter than all the others. He will then not listen to any non-academic. Generally speaking, a student will only accept indoctrinations from his professors and never from anybody else.

Question : CHRIST said that one should “not cast pearls before swine”. Does it really make sense to discuss GOD with an atheist?

AREDOS : Such a conversation must be very carefully choreographed. It is however possible that one evokes a smitten of doubt in the atheist’s attitude. This is one step forward. Every human being is on a quest, even an atheist.

Question : There are people on Earth that regard life a constant torment and an injustice. To have a conversation with them is very depressing. What are your thoughts on this?

ARGUN : Almost all of these people are atheists. But talking to them might still be fruitful. Something will always stick in their minds. A conversation with them is never completely useless, even if it only strengthens one’s own resolve. Initiative thought processes will always be stimulated in any case.

Question : A person with a Christian upbringing always finds it a test of nerves when talking to an atheist about religion. What can one do to improve this situation?

ARGUN : As I mentioned before, something positive will come from all one’s conversations with atheists. These conversations are never completely without merit, even if they only strengthen one’s own resolve and one’s own initiative thought processes. The benefit is therefore mainly one’s own. It is also interesting to observe what argumentations are brought forth by the interlocutor. One has to give them serious consideration and one learns in the process.

Question : We engaged an atheist in a conversation and we showed him an essay from a lecture by a well-known university professor. This scientist clearly and positively verbalised his approval for an up-to-date research into the supernatural, the hereafter. The atheists answer was: “I am not interested at all, because this professor might possibly be a dullard who only expresses his own thoughts and opinions.” What do you say to this?

ELIAS : It suffices to have drawn this doubter’s attention to the existence of the hereafter. Even if he presently baulks against your conclusions, there will come a time in his life or even after his demise, where he will remember your words. He will then have to realise just where his ignorance has led him. At least you were able to give him some guidance.

Everything remains within the cosmos, I mean to say that all memory remains preserved. Life often forces people to search for insights. Those that have heard about an existence after death are then in a better position to deal with it.

Question : Why is it that atheists are so inapproachable when it comes to dealing with the question of GOD’S existence?

AREDOS : Atheists are people that cogitate a lot, but they do not cogitate deep enough. They are people that talk a lot, express themselves pompously, want to be regarded as very educated, but don’t really produce any real TRUTHS. The main mistake they make is that they look upon GOD as if HE were a superman. This will naturally not make sense to them and they are actually quite right.

GOD however is not a superman, but a SPIRIT. Man’s spirit needs an appropriate body here on Earth in order to express itself and in order to communicate with others. Without this body, hardly anyone would be able to see the incarnated spirit. The same applies to GOD, because one also cannot see HIM, even though, like the human soul, HE does exist. Atheists do not believe in the existence of the soul and this is why they also do not believe in GOD and in the spiritual realm.

Question : Will it be possible to effectively eradicate atheism one day?

AREDOS : One is well on the way to achieve this. This action is not initiated by the churches, but quite unintentionally through scientific research. Mankind already experiments in GOD’S “workshop”. Once it has examined everything very carefully, it will not be able to ignore the fact that this “workshop” must surely have a MASTER. Before GOD began HIS creation, HE naturally had to establish an appropriate “workshop”. This is where the laws of nature came into being. The people on Earth experiment with these laws of nature these days and this makes some of them creators.

Question : A proverb says that adversity makes you smart. Does this mean that mankind has to endure adversities before it comes to its senses?

ELIAS : How often has GOD intervened, given signs, even sent HIS SON down to Earth and one still did not want to see and hear. – What is taking place here on Earth is unique throughout the universe. Beauty and ugliness are hardly ever this close together on any other planet. The step from genius to lunacy is supposed to be a short one and this absolutely applies to this Earth. You can see just how close these contrasts really are especially here. Planet Earth is a very prominent planet of redemption in spite of this.

Question : Atheism has never managed to provide one singly piece of evidence that there is no GOD, but it still manages to find enough devotees that are not concerned about this lack of evidence. Isn’t this strange?

ELIAS : There mustn’t always be evidence, but this is no reason to disdain CREATION. Man should rather demonstrate that he is a human being and not an animal. To be positive and moral has nothing to do with believing in GOD. –

Universities and high-schools are neither willing nor capable of teaching mankind due respect of the magnificent nature you’re surrounded by. Once this respect of Mother Nature has been established, everything else will also not be derided. Therein lays the great mistake those in responsible positions at universities cannot see. Almost all subjects of their curriculum do not take this circumstance into consideration. This is why I emphatically say:

One is ashamed to admit to anybody that one believes in something HIGHER. One wants to use one’s ignorance of the DIVINE to impress others by projecting an alleged ungodliness to the outside. – But nobody really feels comfortable about it inside.

