Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete


Theme: GOD and HIS antagonist (5)


9.2. Something about the antagonist (Transmission from the year 1973)

Pope Paul VI warned about the devil by emphasising that the devil exists. What are we to make of this? Who on Earth still believes in the devil? Is he a person the way the pope portrays him?

Well, the word ”GOD” is used by everyone. “In GOD’S name” is used at important events, because GOD is not just the CREATOR, but also the HIGHEST ADJUDICATOR. However there is unfortunately one evil in the universe that GOD was unable to eradicate, namely GOD’S antagonist who is the unfathomable enemy of GOODNESS.

GOD’S antagonist is not a person in the true sense of the word, the way GOD is also not a person. However both of them are endowed with a CONSCIOUSNESS that is equipped with enormous POWERS. Both of them are therefore the universe’s PLANNERS, INFORMERS and CREATORS.

It is therefore incorrect to call GOD the only originator of all there is. The antagonist, the anti-spirit, also makes a contribution in regards to the origin of everything there is!

He does however also have his limitations; but he makes absolute use of his powers within these limitations. Every pact entered into is useless, because the antagonist does not keep promises and he is bereft of mercy or emotions. All his positive feelings are dead! He lives a vital existence in his rage and he unleashes this rage on CREATION wherever he can!

It is very difficult for man to comprehend this discontentment.

The CREATIVE PROCESS is still not finalised. One still PLANS, one still makes ALTERATIONS and NEW THINGS are still being CREATED. The devil also has a hand in this! He was determined to hold the HIGHEST POSITION in the universe and because this was not possible as GOD was the MORE POWERFUL, his LOVE turned into hatred.

Something the pope failed to mention is the extent of the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON. It is the culmination of the dispute between GOOD and evil. It is a sign that a battle is in progress, if the power of the devil becomes more prominent. The antagonist’s most perfidious characteristic is that fact that he does not want anybody to believe in his existence. He remains in the background and he prefers to remain unrecognised.

But GOD is diplomatic and HE knows whether a danger can be averted or not! GOD can certainly wait and HE does not use raw force.


9.3. GOD and the devil (Transmission from the year 1962)

All the misdeeds and mistakes committed by people, because they have decided to side with the devil’s organization, are a part of this.

But what is the connection between the devil and mankind?

On hand of scientific and all other knowledge, what image should people have of the devil?

Your negative philosophy presupposes GOD in the efficacy of Mother Nature, but one does dispute his human-like personality. The same methodology is applied in regards to the concept of the “devil”, he is simply regarded as a force that works against Mother Nature.

What a mistake!

You will now ask whether a human being has ever had direct contact with GOD or with the devil. If you make an effort to take the religious development of mankind into consideration, you will find the following:


9.4. The great negative (Transmission from the year 1962)

You stand in awe in front of churches and marvel at stone statues of angels or the colourful stained glass windows from yesteryear, where pictures of angels have remained intact after all these years. Many of you could say: “If only angels would still exist so that could come to us, especially to me as I am filled with worries and as I experience certain hardships the people around me have no understanding of. Angels must almost certainly be a fairytale fantasy”.

Just a moment! – Fairytale fantasy?

Where do fairytales actually come from?

The most beautiful naturally come from the Orient, from Persia. Fairytales are not as invented as one assumes, they have been passed down orally for generations and poetically embellished with beautiful words. Specific impressive supernatural experiences or a glance beyond the doors that lead to another REALM have provided the impetus for these fairytales.

However teller of tales like to exaggerate a little, but a bit of the TRUTH remained behind: One could see angels. – Not everybody of course, but psychically gifted people, able to meditate, for instance great artists in the field of music or painting, certainly could. Angels still come to great artists and spiritually mature people even now. They sometimes cannot be seen in full form, but rather as a faint light emanation. However their voice can certainly be heard.

It is easier for Lucifer. He is the great negative. He doesn’t show himself to people, otherwise they would fear him. However his abetters indiscernibly mix with the populace. His words are promises of terrestrial affluence, progress, power and faultfinding and mockery of GOD and HIS ANGELS. He will never say: “This is the devil speaking” or “This is a demon speaking”.

