Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete


Theme: GOD and HIS antagonist (4)


7.2 Questions and answers

Question : How is it possible that eminent scientists doubt GOD’S existence?

AREDOS : GOD gave man a mind, that is to say, the ability to think. However most people do not really make full use of their divine GIFT! Scientists, respectively academics, are so arrogant that they only have their own interests and their successes at heart. This is why they do not apply logic when they contemplate CREATION. Physical matter is more important to them. There is not enough spiritual material available. – Faced with all the sweets, one omits to recognise the confectioner!

Question : The sciences would presently like to exclude GOD from their deliberations as much as possible. How do you see this?

AREDOS A scientist will only ever be able to copy nature, but never be nature himself.

Question : Is there a valid reason why scholars generally reject GOD?

AREDOS : Certainly, the reason for this is that GOD is immensely strong and powerful, whilst man is extremely small, weak and powerless. This is why HE is looked upon as an enemy. This is the reason why HE is rejected.

ARGUN : Academic science is well aware that it will never be able to explain GOD’S origin, respectively GOD’S “birth”. So out of hurt pride, they prefer to reject GOD. They entertain the position that something they will never be able to explain, does not exist.

However everything that does exist, is only then of importance to people, when its origin is known! This is why in the eyes of most people, GOD does not exist; they do not bother about it.

Question : We know that most scientists do not like to hear the word “GOD” mentioned. Why is this word “GOD” so reviled?

ELIAS : It is because they refuse to accept the fact that they are controlled by a HIGHER AUTHORITY. People who are not interested in a PLANER are not willing to better themselves. Nothing stops their arrogance. If they had to accept GOD, they would no longer be able to live the way they do, they would have to realign, reassess their whole existence.

They throw any uncomfortable ballast over board, even if we’re dealing with something divine. This doesn’t just apply to scientists, but also applies to a lot of other people who delude themselves in order to be able to live an alleged freer existence.

Question : The sciences believe that they can assume the PLANER’S role.

ELIAS : They also believe that they are able to confirm that GOD does not exist, however their own research will verify that this is not so. There are a number of researchers that slowly begin to muse over this. They mix up the terminologies. The terminology of causality for instance for a very long time!

Question : There are scientists and philosophers that reject GOD and ascribe everything to a caprice of nature. These people are unfortunately successful in spreading their message. What can you tell us about this?

AREDOS: Why don’t you ask them whether they find it plausible that GOD could have been created through a caprice of nature? Something that applies to CREATION must surely also apply to the CREATOR? Is there a difference here? These doubters feel strong and wallow in self-importance. They are unwilling to accept the fact that there is something that stands above them and reigns over them. – But there are to be pitied, because once they arrive in the hereafter, they will suffer an enormous shock, something no human being Earth could ever imagine. – This thought alone makes us shiver uncontrollably.

Question : It is alleged that the universe and all the creatures in it created itself by coincidence. Wouldn’t this also make GOD’S existence coincidental?

ARGUN : If this were the case, you could be told that GOD’S EXISTENCE is due to a coincidence. However there are no coincidences, only providences. Everything is providence! – However there is a difference, namely whether these providences are in a divine SENSE, because not everything that takes place is according to HIS WISHES. Coincidences that contravene against the LAW of ETERNAL LOVE are not providences GOD condones. When we talk about GOD, we often also mean HIS actual CO-WORKERS within HIS realm who were granted FULL POWERS.

Question : But there are scientists and philosophers who reject GOD and who ascribe everything to a “caprice of nature”, wherein coincidence plays a major role.

ARGUN : This isn’t true. They know that the LORD is powerful and that man is powerless, but they will not admit this, they feel strong and they like to make a show of their prowess. However the LORD shows mercy and allows them time to come to their senses. –

Question : Why won’t the sciences simply admit that there must be a GOD?

AREDOS : A GOD, the way the churches depicts him, does not exist!

This is the main reason why intellectuals do not want to believe in GOD. But this doesn’t mean that there is no GOD! It’s just that HE is different from what you have been taught about HIM! This is why we don’t say GOD, but call HIM the GREAT PLANNER.

The sciences are these days well aware that life and all of CREATION comes into being through INFORMATION[7], respectively, came into being. Logic must therefore dictate that there must also be an INFORMER, because from where else would this INFORMATION come from?

But an INFORMER does not necessarily have to do everything on his own. The GREAT PLANNER therefore had an immeasurably large ARMY of CO-WORKERS at HIS SIDE and HE managed to accomplish the feat of CREATION with their HELP.