Objection : Atheists, most of them are really communists anyway, however insist that GOD does not make an appearance in any shape or form.

ELIAS : Apart from GOD’S interaction with Mother Nature, GOD appears often enough. However GOD wants to be loved by man without having to resort to encouragements. But man only pays lip-service to GOD. It always depends on the evidence – and mankind is not inclined to give this evidence. GOD also wants this evidence. HE wants to be genuinely loved.

AREDOS : If GOD did not control the universe, only chaos would reign!


3.6 The abnegation (Transmission from the year 1957)

GOD, the almighty does not deceive you or lie to you! You live in a world of reality and irrefutable facts. The CREATOR created a world for you that is neither a fraud nor a deception! You harvest the fruit of HIS labour and the LORD allows the most beautiful flowers to grow for you. How magnificent is your world’s beauty!

You are well aware that the greatest paradises are her on this Earth, but you turn these paradises into sites of misery and fears. You defraud one another and you lie whenever you can. As if this was not enough, you deny your own origin and you’re not interested in your FATHER, a FATHER you can be proud of. What child is not proud of a FATHER that is a MASTER in all things and one that can create enormous WEALTH? The heavenly FATHER is your PRODUCER, your CREATOR, who first created your soul and then proceeded to create your terrestrial body.

Why do you deny a FATHER who created space, a so-called universe? – With whom do you want to replace HIM with? – To whom do you want to bear reference to? – Verify your origin? – Can you list any reasons that give you the right to judge your CREATOR so disrespectfully and viciously that you even pretend not to know HIM at all?

GOD has never ever betrayed or abandoned you – his children. What do you think your existence would be like if GOD did betray and abandon you? What if HE would pretend not to know you? If HE would disown you, the way you have disowned HIM? – Oh, you have no idea about what would happen if this would be the case!!

But GOD is the purest and eternal LOVE and as it is eternal, GOD can not disown you and HE will never do so. However HE would like to experience this one day, namely that HE can be proud of HIS children the way a father is proud of his children when they give him reason to be proud in every respect, particularly when they turn out well.

You have lulled your conscience to sleep and you have numbed it through your materialistic and egotistical attitude. You believe that you do not know GOD, because you cannot see HIM face to face. Is there a reason for an orphan who has never seen his father to say: “I have not been created by a father; I have been born on Earth of my own accord or by coincidence or some caprice of nature.”?

One does not have to see everything that exists! – There are an enormous number of things throughout the universe that you cannot see and new discoveries are made by scientist every day.

Through your false view of life and through your ungodly behaviourism you have managed to create unprecedented conditions for yourselves that already worry you no end and make you live in terror. You forget that only your truthful FATHER, who holds your lives in HIS hands, can help you in such a situation, a FATHER who gave you life and who can take your life away without a doctor or a scientist being able to do anything about it to prevent it from happening.

But GOD is MERCY and LOVE and this is why HE does not pretend that you are not HIS children.

On the contrary!

GOD does not lie to you and deceive you, but sends you HIS HELP in your greatest hour of despair. HE will show and prove to you that you have a FATHER you can be proud of.


3.7 Questions and answers

Question : If man was created in GOD’S image, where does his evil wilfulness come from?

ELIAS : What actually is this “in GOD’S image”? –

Man does however represent one of GOD’S eminent CREATIONS; but man does not take this into consideration. GOD possesses SENSES and so does man. There is a connection in this respect.

Question : The bible states in Genesis that GOD created man “in HIS image”. Based on this statement man, respectively theology, ended up with a human-like concept of GOD. This has remained so for thousands of years. Does this false concept ultimately lead to atheism?

ELIAS : Let’s assume that the people on Earth ended up mutations of themselves due to constant nuclear contamination. A completely different human race could develop from generation to generation. It would be an absolutely terrible sight to behold in your eyes, it would be thoroughly deformed; if it was unaware of its original form, it would regard itself the crowing glory of creation and consider itself completely normal in regards to its appearance; it might even consider itself to be the spitting image of GOD.

Question : Even some of the theological fraternity insist that GOD is dead. In any case, one wants to discourage people from believing in a HIGHER AUTHORITY. What do you say to this?

ELIAS : This is absolute nonsense, because where would intelligence, respectively, conscious thought come from. Physical matter is incapable of doing so on its own. The conscious awareness of his environment is the truly DIVINE within man.