He speaks with the most powerful suggestion technique directly to people’s brains: “I am not stupid.” – You cannot make a fool out of me.” – “I know what’s going on.” – “After me the deluge.” – “This is laughable.” – I have had enough.” – “I showed him what’s right”. – “Friends and comrades.” – “Citizen and workers.” – “He who has the money, has the power.” – “We will now take care of everything.” – “Watch out, I’m coming.” – “Clothes make the man.” – “He, who has problems also has liqueur.” – “I have no idea what art is all about, because art is what the artist imagined something to be.” – “War is justified.” – “Nations must have soldiers.” – “Playing cards bans boredom.” – “The man is the master at home.” – “Children must obey to the letter.” – “You have no idea what upbringing is all about.” – “Nobody knows what I have been through.” – “As ill as I am…” – And on and on…

And then there is a whole series of curses – who doesn’t know them all? Or all the jokes one could die laughing over, because they are so crude.

The great negative, the evil one GOD christened Lucifer – meaning BEARER of LIGHT – seduces people, because his sends his servants who do not preach from pulpits, but mix with the populace. Lucifer knows where it’s worth his while! – The public speaker with his loud mouth, with his sure-fire arguments, is his instrument. People’s craving for recognition is the impetus he benefits from. – Tear the mask from Lucifer’s face!


9.5. The negative (Transmission from the year 1962)

He, who knows anything about religion, also knows that everything DIVINE is always depicted as something august, ceremonial and something unimaginably beautiful.

This is one side of religion.

However there is also a flip side to religion, respectively to religious beliefs. The flip side is gruesome, maleficent, deceitful, brutal and extremely ugly and abhorrent. This is what we are told from all sides.

Many of you will have asked themselves whether all of this is really true. As your FRIEND I say to you: It isn’t true! There is indeed a negative world that is populated by GOD’S antagonist’s great organization. It is the so-called hell. The people on Earth receive a lot of motivation, orders and inspirations from this spiritual sphere, something most people unfortunately have no inkling about at all. Their affinity with evil turns them into compliant marionettes; however they still surmise that they are completely independent human beings.

The highest principal spirit within this hellish sphere is also the most powerful angel that has ever lived next to the CREATOR. However he is neither an autonomous initiator, nor an independent creator. This fallen angel does not possess his own creative powers, not the way GOD does, he only misuses the ENERGY of the ALMIGHTY SPIRIT. Based on his divine experience and mastery, he creates a world of negative existence with this CREATIVE POWER and this parallel to the divine WORLD of CREATION.

The fallen angel Lucifer is however a great copier and he takes divine CREATION as his model, he imitates it; that is to say, he converts it into something dangerous and malicious. In spite of being a great copyist, he possesses one great aptitude, namely:

One sometimes talks about negative transfiguration. This is absolutely correct. The demonic is not always ugly, but sometimes extremely colourfully gleaming, gilded, of bizarre shape, speciously conspicuous, brilliantly strange and extremely interesting. Therein lays the greatest danger for all terrestrial life.

So that you understand me, I will give you only one example from an infinite miscellaneousness of examples:

Take a look at all that cigarette propaganda. The costs involved are enormous. The promotion is highly artistic and colourful. The packaging is presented in gold and silver and the accompanying musical compositions remind you of the most beautiful Christmas carols. But the reality is that all of it is simply an inspiration forced upon people. It serves the most enormous temptation to engage in a deadly vice that poisons body and soul and negatively polarises man.

But do remember what I told you so beseechingly!


9.6. Questions and answers

Question : There are some theologians who are of the opinion that evil must exist to present an opposite polarity to goodness. Is this correct or are we dealing with a dogma here?

ELIAS : This is incorrect! – When one looks at the whole picture there must be an opposite polarity, that is correct, but one cannot apply this in regards to good and evil, because being good or being evil are the same kind of character traits, they are mental character traits.

Man’s fantasy could create any desired situation; well it could at least mentally. One can effortlessly imagine that one can do something evil, something forbidden, and by imagining this one also immediately knows what is good. Goodness is always the opposite of evil.

Question : Dr. Martin Luther is supposed to have tossed his inkpot at the devil when he translated the bible?

ELIAS : He saw one of the antagonist’s creatures.

Question : Did Martin Luther actually see this creature whilst residing at the Wartburg?

ARGUN : Yes, he saw it! – He had a difficult time of it. He was tempted a lot, but he was very psychic, hence the ink spot.

Question : Dear ARGUN, we now ask a cardinal question: Did Lucifer arise from GOD?