If you contemplate this correctly, you will realise that all the humanities throughout the universe are GOD’S co-workers. There is however a whole bunch of co-workers that work against CREATION, because they lack the most important insight in regards to life, namely that there is a GREAT PLANNER everything should be aligned with.

Question : Wouldn’t it be possible to reach these scientists through inspiration?

ELIAS : Institutes of para-psychology are the forerunners for such a development.

Question : (1968) Is there another opportunity to dissuade the sciences from their atheistic attitude?

ELIAS : No. The sciences had the correct key for it in their hands. You should not forget that institutes of para-psychology are also universities. These institutes however find themselves in precarious positions and are quite unsure whether they will be able to maintain their present positions.

Question : The world situation becomes more precarious. Everything becomes more critical. This situation allows forces to come to the fore that propagate the idea that “GOD is dead!” – and a lot more. What does the spiritual realm have to say about this negative development?

ELIAS : It’s not enough to say that GOD is alive or that the sinner is punished. It is more a point of verifying GOD’S existence scientifically. This can only happen with reference to HIS CREATION. Creation is well qualified to furnish such proof, because its innumerable forms of phenomena, which interact with one another like clockwork, thereby presenting an absolutely meaningful whole; should by themselves be irrefutable proof that a PLANNER exists, one that is also an INFORMER at the same time.

Man is also affiliated with the CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS that directs him, that controls his heartbeat and his breathing and keeps him animated. Man is either a valuable or invaluable instrument in the service of CREATION. If this wasn’t so, man would never be creatively active.

Even though man on Earth is not the centre of the universe, he occupies a meaningful central position within the microcosm and macrocosm just the same. GOD’S meaningful CREATION is once again revealed here also, because:

He, who reviles or affronts GOD reviles and affronts himself, because he forgets that he represents a minute part of the divine, CENTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS of NATURE. He, who acts in this way exhibits an eminently terrestrial way of thinking. – He has never meditated!

AREDOS : Almost everybody these days has an inkling about the unimaginable size and versatility of the divine CREATION, but one still discriminates against the CREATOR in an unbelievable fashion.

The GOD of the church is virtually an absolutely simple minded old man, endowed with all the shortcomings and vices of mankind. He thinks like a human being and he’s ridiculously merciful against the greatest of sinners. He tolerates injustice and murder and pardons everything in his divine sentimentalism. He lives in a palace somewhere in the cosmos and all who come to him in a party mood; do not know what they are supposed to do. –

However the church insists: “When it comes to GOD, everything is possible”, even when we’re dealing with the greatest of nonsense. Well, GOD is supposed to look upon the devil as HIS employees, here to teach mankind the difference between good an evil[8].

Question : What is the CREATOR really all about?

AREDOS : The CREATOR represents an unimaginable ENERGY. This ENERGY also happens to possess an enormous CONSCIOUSNESS. This CONSCIOUSNESS interacts with the whole cosmos on the basis of experience and of memory. Every THOUGHT IMPULSE in engraved within the cosmos, to remain there forever. This is how GOD is able to remember every single detail, even if it happened eons ago. This is so enormous that one has to muster the greatest of respect man is capable of. Masquerades and theatrics are a complete affront to this enormous GRANDNESS of INTELLIGENCE.

But GOD is the MAJESTY of the universe personified. All of us, here and in the hereafter are HIS subjects!

Question : (1965) Will one be able to represent the problem of a correct GOD REALISATION in the near future in such a way that will at least allow intellectuals to comprehend it?

AREDOS : Never through the representatives of major religions.

The spiritual realm endeavours to spiritually support all such efforts and this more than ever. The material support however must come from you!

Question : (1965) Who will verify GOD’S existence?

ELIAS : The church would actually have to do this, because this is what they are there for. But the situation on this planet is the complete reverse.

The sciences will perforce, that is to say, involuntarily produce the evidence that GOD exists. It will also verify the existence of the soul and at the same time confirm its immortality.

The church is unfortunately a stumbling block for all the sciences in regards to research within this field of knowledge. It is however a good thing that you do have churches here on Earth, because the sciences would often have gone too far in their research, something that has already been the case every once in a while. One would otherwise certainly have proceeded in a more extreme way. The churches are aware of a lot of things within the scientific arena in spite of this.

Question : We are of the opinion that the sciences will never be able to furnish the proof that: “At the beginning there was man”. How do you see this?

ELIAS : Therein you can see the nonsense: GOD tries to make the best out of negative side effects. This is a thankless task. But this is why a lot of things that seem negative to begin with, turn out fine. Man has the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and to benefit from them, but this is where he unfortunately fails.