Question : Man’s CONSCIOUSNESS must therefore be what the bible calls “in GOD’S IMAGE” and not the body?

ELIAS : Yes, this is correct. The form in which such a conscious awareness is possible is completely immaterial.

Question : GOD therefore does not posses a human form?

ELIAS : GOD is the CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS of the universe. Every human being and all other creatures are connected to this CONSCIOUSNESS. Everything is related to this CONSCIOUSNESS.

Question : GOD is a fairytale figure to most people. Can one actually grasp HIS existence?

ARGUN : HIS SPIRIT is an eternal LAW, here and the hereafter. HIS SPIRIT can therefore also be seen in physical matter.

Question : Can one confront, that is to say, encounter the GREAT PLANNER? Is HE a personality, similar to our soul?

Answer : The GREAT PLANNER is the GREAT SPIRIT of the universe. HE is the origin of CREATION. To explain his existence is a futile endeavour, but this doesn’t mean that HE doesn’t exist. He, who is unwilling to accept HIM cannot think and grow beyond a certain stage in his own development.

It is strange that atheists have no other, credible explanation for the genesis of CREATION. These people mention Mother Nature and evolution, but underestimate Mother Nature in their ignorance, because they would like to deny her a divine FUNCTION.

GOD is the most effective LAW throughout the universe and it cannot be compared with all humanities throughout the universe on that score. This is why one should not depend on the bible, because it provides an inadequate explanation.

As GOD spans all forms of spiritual, mental and physical activities, I would like to make it clear to you that human beings are included within the system of the GREAT SPIRIT and have access to it, because they account for a considerable part of this system.

3.8 The mystery GOD represents (Transmission from the year 1962)

Every human being has dealt with the mystery GOD represents in one way or other within living memory. It matters not whether we’re dealing with cannibals or atheists, Christians or Moslems, all of them concern themselves about the existence of a SUPER-BEING that governs the world.

People’s different levels of development makes GOD appear in the most varied assumptions and insights. Even GOD’S greatest opponents cannot avoid these thoughts. An atheist might be beset by doubts, but his doubts are only based on his latest assumptions from a recurring thought that will nag him for the rest of his days. He tries to extricate himself from his tormenting crisis of conscience with fierce defiance and with derisive sarcasm. The less successful he is, the greater grows his resistance.

Man however is incapable of grasping GOD’S greatness and mightiness. He cannot imagine GOD and he will not find something to compare HIM with throughout the universe, even if he were to imagine GOD in the form of a gigantic sun. This inability to grasp GOD’S divine MAJESTY is the main reason why man avoids this line of thought. Because he, who pursues these thoughts must, per force, gain a more forceful and more convincing conviction of HIS EXISTENCE.

There is no evasive definition for GOD!

Every rejection of HIS EXISTENCE is nothing more that laziness – an evasion. These people, assessed as atheists, do not want to have anything to do with GOD. The only explanation for their stance is based on GOD’S invisibility. How many things are invisible and their existence can still be verified? Is GOD’S invisible existence verifiable? This is the most important question man has to deal with.

Man’s spirit therefore needs an instrument in order to express itself on a physical level. He therefore has a terrestrial body, a human body here on Earth to do so. GOD would also have to have an instrument in order to express HIMSELF here on Earth, but this is not within HIS assignment. HE has many other functions and they are so august and important that you could never imagine in the slightest what they could possibly be.

It should become clear to every human being after some consideration that it isn’t worth one’s while to think about the manner of the divine EXISTENCE. It suffices to recognise HIS EXISTENCE in the reality of HIS CREATION. Apart from that, GOD is so immense and enormous that no human consciousness is capable of comprehending even the smallest part of HIS functions.


3.9 Blasphemy (Transmission from the year 1969)

Well, man is confronted by a gigantic cosmos and its creation remains a mystery to him. However such an infinitely gigantic universe can never develop from nothing. There must be PLANNING, WILL and FORCE behind it.

Man is now however informed that CREATION must naturally have been created by a CREATOR. This almighty CREATOR, whose truthful grandeur can never be envisaged by any man, is called “FATHER” to simplify matters. According to the eminent grandeur of the spirit, this FATHER would actually have to be taboo. However this is unfortunately not the case. One contemplates HIS countenance and as one is simply not able to comprehend HIM, one humanises HIM, that is to say, GOD’S grandeur is measured with a human yardstick. –

This is blasphemy!

