Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete


Theme: GOD and HIS antagonist (3)


5.2 Questions and answers

Question : The bible tells us that GOD alone has dominion over man, that HE decides what will happen to man. Is this correct?

Answer : GOD is your CREATOR and your FATHER.

HE knows all of HIS children by name.

HE knows their character, their will, their ambition, their malevolence, their rationality and their irrationality.

HE determines where HIS children are to live and it is immaterial whether they live in the spiritual realm or in Lucifer’s domain.

The realm HIS children would like to live in is determined through their own behaviourism!

GOD’S realm is a clean realm and HE will not allow any of HIS children to enter if they have characterised themselves through laziness, idleness, malevolence or through any other bad habits or bad behaviourism, it matters not whether we’re dealing with workers, professors, theologians, politicians, artists etc.

GOD does not have to do everything by himself to carry this out. HE has an enormous ORGANIZATION for this and it acts on HIS BEHALF and in HIS NAME.

GOD as UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS can think ahead to an unimaginable degree.

Question : Does GOD worry about our conditions here on Earth or does HE have a completely different function?

ELIAS : GOD is naturally informed about every single detail within HIS CREATION. But HE has HIS ANGELS for support. These ANGELS also take care of the people on Earth. GOD naturally has HIGHER TASKS to perform and there are no deputies that can take care of those.

GOD’S ANGELS are of the highest PURENESS and INTELLIGENCE. However whatever THEY do is always thwarted by the followers of the great antagonist. Many people who live on Earth are also followers of the antagonist!


5.3 The direct path to GOD (Transmission from the year 1962)

Well, the religious denomination a human beings feels attracted to is completely irrelevant!

There are innumerable ways that are supposed to lead to GOD. Every religious denomination asserts that it is the right one, ergo the only passable path. I say to you my dears that all of these paths are immaterial, because there is only one single path to GOD. It is the direct path, one without one single bend in it.

You would now like to know where this path is to be found.

One has to travel one way or another. But this doesn’t apply to this spiritual signpost. One can’t just simply wander this path that leads to GOD and one can’t just go for a walk on it. It is much more about a direction one has to search for GOD. It is therefore all about a turn around in one’s present life, of one’s habits, thought processes, feelings and actions. Human beings however are very phlegmatic, they avoid all unnecessary efforts and always look for the path of least resistance.

These souls travelled the most crooked of all paths, because they demand something that is really illogical and also impudent. A misjudgement in regards to GOD’S mercy! Man also does not pardon all criminals and simply let them loose on society again.

But what is the point of keeping a soul pure, if it enters an “eternal sleep” situation with its body after its demise?

Herein lays the mistake of temptation!

Like the soul of ARCHANGELS, the human soul is also immortal. It is a SPARK from GOD that can never be extinguished. This is why, after its physical disembodiment, it is reborn in a new garment that is subject to other LEGALITIES.

A soiled soul receives a soiled garment. By the same token, a pure soul receives a pure garment, something that is available in all graduations, according to merit. The soul has no opportunity to change its appearance in this state. Neither a tailor nor a beautician can change the way it looks. It is a visible indicator of what somebody’s soul looks like. This garment can only be altered if the soul that wears it also alters. When the soul becomes purer and more beautiful, its external appearance also changes.


5.4 Questions and answers

Question : Atheists doubt that there is a GOD with a personal CONSCIOUSNESS. Can this question actually be answered?

Answer : Yes it can, but this CONSCIOUSNESS has many embodiments and it does not have a phase of being or activity outside of GOD’S vision, because the natural LAWS automatically include everything within the whole universe.

There are no phases of movement, of VIBRATIONS, of animal, vegetable, human or spiritual life that are not regulated by divine LAWS. There is no discord in the universe. An unimaginable, bodacious harmony reigns there on an enormous scale. Once you have the key to the TRUTH in your hands that will open the door to understanding, it will be very easy to comprehend that the UNIVERSAL LAW controls and directs everything.


Question : So many terrible things are happening in our world that atheists say: “If there was a GOD, HE would not condone this situation. HE would put a stop to it. But as this doesn’t happen, there cannot be a GOD.” What do you say to that?

ELIAS : GOD is the LAW! – A LAW is enacted and it dictates. But the LAW does not act on its own, is has its ENACTORS to do so. These ENACTORS are in the spiritual realm or they come to you in so-called UFOS.