Evil represents GOD’S antagonist’s basic principle. Man must clearly recognise this fact! On a purely emotional level, man is in a position to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

Question : Will something positive happen in regards to spiritual INSIGHTS?

ELIAS : As the sciences have already progressed to a stage where only a few doors remain to be opened, there will be progress in this field of knowledge. The sciences might not be aware of where their path will lead them, but it is a circle, the ALPHA and the OMEGA. They will realise that if they make one more step, it will lead to nihilism. They will have to accept the fact that a GREAT PLANNER stands behind CREATION.

Question : A senior priest offered the following opinion during a morning mass: “GOD has stepped down from HIS throne and taken on the guise of a servant in human form in order to redeem mankind”. Can you explain this to us?

AREDOS : This is of course nonsense! – However this priest must surely have thought that this is so, because this is what has been drummed into him. It does verify though that even church elders and pastoral carers do not know the TRUTH and that they stick with their false interpretations.

The church still tries to depict and to explain GOD as a human being. This is a serious mistake and it doesn’t fit in at all with the present situation. The present high standard of science and technology creates the situation where GOD can be explained more easily and comprehensibly.

These are all good prerequisites to help you understand GOD and to comprehend HIS EXISTENCE. A normal human being, one who wants to be a church elder, would surely know something about this. A sensible EXPLANATION by the church about what GOD is all about is actually missing, so that the disrespect shown the CREATOR is lessened.

The explain GOD in human terms is more than just a blasphemy. It is akin to making an idiot out be a genius! The main emphasis of any EXPLANATION must be on CONSCIOUSNESS, because:

This would surely have to be comprehended by every human being these days. However the correct interpretation by the sciences is lacking, as the sciences are given more credibility than the church.

Question : As you mentioned before: People have to get used to many invisible miracles these days, like for instance the invisible colour picture transmission of television. Why can they therefore not comprehend GOD’S invisible existence?

AREDOS : The churches have not dealt with explanations in regards to television. We are dealing with technology here! – But the churches have dealt with explaining GOD and they have created an image of HIM that is absolutely incorrect.

People cannot give credence to the explanations of the church, because their technological and scientific thought processes cannot accept a church inspired God. This is the absolute reason behind the lack of faith in GOD by the people on Earth. This situation brought atheism into being and it has been accepted by today’s youth.

Question : How can this mistake, respectively, this aberrant be eliminated?

AREDOS : The religions of this world are so stuck in their ways that every innovation in this area is rejected. Only the science can bring about a change. However the sciences have always kept their distance from these things. Scientist must be encouraged to deal with this field of knowledge in order to wrench it from the grasp of the church, respectively from religious communities.

This is a sad assessment, but it is important and it is true.

Question : (1968) Are today’s scientific insights directly opposed to the accounts of the bible?

AREDOS : The accounts of the bible deal with remarkable events and they were recorded the way they were interpreted at that time. Their way of observing things does not always coincide with reality. This is why miracles were recorded that, looked at objectively, are not miracles at all, but only an extraordinary, that is to say, not an every day event

The bible gives the impression as if GOD and HIS HEAVENLY HOST were (then) in constant contact with people, whilst this doesn’t seem to be the case these days at all. – The atheist acquired his lack of faith from this perspective.

Science rejects such miracles and I can’t even blame them. However the sciences have not made a serious attempt to present these miracles in the correct light. They leave it up to the churches, but they are not interested in explaining these miracles away. We are dealing with blind faith and with pious fanatics who revolt against every different interpretation at the cost of objectivity.

Once bible miracles and all events recorded in the bible find the correct interpretation, these events will coincide with your present level of scientific knowledge and technology. This will however not include the spiritual character of it. It must be accepted, otherwise one only dupes oneself.

It has always been the desire of these highly evolved people to bring their positive insights to this planet. But a human race has lived here for thousands of years that hardly made any spiritual progress and therefore has to incarnate over and over again. Almost all the people here on Earth are unable to emerge from a series of lower spheres.

This nonsense has come about, because the Holy Scriptures say that man was created in the “image” of GOD. The way the Holy Scriptures undermine the true FAITH in GOD with such passages is appalling.

This makes GOD a CREATOR of the HIGHEST ORDER and man also a creator of many things that are produced from the physical matter and from the vibrations the universe provides him with. – GOD is of course an enormous INTELLIGENCE.

It is a flaw in your thought processes to assume that GOD would have to make a direct appearance in one form or another, only atheists or communists think like that.

If the clergy were aware of the unrealistic idol they venerate, they would hide in shame.

People cannot show genuine respect for GOD and HIS REALM if a false God has been described to them and if they have not learned the TRUTH about the spiritual realm.