But this is unfortunately not the end of it, because the sinning continues. I will give you an example to explain this:

There are cases where children expect their father to grand them every wish, particularly when their father is an exceptionally wealthy man. In their stupidity the children do not ask whether their wishes are of a positive nature or whether they are justified. On the contrary – most of their wishes are generally negative and they are potentially damaging to themselves or the broader community. This however doesn’t hinder them from emphasising their wishes. If their father does not react to it, he is immediately threatened with: “If you don’t fulfil my wishes, we will leave home forever!” A deep hatred against the caring father develops and all the things he has done for them in the past counts for nothing. The hatred triggered by an alleged cruel father takes on deadly proportions.

If one looks at the demeanours of stupid, unreasonable children, people’s behaviourism against GOD is understandable. Human hatred is directed against GOD, the FATHER, because HE is not willing to fulfil the unreasonable requests of HIS children.

Seen from a human perspective, these wishes seem to be justified; the children always feel that they have a right to ask. However children lack experience. This means in this case that the people on Earth will never have the experience GOD amassed over eons. GOD’S experience stand above any human thought, there is no doubt about it. Consequently, there can be no criticism in this way.

It makes sense and it is promising to seriously contemplate this matter.

The only drawback in the deliberation is that you cannot see GOD, the FATHER. You are dealing with an invisible SPIRIT, but certainly not with an abstract. – GOD is never abstract. This is nonsense, because GOD is concretely verifiable through his infinite and absolutely intelligent CREATION. False excuses and sophisticated definitions and interpretations are nothing else but blasphemy with the intention of putting one over a “cruel and unreasonable, recalcitrant and opinionated FATHER”.


4. Acknowledging evidence

4.1 Questions and answers

Question : Studying the religious sector more closely, we find that there is no logic present at all in many respects. Are we dealing with mistakes made by priests?

ELIAS : Yes, this is correct. Their conservative and materialistic thought processes end up being dogmatic, this hinders them from applying their free thoughts and this could lead them away from their normal thought processes.

Question : One can continuously ascertain that the logic applied by the masses is unfortunately well below par. How do you see this?

ELIAS : The conservative and materialistic thought processes of most people usually turns into dogma. This hinders their free and progressive thought processes. This attitude prevents them from deviating from the tracks of their imagination.

When an atheist challenges you by saying that there is no GOD, you simply turn away from him by saying: “You also do not exist as far as I’m concerned, because if GOD does not exist you also do not exist – this is impossible – or can you prove the opposite?” – If however something is supposed to exist without GOD, it would certainly be something that does not make sense, meaning that it could only be chaos.

Question : Are we actually dealing with logic if it is directed against GOD?

ELIAS : You have hit the nail on the head. The human existence is the best evidence that GOD exists. There would be nothing without HIM – or if there was actually something, it would be bereft of meaning. There is no logic without planning. There is no logic without thought; the construction of the universe is however planned and logical. – Who would insist that a computer came into being purely by coincidence, without thought and planning? Atheists should keep this in mind. Without meaningful planning there would only be chaos.

Man is too autocratical, otherwise he would never entertain the illogical thought that there is no GOD one has to be grateful for, for everything. If one becomes impatience one can easily do some damage! – I can well understand why you would like to push the wheel of progress forwards. However everything takes time – KNOWLEDGE and its dissemination also takes time.


4.2 Removing doubts (Transmission from the year 1971)

Well, the battle between GOOD and evil has unfortunately led to a situation where the CONCEPT of GOD has been put under pressure. Many people are already ashamed to openly enunciate the word GOD. No human being has up to know been able to provide evidence that there is no CREATOR. No human being has also ever been able to explain how CREATION came into being without planning. The incredible vastness of the universe, with the polymorphism of all life forms, provides man with an insoluble enigma that shocks him. However this is no reason to doubt the existence of a PLANNER.

Church religions are to blame that the concept GOD is now discredited. The have humanised the majesty of the GREAT PLANNER, not only in HIS appearance, but also in the way HE thinks and feels. A church god – the way he is depicted – does indeed not exist, because a church god is a caricature one can only smile about.

Man is curious and he is not fond of secrets.

However GOD is a mystery to you and will always remain a mystery!

Scientists are not happy about the fact that such a mystery confronts them. This is why they distance themselves from something they can neither fathom nor explain. This could only harm their reputation, because people assume that scientist should actually know this. To distance oneself from this mystery does not really provide evidence that there is no GOD. However the majority of the people interpret the stance science takes differently. They assume that the sciences have abandoned their search for GOD, because they have come to the conclusion that they will never find GOD, ergo, that HE doesn’t exist.