Question : Does GOD also have to deal with coincidences?

ELIAS : There are coincidences, but there are also foreordinations one might erroneously regards as coincidences. Even GOD had to deal with one or more coincidences in the past. When they eventuated, GOD decided to include them in the divine PLAN. They form a part of HIS EXPERIENCES. If a coincidence is positive, it will be acknowledged and handed on.


5.5 GOD’S LAWS are not commandments (Transmission from the year 1957)

GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! – One’s actual existence does not solely consist of movement, but rather more of thinking and comprehending. Perceptions can only be taken in on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL. The senses are only there to promote the contact between body and soul. It would be senseless for man to see something that he could not comprehend. These things are channelled towards the soul through the nervous system and the brain, which is then able to comprehend them to a higher or lesser degree.

This is how things are looked at and how a lot of knowledge is taught.

However man is not always capable of comprehending these things. A great thinker or researcher might at times, well actually quite often, no longer comprehend all the knowledge that was drummed into him, because he is unable to separate what is correct and incorrect.

If a nation feels compelled to reject the belief in a personal CREATOR, millions of people are unfortunately also induced to do the same. – When a nation goes to war, other nations follow suit because they don’t want to be excluded from such enormous events. – However when a normal mortal being climbs a mountain in order bring down GOD’S COMMANDMENTS from on high, one does not believe in a higher MESSAGE, but one forms the opinion that these COMMANDMENTS must surely come from this normal mortal being. – Every human being, right from early childhood, is used to receiving all commandments, indoctrinations and admonitions from living and breathing human beings and all books of wisdom are written or printed by living and breathing human beings.

This is the measuring stick man also applies to GOD’S LAWS and COMMANDMENTS:

GOD’S COMMANDMENTS are intelligent and the receiver of these COMMANDMENTS was undoubtedly also an intelligent human being. Could he not have found the same words with good will and intelligent deliberation? – Would GOD’S COMMANDMENTS not have to be much, much more intelligent, more sophisticated? Would every human being reading or listening to such commandments know straight away that: No terrestrial being can talk like that, only GOD can? – When GOD has something to say to us, every conceivable doubts would have to disappear, because GOD is that super-intelligent, powerful CREATOR of the universe and no human being is capable of imagining HIS INTELLIGENCE and HIS MIGHT. – However, how completely different the reality is…

The great GOD thinks and talks like the average citizen? – Would this not give one enough reason to express some kind of doubt? – On the contrary! A terrestrial poet or professor of natural sciences speaks too pompously, mysteriously and incomprehensibly for the man in the street and if those so cramped full of complicated knowledge do not believe in GOD, one naturally has to give credence to these “experts” of creational science. These people are credible, wise and super-intelligent in your eyes and, judging by GOD’S simple WORDS and COMMANDMENTS, GOD is not?

But I say to you in the name of the only GOD in the universe:

5.6 Question and answers

Question : Man fights a constant battle against Mother Nature. This situation makes one believe that man can also fight his fellow man, if man assumes that he is the stronger. This is why one tries with all available means to acquire power in order to use force. Is the archetype Mother Nature provides us with authoritative, as GOD and Mother Nature are supposed to be identical?

ELIAS : Man rates higher than Mother Nature, but never higher than GOD! Man sees something self-evident in Mother Nature, something that does not require an INFORMER. But the law of the jungle reign in nature.

This is where a grave mistake is made: Mother Nature is something that is purely physical! It represents a concrete concept that is unfamiliar with characteristics like kindness, trust, mercy and considerateness. – GOD on the other hand is an abstract concept, but one that possesses all of the above characteristics!

Question : Does the philosopher Spinosa bear some responsibility that GOD is disowned to such a degree all over the world?

AREDOS : Spinosa came up with the idea of an impersonal GOD within all of CREATION (pantheism), but Spinosa interpreted his own ideas radically differently from the way society conceived them. He was misunderstood, because he didn’t manage to express his thoughts and feelings more meaningfully. He lacked the gift of communication.

Question : Can you tell us what Spinosa was actually trying to express? What I mean is the crux of his theory.