Question : The Christian Church and also many other religious denominations display an exaggerated seriousness about the whole thing. – Does GOD possess a sense of humour?

ARGUN : GOD self-evidently has a sense of humour! HIS realm also has a penchant for humour. This humour sometimes shows up in CREATION. Man, in his obstinacy, believes that when he is stern, he is also pious. He condemns all joviality, because he thinks that one has to be “pious”, to fear GOD.

Man might well revere GOD and have a high opinion of HIM, but man must be able to approach GOD with LOVE and TRUST in his heart. Anyway, GOD and HIS spiritual realm rather prefer People to be laughing happily than to remain stuck in forced seriousness. The word “fear” could be rubbed out of the bible!

Applying logic, man could self-assess a lot of things and should then act according to what logic tells him! However logic is unfortunately often set aside. Most people do not employ the application of logic often enough. Only false logic makes it possible for such warlike animosities to exist here on Earth.

Question : The churches, which endow GOD with infallibility, bring atheists into the fray with this. Specifically atheists point out the failures within the laws of nature, thereby justifying their opinion that there is no GOD. What do you say to this?

ELIAS : It is certainly written that GOD is infallible, but since time immemorial, GOD also learns from HIS own ACTIONS. HIS intangible MAJESTY and MAGNITUDE would not be possible at all without HIS own EXPERIENCES.

Derailments are not necessarily there to learn from. But remember, there is a planner, an antagonist, who wants to do things differently from the way GOD does things. This opponent wants to prevail. He therefore tries to interfere in GOD’S handicraft. Apart from the derailments – one should not overlook this aspect!

Question : Theology is of the opinion that GOD, in HIS eminent MAGNITUDE, is and always will be the way HE is. However you tell us that GOD also undergoes development and that HE constantly grows in STATURE. We will find it difficult to disseminate the actual TRUTHS. Don’t you think so too?

ELIAS : The TRUTH also needs time to mature!

Every PLAN is based on an idea. One IDEA is ultimately replaced by a better IDEA. – NEW CREATIONS are planned, drafted and implemented. – Existing CREATIONS are changed, improved and modified. Everything is in a constant state of flux. A state of inertia does not exist! Flaws made are constantly remedied. However such corrections can also contain flaws that will then have to be corrected also.

This communication is no idle talk, but a divine REVELATION! These divine REVELATIONS are not just restricted to the bible; they can also come from other SOURCES.

One adheres too much to the written word and one overlooks the many contradictions in the process. Is this really logical?


8. Omnipotence and Justice

8.1. Is GOD omnipotent and merciful? (Transmission from the year 1963)

There is nothing in these two expressions that could give rise to a dispute.

There is nothing that is higher, greater and mightier than GOD. HIS dominion over the universe is controlled through LAWS that mirror infallible WISDOM and charitable intent.

But what are all the things that have to be anchored within the mechanism of these natural LAWS? Mechanical in a sense that they are perfect as it were, that nothing is powerful enough to interrupt the sequence of cause and effect.

The concept I would like to see used is the following, namely to regard the GREAT SPIRIT to be ALMIGHTY, MERCIFUL, PERFECT and INFINITE. However one must discontinue personifying HIM in a human sense at the same time. Don’t forget in the process that the INFINITE SPIRIT has many manifestations at HIS disposal.

You are a miniature version of the GREAT SPIRIT; because the SPARK of PERFECTION smoulders within you. No human being can exist without this divine SPARK! But in your manifestation as a terrestrial human being you are far from being perfect. The SPARK of the SPIRIT is perfect, however the aspect of consciousness, evoked by the physical body, is fas from perfect.

After your demise, you will manifest yourself in a highly ethereal, astral, spiritual BODY. The words to describe this body are immaterial, as long as you correctly recognise what we’re trying to express here. A part of your present imperfection will one day fall away in the REALM of the SPIRIT.

When you continue your development in the REALM of the SPIRIT, your imperfections will gradually disappear and your hitherto hidden divinity will rise to the surface. The fact that you are presently both, namely imperfect and perfect, is only a sign of your level of development.

The advancement of your spirit also expands the capacity of comprehension. What still seems unattainable these days will by all means become attainable in coming years. If this wasn’t so, the whole development would be meaningless.

You are trying to grasp things that are beyond the limits set by your terrestrial languages. It must be grasped and understood, even if it is impossible to linguistically describe it. Your feelings should guide you in all of these cases. It does not always require words to comprehend something. Of importance is only that man’s feelings react positively, so that he develops and maintains his true capacity of differentiation. The correct feeling overcomes the limitations of language. We should always endeavour to express ourselves clearly, because this facilitates better comprehension.