What is also regrettable is the fact that church religions are incapable of ridding the world of the caricature image they have created. They make no attempt to provide their community with a better depiction of the CREATOR. They unfortunately also make no attempt to gain certain evidence that might help them do so. A direct connection to the spiritual realm does exist, namely spiritualism. However they fear this connection, because they are well aware that one can also reach the devil through this connection.

What would you say if a car would drive passed you and the driver would say to you: “Have a good look, because this car completely created itself. It developed over centuries of its own accord.” –

You would assume that you are dealing with a madman!


4.3 What are miracles? (Transmission from the year 1964)

Well, the ungodly do not believe in miracles. Every miracle is either a coincidence or a fairytale to them. It is alleged that all miracles are devoid of natural-scientific evidence.

Is it really true that there are no genuine miracles? – I say to you that this opinion is very superficial! There are billions of genuine miracles and they can be observed everywhere. However because these miracles take place in huge numbers on a daily basis in front of our eyes, they have become so self-evident that they are no longer regarded miracles, but part of an implicitness we can’t do without. The whole universe with all its stars and all its atoms is a series of miracles. It is arranged in such a way that every miracle produces another miracle and that one miracle cannot come into being or exist without the preceding one. The creation of human beings alone is a great miracle, well, actually the greatest miracle of them all!

But why shouldn’t there be deviations from the norm? – You can observe and verify this deviation with mutations. Nevertheless, you are not game enough to talk about a miracle in these cases.

However there are also illnesses that represent a deviation of the LAWFULLY determined norms. One does not talk about the miracle of a dangerous illness. Cancer is a good example of this. Cancer cells act outside any prescribed LAWFUL order. – They go against GOD and HIS PLAN. If a human being is now suddenly healed through a miracle, one does not want to believe such a miracle, because it goes against any (terrestrial) legally determined norm and against the general trend. One could basically call a divine miracle nothing else but a mutation. A leap from order in order to create order.

Why are the insights gained by the natural sciences not correctly applied? – One often hears: “Science is faced with an enigma.” – Science should not be faced with any enigma. It possesses the opportunity of a correct explanation, because there are no impossible miracles. Every miracle is possible, that is to say, any leap from order is possible, even if these leaps are absolutely not commonplace and thereby not a part of the usual implicitness.

If he answers this in the affirmative, he must admit that he himself is a miracle, one that other people unfortunately do not rack their brains about, because overexposure dulls the brain. The fact that human beings can think and plan at all is an even greater miracle. It is man’s divine PARTIAL-INHERITANCE.

Man balks at the idea of a hereafter. He’s unwilling to acknowledge such a realm and also unwilling to regard it a miracle. But the hereafter represents a parallel to the physical world, only the fabric (within) is different (non-physical). The soul is the same here and in the hereafter, it only changes its character, it only changes its good and evil intensions.


4.4 Can GOD’S existence be verified? (Transmission from the year 1970)

Well, mankind has been yearning for millennia for a higher ENTITY that reigns over everything. All quests seemed to be in vain, because GOD is not visible. Should the existence of the CREATOR of the universe simply remain an unrequited yearning?

The greatest philosophers and theologians have dealt with this question that must surely be the most important question man can ever ask. Unfortunately not enough information has come from this quest to convince mankind of GOD’S existence.

But this is due to an error of judgment, of observation.

The moment one tries to comprehend GOD or explain HIM, one deals with something that is INEXPLICABLE. Nobody will ever succeed in explaining GOD the way one usually explains other things. This means that GOD cannot be objectively verified. This assessment has unfortunately led to atheism. However this is certainly not the last word on the subject.

There is no doubt about that and this is why one should stick with this conclusion. This subjective evidence is man and we are not dealing with his bodily functions, but his spiritual EGO, man’s personality that has its origin in GOD’S will. The unsophistication applied trying to avoid this fact is absolutely astonishing. The sciences are still dealing with the theory of apes and at the same time admit that there must be other humanities on planets in other star systems.

What a contradiction!

There are naturally coincidences to be found in nature. But it is absolutely insane to ascribe all of CREATION to trillions of coincidences. Every one of these “coincidences” is so planned and meaningful that one coincidence could not have come about without the one that happened before. It is therefore a planned interplay that has nothing to do with one or more coincidences. This is why there is no better appellation for GOD than: “THE GREAT PLANNER.”

This CONSCIOUSNESS is not tied to physical matter the way man’s consciousness is also not tied to physical matter. However GOD’S CONSCIOUSNESS controls matter the way man’s consciousness controls his own body.

It should therefore be a case where mankind on Earth supports the GREAT PLANNER, but this is unfortunately not always the case. Mankind tends to attack the PLANER and act against HIS WILL.