AREDOS : To begin with, Spinosa wanted to emphasise that a GOD, the way the bible and particularly the Old Testament depicts HIM, does not exist in any case. He wanted to express that GOD represents a far higher INDIVIDUALITY that one assumes. – He was correct in this respect.

Spinosa was aware that without a GOD, chaos would reign throughout the universe. He knew that no universe would exist or could exist without GOD. This is why he emphasised that the divine PRINCIPLE was present everywhere. But he was unaware of the fact that consciousness and perceptions are cosmic FUNCTIONS! He could therefore not imagine that GOD has HIS own CONSCIOUSNESS and therefore awareness of HIS own existence.

Objection : If someone continues to think along analogue lines, he is naturally unable to comprehend GOD.

AREDOS : Yes, quite correct, that’s how it is. The comprehension of the true existence of GOD is only possible to those that already possess the required maturity. It isn’t just the matured intelligence that plays a part in this regards, but the complete spiritual demeanour of an individual, because when a human being is thoroughly good, through and through, and highly developed into the bargain, he will continue to think along analogue lines and will thereby gain full GOD realisation.

You will find such an example in CHRIST. HE also contemplated things in more detail of HIS own accord. As GOD can only be the superlative of man, man comprehends that GOD can only represent the superlative, MOST EMINENT DEVELOPMENT of an INTELLIGENCE that can never be physical, but certainly more spiritual. This eminent insight connected Spinosa with the CREATOR!

Question : There are messages from the hereafter that are supposed to originate directly from CHRIST; these particular messages assert that HE was here on Earth as GOD. How is it possible that this has crept in, as the rest of the content of these messages are of a high standard?

ARGUN : Well, have a think about it: To allow GOD to bleed to death on the cross, respectively on a gibbet for criminals, through man’s wilfulness and evil action, would constitute evidence that man’s power on Earth would have been greater than GOD’S MIGHT. Therein lays the whole blasphemy.

This however is the insurmountable cliff that individual mediums and their strong dogmatic attitude represent. No MESSENGER of LIGHT is able to break though this obstinacy – specifically if the messengers are only being inspired.

One is aware of this in England, in America, in Switzerland and everywhere where genuine communities have come into being.

“GOD’S VOICE’[5], the way you received it, is also just a transmission through one of CHRIST’S MESSENGERS.

The SANTINER are also entitled to speak in GOD’S NAME. They are HIS PEACEKEEPERS. They are there to take care of order and harmony.

Question : Due to the fact that man always works with physical concepts he also looks for GOD in a physical form. Is this why one turned CHRIST into GOD or the SON of GOD?

ELIAS : Yes, this is correct! – Something that thinks and acts purely spiritually and autonomically is difficult to imagine. Astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation in connection with living human beings are conceivable. However the reality is the exact reverse.

It is imperative that the sciences take note of this basic formula. One can also not endow GOD with a body HE absolutely does not require at all!

Question : Atheists say that there cannot be a GOD, because cruelty is tolerated in our world. How do you see this?

ARGUN : GOD knows that man sins, but HE loves him just the same! HE certainly isn’t cruel, only just.

Question : Why does GOD tolerate all that suffering here on this Earth?

AREDOS : Mankind brings this suffering upon itself! – Mankind must continue to be confronted with problems so that mankind is forced to contemplate all this suffering. This is the only way most people find out at the end of their terrestrial existence that GOD and HIS REALM do exist.

Question : Many people are of the opinion that there is no personal GOD, because He obviously allows evil things to take place. What can we tell these people?

AREDOS : Where does their information that GOD allows evil things to take place come from? – Good things take time. GOD does not retaliate with war and crime. GOD removes evil solely through HIS great LOVE.

Question : GOD and CREATION are often criticised. One blames GOD for all kinds of mistakes – if HE actually exists. What is your opinion to such an attitude?

AREDOS : Based on our own experiences and insights, which are not only scientifically supported, but also through personal experiences, as surely as the sun shines down on you, I can say:

Even the thought of such a possibility is already the height of blasphemy. Mankind on Earth tries something improbable with this attempt and exposes an egotism we find impossible to comprehend.

Question : Would it be possible to exist without any BELIEF in GOD?

AREDOS : An individual existence without GOD is impossible! The proof lies in wars, intolerance and in destruction. The worldwide enslavement of mankind would be the result. However if this mankind were to entertain direct contact with GOD, all of these events would be impossible.