8.2. Mother Nature (Transmission from the year 1968)

Well, Mother Nature is unimaginable intelligent, but Mother Nature is neither physical, nor a dead object. It is a mental process that stands above all things. Physical matter would not be animated, it would not show the slightest sign of life, if there was not something above it that is decisive in regards to triggering its behaviourism.

The sciences cannot ignore this invisible, but verifiable INTELLIGENCE, even though they can’t explain this INTELLIGENCE. This is why it is reluctantly accepted, but only regarded a process. However one cannot simply dismiss such an eminent INTELLIGENCE like this. The frightening thing about this is that, compared to man, the universe is so immeasurable enormous. And then there is also the polymorphism of CREATION to consider.

I cannot quite grasp an atheist’s attitude, because an atheist, the way we known him, recognises the way nature works, he can’t refute the process, but he seems to have an aversion in regards to the word “GOD”, even though there is no difference there. Only moralists differentiate between GOD and Mother Nature, because they base their assumptions on the injustices of this world.

But is there actually such a thing as an injustice?

Who amongst you professes to know what injustice is?

As one hardly knows anything about the whole universe and as one is not even completely aware of the grandness and augustness of the visible world, one also knows nothing about reincarnation and about atonement and about remuneration in other regions. An evil person, whether here or in the hereafter, cannot assert a claim for remuneration. He will be apportioned this remuneration in GOD’S realm, even if he had a high status or lived in great opulence during his life on Earth.

A human being who has missed out in every respect during his terrestrial sojourn has no reason to doubt nature’s JUSTICE. Its LAWS provide him with the opportunity to receive the things he missed out on. Nature’s JUSTICE, in its stupendousness, is however not guided by deprivations, austerities or enslavements, but by the level of human development.

Corrections are constantly made. He, who received too much and this in an iniquitous way, will have it deducted from his OVERALL ACCOUNT. He, who received too little, will have it added to his account, if he deserves it. These are the things that the sciences and many leaders of mankind do not like. This has to be said, whether they like it or not.


8.3. Questions and answers

Question : (1960) Can you please tell us more about GOD’S JUSTICE?

AREDOS : Most people are not too pleased that divine JUSTICE demands account of every debt incurred and this down to the last cent without exceptions. Everything one hears about GOD indicates that HE is supposed to be almighty and merciful. If GOD does possess this characteristic, HE must virtually be a conjuror who only has to say the words “let there be…” and a miracle is performed.

This is how man thinks and this is why he would like to participate in this magic and partake of this miracle. One ardently prays and the ALMIGHTY shows mercy and fulfils the wishes of the petitioner with the words: “Let there be…”. Millions and millions of people have relied on GOD’S almightiness and mercy, hoped for it with intense concentration, but the expected miracle did not eventuate.

Is it possible that GOD is not merciful or that HE doesn’t even exist or that HE is not omnipotent after all? – Who can make heads or tails out of this? – What does seem to be confirmed every time though is that such prayers are never answered and that one cannot rely on GOD’S almightiness and mercy. It therefore comes as no surprise that hundred of millions of people are not interested in GOD and prefer to rely on the promises made by governments and political parties. They much rather have a pseudo-religion and a pseudo-god than a biblical one who does not help and who does not promise anything.

Many think like that!

However the real, almighty and merciful GOD is just!

He would certainly not be just if were HE to fulfil all these requests. Well, HE would actually support injustice, wreck havoc on the bodies and souls of HIS children and trespass against HIS own LAWS!

All the numerous unhappy, underdeveloped and ignorant people, who would now like to know more about GOD but who will eventually end up persecuting HIM, do neither hate HIM because of HIS doubted existence, nor HIS obscurity, but because if HIS JUSTICE, of which must people have no concept of or a completely wrong concept.

This is how it’s been from the start and this is how it will remain – for ever and ever!

Question : There are a lot of otherworldly messages and prophecies and not all of them are genuine and true. How can we discern between what is GENUINE and what is false?

AREDOS : A genuine PROPHECY will never portray GOD as an avenger! GOD represents LOVE, PATIENCE and JUSTICE. No prophecy may deviate from these virtues. You say: “GOD is merciful”. This is the greatest mistakes terrestrial theology makes! GOD is not feeble and placable, but absolutely JUST! GOD never sins against this JUSTNESS, ergo never against HIMSELF. The most ardent of prayer will not help here!

Question : There are also those who imagine that GOD is benevolent. How are we to understand this benevolence?