ARGUN : No! – Lucifer did not arise from GOD, he was created by GOD.

He is part of the divine CREATION. He fell by the wayside and took his entourage with him. Lucifer abused his god-given INTELLIGENCE.

Therefore trust in GOD, because the Earth’s development has not been completed by a long shot.

Question : You said that Lucifer “took his entourage with him”. Are some of the souls of his entourage incarnated here on our Earth?

ARGUN : No. – These souls help to establish his resistance against everything that is good. They are his helpers and everything he owns, he keeps firmly in his claws. A seduced soul can of course be rescued from his clutches, but this does not apply to Lucifer’s fallen angels, they form a circle around him, they are his negative hierarchy.

Question : Why do you call the antagonist the “Incarnated One”?

ARGUN : We only do this so we do not use a terminology that would immediately bring like-minded souls into the fray. He is the one who once stood at the side of GOD’S throne, an angel who didn’t like the fact that he didn’t have all this MIGHT and POWER in his own hands. This is why he entered into darkness in order to fight against the LIGHT and against goodness. The term “Incarnated ONE” is a misnomer, a term created by man. He is SPIRIT!

Question : The devil, as the representative of evil, is not taken serious by the people on Earth. Will this grave mistake be our downfall?

AREDOS : The fact that this humanity is not able to gain self-knowledge and knowledge about their existence in regards to spiritual things is due to their self-inflicted ignorance and this is a great tragic for all. The result of this is people’s destructive and negative thought process. One laughs when talk turns to the power of evil.

With all personal misfortune, tragic events and catastrophes one can over again hear and determine that man blames the CREATOR with the words: “Why does GOD, if HE exists, allow all of this to happen?” – All I can say to this is:

GOD endeavours to explain this to HIS children. However HE is not prepared to change HIS LAWS, because GOD looks absolutely further into the future than will ever be possible for any human being.

People are very much aware that an evil force constantly menaces the world and creates a lot of unrest. They don’t however consider the fact that this force stems from a superhuman intelligence.

Writers of fairytales and also church representatives did take this force into consideration, but they have portrait the spiritual character of this force in a ridiculous light. A Punch and Judy puppet of the devil can never express what the devil really means to this humanity. It is the victim of an unimaginable act of revenge, because the devil’s ambitions have been wounded, because he wanted to be more than the CREATOR. He neither tolerated criticism nor disagreement.

Many have tried to explain the devil’s existence to people. They ended up being ridiculed, because the devil always takes immediate counter measures. The present pope (1975) also solemnly warned about this danger. But what do people say about this? – “This is just religious nonsense!”

Objection : The “enlightened person” unfortunately does not believe these cock-and-bull stories.

AREDOS : The dilemma between GOD and the antagonist represents the greatest tragedy throughout the universe. The people on Earth have no idea what this dispute really means for them. There is not an ounce of superstition of fairytale attached to this. We are dealing with a REALITY that could not be more factual.

Sure enough, the clergy have misrepresented this negative force, the writers of fairytales have belittled the devil and made him look dumb. But the devil is crafty, that is to say, he is smart in a negative sense. Through his helpers he inspires people to think that he doesn’t exist. This helps him to ply his trade more easily!

These characteristics began to develop during the conjoint CREATIVE period with GOD. A fanaticism developed within Lucifer that rendered him devoid of subjectivity.

Question : Some theologians insist that Lucifer works for GOD. Can you tell us something about this?

AREDOS : Such a thought is absurd! – Mankind does not require this type of tuition! In regards to Lucifer, we are dealing with the most blatant case of retrogression. All evil characteristics developed from within Lucifer himself! He also didn’t require any object-lessons for this. GOD never endowed Lucifer with such wickednesses in order to redeem mankind in this way.

These particular theologians do not deserve to be called theologians, because they are total failures.

Question : There are priests or also “enunciators of salvation” who are of the opinion that Lucifer is virtually one of GOD’S “employees”, there to test us and to punish us. How can we correctly comprehend GOD’S almightiness?

ARGUN : This is a very primitive way of thinking. GOD has completely different ASSIGNMENTS to perform within his universe than people can ever imagine. The average person has spirit, a mind and a soul and all he has to do it to correctly utilise them and this Earth would really be the divine PARADISE. However man seeks his fortune in the unreachable stars and prefers to fight with cannons.