Question : If GOD is really almighty, HE should really prevent wars.

ELIAS : Why did GOD endow the people on Earth with sufficient common sense? – Why should GOD do something human beings could do? – GOD does not work according to your plans!

Question : Almost all nations entertained the idea that they had GOD on their side, because they allegedly fought for a just cause. Does GOD really stand at the side of a nation?

Answer : HE does not allow any nation, no matter how just its cause, to imagine that the GREAT SPIRIT sides with one side or another.

There is no inducement to create an augmented human “deity” that calls upon all the POWERS of the universe to help you in your hour of need. A lot of spiritualists are unfortunately of a similar opinion that does not necessarily exclude the existence of a personal GOD. When I say “personal” I mean personal in a human sense.


5.7 Peace across all frontiers (Transmission from the year 1968)

Well, peace comes from GOD and not from people. It is therefore impossible to come up with an idea that can bring about peace. Any attempt to solve this problem is a pure waste of time. All existing philosophies must end up in chaos, if they were developed without acknowledging GOD’S existence.

Well, if mankind on Earth is incapable of believing in GOD and HIS HIERARCHY in the appropriate manner, there must be something wrong in the exiting faith in GOD. People sense this intuitively and therefore react with rejection. The major churches are unfortunately incapable of recognising the cause for this rejection, that is to say, the cause for atheism.

Well, as a MESSENGER of the LORD I say the following important words to you:

GOD, as limitless SPIRIT, is not a human being, not a conjuror and certainly not Father Christmas. GOD’S unimaginable MAJESTY has neither been recognised nor appreciated by the people on Earth at all. GOD is not a human super-being.

Enormous spiritual FUNCTIONS are not reflected in man. This is why it is a biblical aberration, when one looks upon GOD as a human being or if one regards man to be created in the image of GOD. To attempt this is pure blasphemy. – However the LORD has a MIND, a CONSCIOUSNESS and all the SENSES, well, beyond that many thousand SENSES more than man.

One should actually assume that academics possess this common sense. This is why it is the assignment of the sciences to recognise and to eradicate the errors within the existing religious doctrines. This reformation of the human thought process may not take place with disrespect and scorn in one’s heart, but solely through sacrosanct TRUTHS.

Many positive people contemplate peace. All of this thinking is useless if GOD’S MAJESTY is completely ignored. The sooner mankind gains the TRUTH, the sooner all possibilities of a peaceful co-existence open up.

The following sacred words are still valid:


Atheism is the way of the antagonist, it never leads to peace!



6.1 GOD’S HELPERS (Transmission from the year 1959)

Experts assess the spiritual world, their findings indicate that they might be dealing with the subject, but that they hardly know anything about the TRUTH. There are cooks whose cuisine is their very profession, but whose dishes still have no taste and then there are laymen who produce outstanding dishes that are also very healthy into the bargain.

But woe if a nameless, an unknown publishes higher insights, insights that contradict all previous theories and definitions of empirical science. In such a case, every outsider is accused of unpardonable lack of knowledge, because they lack a university diploma.

This world judges wrongly and too harshly, so that the apparent truth deceives.

There is not one area where the weeds of erroneousness do not grow exuberantly, but the defenders of knowledge dare not touch these stinging nettles; they don’t want to be stung. However the little guy, the lover of unadulterated nature, knows how to deal with this weed and if he does get stung he is not worried about the blisters.

You should therefore not be surprised that any knowledge of a far GREATER WORLD than yours has progressed so slowly. Knowledge can be equated with fungi: They grow in the forest, some are mushrooms and some are toadstools. It has happened that one colleted the wrong fungi by mistake and people have become very ill or even died. Because of events like these, some people cry out: “For goodness sake, stop eating mushrooms, because they are all poisonous! Even if one knows them all, how can one be sure that one will not die?”

The messages from the spiritual realm are like these “fungi”, they are very much alike, the good ones and the poisonous ones. One has to be an experienced “fungi collector” if one wants to separate the genuine MESSAGES from the apocryphal messages. But this does not to authorise anybody, neither priest nor scientist, to assert that all messages from the spiritual realm are demonic or false.