Answer : Who says that GOD is benevolent? – GOD is the LAW and benevolence is a part of it; because the LAW sends sunshine, rain, snow and storms, calmness and tempests, hot and cold conditions.

I am trying to explain that in spite of love and hatred, in spite of anger and sorrow, the august and superior LAW is always effective. GOD must be within the LAW, otherwise the LAW would not constitute a compelling FORCE.

You will come to know and realise one day that suffering is also a part of GOD’S LAW; because its effect also makes a contribution in regards to the redemption process. Mankind would become extinct if all your assignments were easy, if there was no distress, no temptation, no difficulties, if life was a pleasure trip. – Nobody on Earth goes through his terrestrial existence without experiencing suffering and pain, without grief or worries. No terrestrial existence is blessed with only sunshine and no clouds. I have never come across a situation like that.

Question : What is this divine GRACE, CHRIST promised us long ago, all about?

ELIAS : GOD’S grace can be found in reincarnation, it offers people the opportunity to recognise their mistakes and to atone for them in another life!

However CHRIST’S promise is that of advocacy. A debt can be mitigated if the person concerned has an advocate. Everybody can make a contribution in regards to mitigating the debt of somebody else, through advocacy.

Question : What blame do the people on Earth bestow on GOD?


Question : Many religious zealots hope for a grandiose final tribunal. Bible pundits indicate that this is certainly a possibility and that it is supposed to happen in our lifetime?

AREDOS : Bible experts and members of sects in their religious zealousness believe that they are far better than all other people. They promote themselves above others, thereby committing the worst of sins, the sin of lack of humility. All of them hope that GOD will pounce on the rest of humanity with fire and lightning; however they only wish this to happen to other people, but never to themselves! If GOD, in HIS JUSTICE, would listen to this appellation, HE would do the exact opposite and destroy those that are so cruel to others who do not want to believe in this nonsense.

Question : Is GOD amorphous?

AREDOS : HE is an all pervasive, eternal LAW, ergo a GREAT SPIRIT, the PLANNER and CREATOR of LAWS. This naturally requires a CONSCIOUSNESS, because no thought, no feeling and no perception can be grasped without CONSCIOUSNESS. There is however no PLANNING without experience and without deliberations. Most people balk at the fact that GOD is invisible.

But I ask you, have you ever seen a human consciousness?

After all, you are aware that you have one!

He, who looks for GOD in human form, will never find HIM. – Please never equate HIM with human beings. You are being misguided by the bible in this respect. After GOD, man on Earth is not the highest creation by a long shot. GOD has co-workers that number beyond all description.

Why are people ashamed to speak the word “GOD”? Only false religious perceptions can be blamed for this.

GOD has his TASKS.

You have yours.

It is certainly not true that GOD is without a sentient CONSCIOUSNESS. To every human being, HIS CONSCIOUSNESS is unimaginably INTELLIGENT, POWERFUL and IMMENSE. As GOD is eternal, you are unable to comprehend HIM, because what could the term “eternal” possibly mean to you? – You cannot even comprehend distances and velocities.

Therefore leave GOD in peace, but respect HIM!

I know that you need something to help you imagine what GOD looks like. This is the reason why you have replaced HIM with CHRIST. –

This is also an aberration!

You know what electricity is and you also know the effects of gravity. This already gives you a couple of examples. –

Question : Do you know where GOD’S DOMICILE is?

AREDOS : According to our experience, GOD’S DOMICILE is everywhere where there is true LOVE.

However LOVE can be everywhere. – This is why GOD is omnipresent, that is to say, unlike all other beings, HE is without limitations.

Objection : The Churches hold the opinion that GOD is almighty, that is to say, that HE is no longer in need of additional experiences. That HE is perfect.

ELIAS : Let us assume that a scientist makes an invention that brings the desired results. He therefore achieved what he set out to do and his invention functions the way he wanted it to work. Can one therefore say that the invention is perfect? – No! The perspectives that result from this invention and to what degree it will subsequently improve other inventions can not be foreseen by the inventor.

The development proceeds along a prescribed path, but nobody knows where it will end. New opportunities also arise for the CREATOR moment by moment. However you must remember that GOD had eons of time at HIS disposal to come up with HIS INVENTIONS.

Question : Is GOD almighty?

AREDOS : The Churches say: Yes. I say: No! – You know what a perpetual motion machine is: A machine that runs by itself and never stops. GOD is bound the LAWS HE has passed. These laws of nature are perpetual, they never stop. The whole universe is therefore perpetual, it will never stop moving. No amount of “almightiness” will make a difference in many instancies.

However GOD’S antagonist is also a part of CREATION, but he has unfortunately fallen by the wayside and he is unable to leave the dead-end-street he is in for as long as mankind keeps him there.