The Earth could demonstrate a completely different level of development, if people had a more positive attitude.

People wage war against one another in all corners of the world. However it would be more important if people were to make a point of recognising their real enemy. Evil must be eradicated! – Positive thinking young people must die instead. This verifies that the people on Earth are incapable of really deep cogitation.


4.5 The great evidence of GOD’S existence (Transmission from the year 1963)

Well, man on Earth deals with the important question every once in a while of whether there really is a GOD who was there at the beginning and who is without and end. Even atheists are troubled by this question and it matters not whether they live in the deepest jungle or on the high seas, whether they live in a hut or in the hubbub of a city. Man agonises over thoughts of death, the dissolution of his physical body and the uncertainty of what really lies beyond.

Due to the fact that this question continues to come up, well, that it does not make an exception with anyone, that is will deeply trouble every human being at one stage, even the greatest thinkers, philosophers and theologians, also scientists and kings have contemplated this question. Evidence of GOD’S EXISTENCE were sought and apparently also found. But even the best evidence of GOD’S EXISTENCE always leaves open a second probability. This has driven many a speculator insane before now. Well, I am prepared to help you in this regards.

The assessment to begin with: Can GOD be verified or not? – This is what you would like to know.

To continue: What measures and means are required to achieve a positive result?

Even GOD draws your attention to it by reminding you that the Earth is like a speck of dust amongst the stars in the universe. Therefore the mind of a child[4] would suffice to ascertain without doubt that there are far GREATER THINGS than a terrestrial existence.

No animal is capable of either apprehending or comprehending this vastness. No animal throughout the whole universe is looking for evidence of GOD’S EXISTENCE. However man, in his divine similarity, is the exception. He is able to comprehend parts of the universe and he looks for DIVINE EVIDENCE. Apart from GOD and HIS ANGELS, he is the only creature that can utilise his own mind as a yardstick. There is only logic and it does not allow any other possibility of interpretation, that is to say, it does not allow one single doubt to remain. Measured with this yardstick, GOD is unmistakably existent and absolutely comprehensible. The formula is:

Every individual human being in search of this evidence must be brought up and educated with all possible means so that he is capable of making the best use of his mental capacities. It therefore doesn’t require a formulation of how GOD came into being or how HE works and exists, but only the correct preparation of human logic so that on hand of all available examples the universe offers in such an enormous copiousness, man can reach the incontestable conviction that all of this evidence are absolutely adequate.

Every human being that doubts GOD’S existence has not reached a point in his spiritual development where logic reveals everything. This has to be remedied. However some doubters will then ask: “Where does GOD live and reign?” – GOD has rightfully and with objective logic selected the by far greater and immortal part of the whole universe as HIS domicil. I am naturally talking about the spiritual realm wherein HE reigns as a spirit!


4.6 Questions and answers

Question : Why is the spiritual realm unable to provide us with a visible phenomenon in order to completely and explicitly convince people of GOD’S existence?

AREDOS : If GOD would personally show HIMSELF in all HIS GLORY, the Catholic priests would be the very first to say: “You have seen the devil in his negative transfiguration.” – Nevertheless, little phenomena are continually shown, like for instance the case of the church tower in the Novolipki St, in Warsaw.

(There was one building left standing in that field of the razed down ghetto, pointing its blaming finger to the sky, it is this church, originally left in the middle of the Jewish ghetto for those Polish-Jewish families who accepted the Catholic religion as part of assimilation process, part of being what they thought of as "genuinely Polish".)

Question : Mankind is looking for irrefutable evidence of GOD’S existence that the sciences can absolutely accept. Is the spiritual realm familiar with such a formulation?

AREDOS : It actually does not need a formulation, because the present CREATION is evidence enough. A CREATION cannot simply establish itself from within, it must be planned and it also requires the application of experiments and experience.

Question : Religious uncertainty reigns on Earth. Everybody is asking for evidence, because one lives in a world of lies. What can one say if asked about life after death?

ARGUN : This question alone smacks of dullness. If there is physical matter, it can never have been created of its own accord, especially not in such a well ordered and deliberate manner. Every act bears witness to and verifies the existence of a PLANNER and CREATOR. This is one LAW that cannot be refuted.

Question : You said PLANNER and CREATOR. Is there a difference?

ARGUN : GOD is the PLANNER, but not always the CREATOR. HE obviously established an unimaginable HIERARCHY for the construction of CREATION. The greater the works, the larger the “factory”! Such a great works could never come about without a great number of co-workers. – The same applies to the great CREATION.