You have no notion of the invisible dangers that lurk and that you’re sounded by. Lucifer’s forces and intelligences try everything in order to remove every human being from this planet of redemption. Hardly anyone ever gives this a thought, on the contrary – one asks for GOD’S HELP. When nothing happens, one simply denies GOD’S existence. Nobody ever entertains the thought that GOD’S HELPERS make a super-human and sacrificing effort on your behalf and that they are there for you with LOVE in their hearts. They do so without reward, ungratefulness is actually the order of the day most of the time.

Oh, you poor, ignorant priests! – You rack your brains when you have to prepare your Sunday sermon. You struggle when asked to write a small article for the community paper. Why don’t you, for once, really contemplate GOD’S spiritual realm? There is plenty of information you can refer to. – Are you of the opinion that GOD protects and observes mankind with just a handful of ANGELS? GOD’S HELPERS are innumerable! GOD alone knows their numbers. This number is however under one percent on Earth, that’s how immeasurably large the ALMIGHTY’S, the omnipotently loving LORD’S realm really is!


6.2 Universal guidance (Transmission from the year 1963)

Well, you are well aware that everything here on Earth requires guidance, supervision. If this wasn’t so, no nations, no organizations or political parties would exist. Even the military would be without leadership, without officers and chaos would reign.

Mother Nature, meaning the world with all its fauna and flora, apparently governs all its function of it own accord. There are apparently LAWS of NATURE that do not have a LEGISLATOR and one thing calls something else into being. There exists not one single example in the whole wide world that could be called upon as evidence to support this. There is not one single enterprise, factory or institute here on Earth that doesn’t require supervision and responsible leadership. – The same applies to the affair of the universe. This is why the whole universe is also supervised and conducted by GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION.

Mankind’s negative behaviourism is also one cause that triggers an inevitable, divine EFFECT. It is a great mistake when some believe that such negative behaviourism does not have any repercussions at all.

All leadership on Earth bears responsibilities. Why should this be different in regards to the leadership of the universe? GOD also bears the main responsibility for the smooth functioning of the universe’s operation. The LEADERS of HIS divine ORGANIZATION bear full responsibility for their ASSIGNMENT at the same time. Not just on behalf of mankind, but also in the name of GOD and the LEADERSHIP of the universe!

All administrations introduce measures that serve to maintain law and order. These measures don’t always have to be broadcast amongst the lower classes, because they might not fully understand what they are all about. GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION are also busy with corresponding measures that deal with the people on Earth and their own world. There are some people in leading position that are being informed even if this information is not intended for the ears of the broader masses.

The moment a divine MESSAGE or an ORDINANCE has been acknowledged by the senses and consciousness of terrestrial people, the DIVINENESS of the message is no longer given credit to. The prophets are no longer believed and one mocks them.


6.3 Acknowledging things (Transmission from the year 1962)

I ask you: Which one of your terrestrial religions can you understand correctly?

You can’t just simply walk into the spiritual realm and walk out again after you have gained some orientation. If this were possible, a lot of things on Earth would change for the better. There is however a delicate area of contact between the two worlds.

The spiritual realm makes every effort to indoctrinate you, but this indoctrination is unfortunately all too often misunderstood. As soon as one is unable to understand something one soon enough discards it as something implausible.

The whole misunderstanding begins already with the word “GOD”!

You cannot comprehend HIM or understand HIM correctly and HE is therefore rejected in most cases. At other times we hear: “GOD observes you, GOD listens to what you say.” Hardly anyone can imagine the fact that GOD can listen to billions of people and observes all of them at the same time. – This is where the appellation “GOD” is completely inappropriate, as is the case in innumerable other situations.

It would actually have to say:

Most people are of the opinion that a prayer is directly routed to GOD’S personal address. Those that cannot imagine this task of a personal GOD, simply reject the idea of praying as utter, ineffective nonsense. – The appellation “GOD” is also completely inappropriate here too. Every prayer is initially received by a personal GUARDIAN ANGEL and it is up to the GUARDIAN ANGEL to decide whether this prayer should be passed on to a HIGHER AUTHORITY or not. The GUARDIAN ANGEL knows his charge as well as his own conscience and is therefore in a position to decide whether a plea through a prayer is appropriate or not.