You should not apply the term “ALMIGHTINESS” in regards to the situation here on Earth, because this planet has been designated to be there for your redemption and you have actually made quite some progress, but not within one single lifetime!

Question : Many people who contemplate religion form the opinion that if GOD was almighty, HE would have to change everything. One thereby accuses HIM of the sin of omission. What is your opinion in regards to this?

ELIAS : This is a great mistake!

If GOD would use HIS ALMIGHTINESS to coerce every human being¸ not one free human being would live here on Earth, only HIS robots and marionettes. All of CREATION would then have lost its meaning. This surely must make sense!

You can see just how illogical most human beings are, even if it is in regards of their own or some other eminent personality. War is proof that this is right!


8.4. GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS (Transmission from the year 1958)

Many of you, well, I say most of you, are ill. Many are poor and needy. Many are exposed to persecutions and others are unhappy and desire riches. War threatens with destruction, crops are endangered and the churches are not visited as much as they should be. – Deprived people despair and are no longer able to believe in GOD’S almightiness. The rich believe that they do not need to go to church, as everything they have is due to their own intelligence.

But if GOD really is ALMIGHTY, HE could get rid of all evil. HE could for instance make the poor rich or prevent wars or HE could make everybody healthy and free them from pain.

A desperate person prays to GOD, because the bailiff seized all his property, and GOD does not hear him. HE does not allow this desperate person to win Lotto. However criminals can rob and live in luxury, politicians can plot intrigues and the ungodly can make nations go to rack and ruin.

In spite of all this evil, GOD remains inactive and mute.

This is why many feel that we do not need such a “powerless God”, we have conceived this “God” who is just an idol ourselves. But now, that we are enlightened, we no longer need superstitions, nor imagined idols not even made from wood, we pull ourselves together and make some clear deliberations after which we energetically get rid of him, so that we no longer rely on aberrations and no longer live in false hope.

These people have their own point of view and they look at their existence, their fellow men and the HIGHEST OF ALL from this position. They forget that GOD is GOODNESS, MERCY, WISDOM, EXPERIENCE, PATIENCE, LOVE and TOLERANCE. However all the things man desires contradict GOD’S characteristic. Man’s thoughts are negative and his actions wrong:

All of this has nothing to do with GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS! GOD could do all the things human beings wish for, but all of these “acts of God” would turn into a dangerous boomerang against HIMSELF. Mankind would not be helped, but it would certainly help the devil! GOD is a FATHER and people are HIS children. These children are inexperienced, dumb and egotistical, disobedient and negatively influenced.

GOD requires sincerity, stability, dependability, trust, LOVE, patience, selflessness, in a nutshell, HE needs children HE can be proud of, HE can employ; children HE has tested and tested over again. GOD requires people in responsible positions, because He has no other positions and employment on offer.

Those that do not seek positions of trust, those that do not seek exalted, well-paid positions in GOD’S house and organization must seek their fortunes somewhere else. Evil has positions available where loafers and the discontent, where criminals and know-it-all find some sort of employment. However their boss there is a crook and a cheat!


8.5. About ALMIGHTINESS (Transmission from the year 1967)

Well, religious communities have managed to incorrectly interpret GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS for thousands of years. I know that it is very difficult to revolt against those kinds of dogmas, but conditions prevalent on this planet verify the kind of terrible consequences these mistakes can produce.

The faithful, but atheists also, have a completely false concept of GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS. It therefore comes as no surprise that atheists completely reject an ALMIGHTY GOD, because this dogma continuously bumps into an infinite number of contradictions.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: GOD is just a word. However, it always depends on the correct terminology. The concept most people on this planet have of GOD is completely false.

However most people do not know what a NATURE SPIRIT is. NATURE SPIRITS exist in their billions and beyond. All of them have important tasks to fulfil in regards to maintaining Mother Nature. But GOD is the greatest SPIRIT amongst them all. HE has the last say in critical cases. All of this is in regards to the great UNIVERSAL CREATION.

A different ORGANIZATION is authorised to look after the welfare and the preservation of mankind. It is a spiritual realm, enlivened and populated with human souls, that looks after the people on Earth. The contact happens through the spirit, which is at the disposal of every human being and every otherworldly soul in equal measure. The churches have come to the conclusion that GOD is ALMIGHTY. They arrive at this conclusion, because they say that CREATION verifies this ALMIGHTINESS.

It is however incorrect to regard this ALMIGHTINESS as something every human being on Earth could utilise. No prayer helps here, even if it is expressed in all seriousness.