Question : Is GOD not the SOLE CREATOR of all things?

AREDOS : That’s right. HE also needs helpers. The human races on many other planets are also HIS assistants, respectively co-creators. But GOD is the HEAD, let’s call Him “the boss”, in any case. HE is the PLANNER. There is nowhere a greater sign of GOD’S existence than all of you. Who else could have created mankind?

Question : Has one MESSENGER of LIGHT amongst you ever seen GOD?

Answer : No, but that doesn’t mean that one should doubt HIS EXISTENCE. All positive souls know that GOD exists anyhow.

Question : What do you regard as evidence for this?

Answer : Firstly our own existence. If we live a spiritual existence it must naturally follow that GOD also exist spiritually or in a similar fashion. However if you on Earth do not even believe in our existence; it should come as no surprise that you also doubt GOD’S existence. If there are no spirits, there can also not be a SPIRIT of GOD, this is the frivolous way one thinks here on Earth. – Secondly, the fact that we come in contact with ANGELS and this must surely be regarded as wonderful evidence.

Question : And this evidence gives you the energy to help the people on Earth to gain an insight?

Answer : That’s right. We cannot fathom the expansion the MIGHT of the SPIRIT is capable of. We, who are engaged in this assignment, only hear about events that take place in our immediate surroundings und within the circumstances of our own sphere of activity. We do not know and we cannot know whether our endeavours have the effect we have in mind. However we want to continue our work in spite of this and help wherever we can, even though we sometimes wonder just how many or how few ever sense what we do.

However THOSE that hold the strings in their hands, THOSE that encounter one another in harmony from time to time, know through various means the resulting reaction in all parts of the world. THEY are the ones that can gauge the depth of the effect of what we have done.

Question : There is an author who alleges to have seen GOD personally?

ARGUN : No, that is not possible. GOD can only be discerned in the hereafter. This author saw an ANGEL whom he believed to be GOD because of the ANGEL’S august glory. If GOD had shown HIMSELF to this author, GOD would no longer be a just GOD. There are unfortunately a great many things bandied about and fantasised about our “dear GOD”.

Question : Can GOD appear to an otherworldly soul in “person” as it were?

ARGUN : GOD has HIS REPRESENTATIVE, that is to say, HIS SONS HE placed throughout the universe.

GOD is not an old man with a long flowing beard, but HE does sit in HIS PLACE the way children are taught. GOD has HIS DOMICILE and HIS GAZE reaches just as far as HIS POWER – and it is unlimited.

The heavenly HOST, the ANGELS have substance - and so does the LORD. The human soul, made in GOD’S image, and physical, terrestrial man possess HIS FORM. However terrestrial man unfortunately bears the signs of the negative, because he has self-inflicted this on himself.

Question : Is it true that the word “GOD” can actually not be spoken out loud often enough, because doing so allegedly heightens one’s VIBRATIONS?

ELIAS : The word “GOD” is certainly of profound importance. But if a word is meaninglessly repeated over again, it is without meaning, therefore without VIBRATIONS, the way you mean it.

Question : Will something positive happen in regards to spiritual insights?

ELIAS : Due to the fact that the sciences have already made great strides and only a few doors remain to be opened, progress will also come about in these fields of knowledge. The sciences presently do not know where it will lead them, but from Alpha to Omega, they go around in circles until they realise that one more step will take them into nihilism. They will have to accept that a great PLANNER stands behind CREATION.

Question : The enormous upheaval of our times brings forth a lot of psychic messages. Some of them, as you are well aware, are so alarming that we are unable to make sense of them applying our entire mind. It seems that an otherworldly soul pursues a specific intent?

ARGUN : Oh, yes, but this will probably always be the case.

Objection : But this is very discouraging!

ARGUN : Oh no, because something can be learned from this! – Man should learn to appreciate the TRUTH and GOD’S WORDS of LOVE from these mistakes.

Question : In your religious instructions for us, you are ahead of us in every respect. How were you instructed about GOD’S personality?

ARGUN : GOD’S POWER is a positive dimension.

Objection : Dear ELIAS, I sometimes feel that our mission is just a drop of water onto an enormous, hot stone.

ELIAS : It is a seed that slowly geminates, but when it does eventually unfold it will display a wonderful blossom.

Question : Do you believe that from all of these wonderful indoctrinations, some will remain intact for mankind’s future?

Answer : We are still at the beginning of our endeavours. But I do admit that in spite of this, we have managed to cover an enormous distance along the way. In our conjoint effort we certainly touch upon some formidable and profound problems anyway. –

We are all parts of the GREAT PLANNER. Separated from the unit life represents, the GREAT PLANNER would be non-existent and for as long as there is life, GOD will also live. This is certain!