When a seemingly justified prayer is not fulfilled, people immediately begin to doubt the existence of GOD’S JUSTNESS. – GOD does not necessarily have to have the slightest inkling of the process that is taking place. HIS commissaries enjoy HIS absolute trust and they are absolutely worthy of this trust!

Specific difficulties arise though because the antagonist also has an organization and it opposes all divine INTENSIONS by constantly trying to destroy them. There are however no trustworthy souls within this evil organization and this is why there is this great disunity amongst them.


6.4 Questions and answers

Question : Does GOD hear us when we appeal to HIM through prayers?

Answer : Most people unfortunately always imagine a human-like person when they think of the PLANNER. When thinking of GOD, one should first and foremost try to understand HIS ORGANIZATION. This positive COMMUNITY is unimaginably extensive. Certain sections of this ORGANIZATION take note of these appellations. One can therefore say that GOD has heard them.

Here is an example: Let’s assume that somebody writes a letter to some very eminent personality. This letter might reach the secretary's office and an employee there will acknowledge its arrival. It isn’t absolutely necessary that the boss has to see this letter. Some employees also have the authority to make their own decisions and to deal with it. This is why an exuberant form of address is not necessary. A simple form of address is quite enough.

It is however most important that everybody knows which organization they want to belong to and which community they wants to serve, it is either GOD and HIS ORGANIZATION or the antagonist and his negative organization.

Question : All the various religions know many appellations that can be used in regards to DEITIES. But most of these are just a lot of twaddle. Does this make sense at all?

Answer : If there is a specific meditation attached to such an appellation, it would at least constitute some progress for the one making the appeal. I will give you an example of how you can do this:




Question : We are of the opinion that the word GOD is used all too often. This leads to misunderstandings. According to a lot of people, GOD is supposed to be responsible for every one of their fates and every one of their actions. How do you see this?

AREDOS : Instead of talking about GOD as a PERSONALITY, one should rather take a look at HIS ORGANIZATION. GOD keeps watch over man through HIS HELPERS, through the positive spiritual realm.

These are not some kind of myths, fantasies or fairytales, but absolute, objective REALITIES. A trip to the moon is also no longer a fantasy, utopia or fairytale, but a fact people had to get used to. The same applies to the spiritual world; man must also get used to dealing with it, to incorporate it in his cache of knowledge. It is our assignment to make this easier for you. We are aware that this MISSION is not an easy one.

Objection : In spite of all the various religions of our world, the powerful of this Earth are seemingly unafraid of GOD’S “ARM”.

AREDOS : Neither politics nor the church nor the world press for that matter respects a dominant GOD. It may be true that man fears natural catastrophes or death, but he hardly ever fears GOD’S “ARM”.

However GOD HAS his ORGANIZATION! – HE has ALLIES throughout the universe. This ORGANIZATION stands above the human race. The SANTINER can also be regarded as a kind of “UNIVERSAL POLICE FORCE”.

This ORGANIZATION naturally metes out punishment completely differently from the way human beings do on Earth. This is why its type of punishment is not directly apparent; aside from that it is often very recessive (covered over).

Question : Do ANGELS really exist in the spiritual realm?

ARGUN : ANGELS are EMINENT BEINGS that possess more divinity than human beings. They have specific assignments to fulfil. As they possess the POWER to change their appearance with the help of their will power, they can certainly produce wings on their backs, they are however are not suitable for flight, but symbolically represent FREEDOM. - Pictorial depiction of them like that usually discredits any FAITH in GOD. This happens because one knows too little about ANGELS in the first place.

The actions of ANGELS are influenced by your progressive technology. Progress can also effect a regress, if one neglects the spiritual side. The regress brought about by progress robs man of his peace of mind and chases him hither and tither until he suffers a breakdown.

Question : If nobody has ever seen GOD, can one assume that some ANGELS have revealed themselves to man?

ELIAS : ANGELS sometimes can reveal themselves to people on Earth!

Question : Do ANGELS look the way some inspired painters have depicted them?

ELIAS : Their wings are a symbolic expression of their unlimited FREEDOM. These wings are not visible most of the time. However an ANGEL can reveal himself with these symbols on his back. An ANGEL can affect the viewer in such a way that he will see HIM endowed with these wings and with HIS glorious aura. The mental influence of departed souls is also of great pertinence. Every human being possesses this ability, that is to say, in latent form. A lot of things can appear in front of the SPIRITUAL EYE in dreams, but also in an awakened state when one’s eyes are closed. This ability, wrenched from its latent anchorage, can achieve a lot more. This ability has the capability of creating something from nothing. These things are then actually existent and therefore perceptible to everyone.