The pious pray until they’re totally exhausted in order to avert or to change a fateful situation. Nothing happens. – Even CHRIST had to experience this as a human being. It was a bitter pill to swallow for HIM also. – GOD does not utilise HIS ALMIGHTINESS to help a human being to gain fame and fortune. HE also does not fight and vanquish the enemies of a human being or a nation.

Let us therefore stop all this nonsense!

Every human being has his or her personal GUARDIAN ANGEL who does the best it can. If a human being does not have the support of his fellow man or his own peoples, he certainly has to rely on his own merit in order to cope. All people must however bear responsibility for all their actions that stem from their free will!


8.6. GOD is ALMIGHTY (Transmission from the year 1961)

You say that GOD is ALMIGHTY, but GOD is not a magician. HE is also subject to lawful development. GOD is an autodidact, meaning that HE must respect all the laws of nature HE has effectively called into being! If GOD would not do so, HE would automatically suspend all HIS own laws of nature through HIS behaviourism.

It is very sad to see that your theologians have not given this enough thought!

When you pray to GOD so that HE grants you help, almost all of you erroneously believe that this HELP must arrive over night. Many of your self-inflicted difficulties and adversities are so complicated that it requires a lot of time to alleviate them. How often must many HELPERS and SPIRITS be authorised to make appropriate preparations? - How often must many approachable people be inspired to participate in providing this HELP? – You base your ideas on false beliefs and you have an erroneous concept of GOD’S ALMIGHTINESS. There is also the fact that man possesses his free will and that he may not be coerced into undertaking anything.

GOD could certainly abolish this free will and HE could also eliminate injustice through coercion. However, GOD as autodidact, as GIVER of HIS own LAWS, would by exercising HIS FREE WILL, cease to abide by HIS own LAWS and would therefore have to bow to the inevitability of events! Mind you, I only indicate the mistakes you make by abusing the application of your own free will!

However, you could be partially almighty through the correct application of your own free will. You should also emulate GOD by being autodidactic instead of listening to the ululations of some people who behave like a mob of voracious wolves. He, who is an autodidact, self-educated as it were, does not listen to sanctimonious promises of pompous people, but is guided by his own power of reason and not by the mistakes of alleged pundits that only lead to false prejudices.

GOD did not have one single TEACHER at HIS side that could have advised and instructed HIM. HE had to rely on HIS own merit. HE is SELF-TAUGHT and HE only has HIS OWN EXPERIENCE at HIS disposal. HE learned very quickly, because HE was unable to think in a negative way! You should therefore also be an autodidact in your divine SEARCH and THOUGHTS. GOD being GOD shows you your own potential, if you look for the positive and if you do not think negatively and superficially.


9. The devil – yes or no?

9.1. Is there a devil?

The word “devil” is world-renowned and it is connected to a very specific concept.

The devil’s existence represents a hitherto unconceived tragic for the people on Earth. This is the reason why religious circles sometimes call him the “devil incarnate”, because his existence is not fantasy, but a real existence.

It is also utterly wrong to simply look upon GOD as a principle. Both of them are personalities, both exist, both can see, feel, think, move through space and both have a lot of POWER over every human being.

Every spiritist, every spiritualist and every psychic person knows that the devil is a reality that appears on the scene much quicker than any good soul or any MESSENGER of LIGHT! Every novice to the supernatural sector must not take his eyes of the devil. However he hardly ever turns up in person, because he has a large horde of sidekicks and followers. This is no superstition even if some know-it-all fancy themselves to be ever so clever.

It is a sad fact that we look upon him as the “prince” of this Earth. (Prince of darkness) He actually has the majority of people on his side, even though only a few people have an idea about what kind of spiritual monster they serve. There are thousands of people who miserably go to rack and ruin in lunatic asylums because they are possessed by one of the devil’s spiritual helpers.

Even pious people are not spared either! –

Even CHRIST was harassed by him!

Almost all house-spiritists become completely convinced about the reality of a spiritual existence after one’s demise after a few, well, actually after some simple séances, because they do not come into contact with ANGELS, as hoped for, but with demons, who in their stupidity talk in a way that should immediately raise suspicion in every logically thinking human being. Dr. Martin Luther was no exception and became acquainted with the existence of a terrible spirit. The German poet Goethe didn’t fare better either. He also became acquainted with the devil and endeavoured to explain his existence with all the logic he could muster.



[6] For instance through a near-death-experience during a serious illness or an accident.

[7] See brochure “INFORMATION”.

[8] This erroneous idea is unfortunately often advocated in esoteric circles and at spiritual seminars. A dangerous belittlement of the most dangerous power that exists!