Question : Many people believe in a personal GOD in human form. What can you tell us about this?

Answer : The number of people trapped within a rigid, orthodox faith is continuously diminishing. The number of those that bring new insights to these circles is steadily rising. This is a part of the unstoppable influences of evolution. There are naturally still a great number that, due to their particular psychological state, will not change and continue to bow to the pressures of strict formulas. They are certainly not the majority. On the contrary! Their numbers have increasingly diminished over the last 50 years or so.

A healthy spirit of renewal is at work. Progressive insights make the old images and concepts of a personal GOD disappear. All new knowledge in regards to the size and extent of the universe, the vital life contained within in and the discoveries of RAYS and VIBRATIONS beyond your scope of vision have completely changed people’s ideas about religion.

Nobody believes the old concepts of heaven and hell anymore after the sciences have discovered a world of four dimensions. We have sided with the winners, because the TRUTH is with us – and it will be victorious!

The living SPIRIT, in its radiant beauty, must be disseminated. This however requires instruments (mediums) that may be able to give the SPIRIT’S faculties expression.

Your world has never received a better offer than is the case here. Come forth and refresh yourselves on the source of the OBJECTIVE TRUTH and share in the miracles of infinite wisdom. – The supply is inexhaustible!

Nobody should suffer from the illusion that they are able to counteract the power of the SPIRIT. Antiquated laws and bans may be quoted, the police and courts may be appealed to, but nothing, absolutely nothing can prevent the revelations of the SPIRIT. Many have already been affected by its beneficial healing and guiding influences and they are prepared to suffer the consequences, whatever they might be.

The POWER of the SPIRIT shines down on you in innumerable ways. What originally began as a trickle has already turned into a mighty stream, well, actually into an ocean that will sweep away everything still in its way.

I continuously proclaim that the ETERNAL PRINCIPLES cannot be affected by past, present and future events, because they are a part of the eternal REALITIES, which are based in the effectiveness of GOD’S unchangeable LAWS.

The KNOWLEDGE is yours and this makes you strong and it bolster the way you make your decisions. You can look to the future without fear and with courage, because you know that you disseminate the TRUTH!


5. GOD and us human beings

5.1 The veneration of GOD (Transmission from the year 1963)

The unimaginably eminent personality that is GOD naturally demands great veneration. One tries to do justice to this demand here and in the hereafter. The souls in the hereafter are closer to GOD’S SPIRIT and therefore employ a completely different form of veneration. For you here on Earth GOD seems more distant to you – unless you actually doubt HIS EXISTENCE. On Earth, that is to say, in the here there is therefore a completely different form of venerating GOD. It now depends on which form of veneration is the right one.

I am going to tell you something in regards to this:

Almost all souls that arrive in the spiritual realm bring the form of veneration they exercised on Earth, with them. There is however very little they can do with it in GOD’S realm. They will be unable to make any headway if they stick with their old habits and if they do not make a completely new start in regards to loving and venerating GOD. This explanation clearly shows that the religions on Earth are not okay.

GOD does not demand bigotry, it offends HIM. HE simply demands normal behaviourism from every human being, no matter where they are.

But what is actually normal in this case?

Man is not a super-being. He therefore does not have the right to behave like a super-being or inhumanely. Man already deviates from these commandments in his day to day existence. He deviates even more so if he wants to be devout or if he adopts a church religion. For thousands of years the priesthood has devised some kind of theatrical performance. Church and religious traditions adhere to these theatrics with an iron will, one is of the opinion that one does man a favour so that he can experience some kind of rapture.

What would a father here on Earth think of his children, if they were to give him the same theatrical performance that is common practise in church? He would have to think that his children have suddenly lost the plot. The assessment of the souls in the hereafter isn’t all that different when they observe you. However we are tolerant, because we also participated in the same cultic behaviourism in the past.

What should actually take place in church? – Naturally nothing that is different from what takes place in the LORD’S realm. All that’s required is beauty, perfection, purity and harmony. Everything else is superfluous. The constant repetition without variety or without progressive change is something terrible. Your churches and temples always follow the same traditions. Everything takes place under ancient guidelines. The devotee is bored to death. He regards all of this ado as utter nonsense, but out of respect he is not prepared to revolts against it. The more normal you would behave as human beings, the more progress GOD would be able to see in you. However irrevocable traditions and theatrics do not lead a human soul into the paradise of HARMONY.


[4] See CHRIST’S WORD: “You must become like little children.”