Question : There is a passage in the bible that describes CHERUBIM with swords in their hands. We are however aware that their intensions are peaceful. What are we to make of this?

ARGUN : The sword is a symbol of defence. They defend JUSTICE and GOD’S TRUTH in this case.

Question : It has been written that VISITS by ANGELS have become a rarity in our day and age to a degree that hardly anything is ever reported and that hardly anyone still believes in them anymore.

ARGUN : This has to do with the “progress’ achieved by technology. This progress is ultimately also a regress, if one takes the fact into consideration that it robs man of his peace of mind. Technology, instead of making life more comfortable, harasses and chases man. – This hinders ANGELS to a high degree.

Question : Can GOD make himself known to a human being?

AREDOS : A HIGHT SPRIT can very easily make himself known to a human being. Basically speaking, every human has contact with the spiritual world, even if it is unknowingly most of the time. A dream already constitutes contact with the supernatural regions. Native tribes are much better aware of these contacts than more civilized people.

A psychically gifted person can make it possible for a spirit to utilise its body in one way or another. One’s own spirit (soul) is temporarily suspended. This is how an otherworldly spirit controls a terrestrial body. You find these cases in so-called trances.


Question : Does this ANGEL have a name?

AREDOS : No. It was the ANGEL of DELIVERANCE. – This is why CHRIST said: “The FATHER and I are one.”


7. The sciences and the church

7.1. The greatest prestige (Transmission from the year 1961)

Every human being on Earth has his or her pride. Every citizen protects his or her reputation. There is such a thing as professional pride and the whole reputation of a people, a nation. Legislation endeavours to offer protection for this pride. This is why there are magistrates and courts of arbitration that deal with the honour of human beings. But he, who is antisocial and positions himself completely outside of the human society, can in extreme cases lose his civil rights.

In the eyes of humankind, GOD has already lost HIS CIVIL RIGHTS! HE is reviled, disowned and persecuted.

What asocial behaviourism has atheism accused this GOD of that HE is regarded as being outside human society? – HIS NAME is shunned in public – HIS EXISTENCE his listed amongst the dead!

Well, the churches are HIS adjudicators, but they have too little KNOWLEDGE to effectively defend HIS TRUTHFULNESS and PHILANTHROPY. The culprits are not even punished, well, they are not even asked to release new editions in order to recant the inflicted mortifications and defamations printed in the daily press.

What an unjust judicial system you have on Earth!

The sciences fight against every attack on their prestige with the courage of lions. Scientists bear reference to their academic laureateship.

But where is GOD’S PRESTIGE?

The CREATOR, who created the universe and also maintains the universe, must surely be entitled, and deservedly so, to the greatest possible prestige! But as HE does not make an appearance in human form, does neither front any court in the land nor make a judicial complaint, there is not one single judicial authority that deals with HIS PRESTIGE.

How can one explain this phenomenon, this mentality? Looking at it from a logical, philosophical point of view one would have to say: JUSTICE is being raped by injustice, because GOD represents JUSTICE and the devil represents injustice.

Why should this happen in the first place?

Because mankind willingly stoops to this infamous activity!

Man’s honour is a federally protected affair. The state is there to protect its citizens; there are official channels for this. – However which official channel looks after GOD’S PRESTIGE? Well, when all else fails, man’s sense of justice should actually come into effect. But where are the people who worry about this and who raise their voice on behalf of GOD out of a sense of justice and trust in HIM? – It is much more convenient to leave this to the churches. – They are however much more interested in their own position of power, rather in their own prestige than in GOD’S PRESTIGE, which they can only express through their pomp and ceremony and not through HIS rehabilitation, that is to say, through the acknowledgement of the divine RIGHTS, the way man on Earth insists on his civil rights.

GOD only ever had one ADVOCATE. HE was however not listened to, but condemned by man’s civil rights, tortured and crucified because HE defended GOD and GOD’S divine RIGHTS. This was and still is GOD’S true “PRESTIGE” in the eyes of terrestrial mankind!


[5] See brochure “THE CREATOR”.