People question GOD’S competence when they blame HIM for all their self-created problems. This is a great mistake, because almost all of them fall within the competence of man. A great mistake is thereby spread about GOD’S almightiness and it usually comes from the churches.

I therefore advice you to exclude GOD’S almightiness from all terrestrial affairs and this wherever possible! GOD no longer bears responsibility here; it is now man’s own responsibility.

Man must know where his limits are and he should only move within the boundaries of these limits. War also means an overstepping of these boundaries and it is neither approved by GOD nor the positive spiritual realm!


10. Negative creation

10.1 The borders of the universe (Transmission from the tear 1960)

The universe does not just comprise the space where there are stars. Wherever there is radiation present, a VIBRATION as it were, the universe is also present. The universe has no curvature and it is not in the shape of a sphere. It is constant and it does not expand.

There is a spiral within the universe you call the “Milky way”. This spiral spins on its axis and it is made up of an infinite number of cells. Every one of these cells represents a self-contained system and plays its part in the whole structure. The universe therefore expands a lot further than you assume. Unimaginable forces are at play in regions where stars no longer shine.

The belief that the devil has a hand in everything is based on a biblical fallacy. A LIMIT has been set in this case. His negative force does not spread all too far. But this battle certainly has to be fought here on Earth.

Lucifer’s power is localised within the universe, it is mainly restricted to planet Earth, because mankind provides the right prerequisites. Lucifer’s beguiling manoeuvres bring the best results here. The people on Earth are easily mislead and blinded. Lucifer’s and his hordes chances for success are quite hopeless from a purely cosmic point of view, because the POSITIVE represents an enormous superiority throughout the universe. But Lucifer wants to unhinge this world in spite of this so that he can at least score a partial victory.

However CREATION, in its visible and also invisible aspect, is located within the universe. Every action is monitored by an experienced INTELLIGENCE, because no power station runs by itself if it isn’t supervised.

All of space is illuminated. It does not require an atmosphere to make things visible. The rays of light emanating from stars and suns proceed in a direct line from the core of the greatest energy source. These rays of light can however deviate to some degree when they are forced to change course by other energies. These rays rush trough certain areas of disturbances when they come from enormous distances away. This results in optical illusions, for instance the huddling together of stars that are behind these areas of disturbances.

There are infinite ASTRAL REGIONS in between all the star systems and they have been created by the VIBRATIONS of mental imaginations. We are dealing with a SUPERLATIVE CREATION here that exceeds your power of imagination by far. This world is also ruled by spiritual LAWS.

There is no such thing as “impossible” in the whole universe and GOD’S REALM is part of this. But there are LIMITS, particularly when one thing or another is not considered advantageous in regards to the universe’s progress, as it might do some damage. Lucifer’s interests are directed at these impossibilities, because he wants to push beyond these LIMITS. But as he now possesses only a little influence over physical creation, he uses the people on Earth as his instruments.


10.2. About CREATION

  1. When GOD was engaged in creating so well ordered and advantageously according to HIS WILL, Lucifer was one of HIS most eager BEARERS of LIGHT, keen to perform some the great CREATOR’S most arduous TASKS. Every day was an eternity of trillions of years.

  2. After GOD created the Earth and light, HE proceeded to separate water from land in order to give HIS organic life the opportunity to exist on this Earth. HE showed Lucifer how to accomplish this – and lo and behold, it was good.

    GOD said to Lucifer:





  7. GOD now created HIS living CREATION. HE created microbes and elephants. HE created jellyfish and whales and also a lot more. However Lucifer, in his ambitiousness, didn’t want to be inferior so he created microbes and mushrooms (toadstools) – but they were poisonous! He also created scorpions, snakes and other evil and poisonous creatures, because he couldn’t imitate the perfection the great CREATOR GOD created.

  8. This is why Lucifer despaired in his pride and said: “I try everything and I don’t quite succeed, enough is enough, because I am also a creator. I will not rest until I have created a whole universe and may it be as successful as I can manage, it will give me pleasure even if it is ever so poisonous. I will trump the CREATOR GOD with my creation, because it will go into battle on my behalf against everything GOD created.”

  9. GOD then created his greatest works, namely man! In HIS IMAGE and as HIS REPRESENTATIVE! He created man in order to allow him to continue HIS CREATION, but according to HIS WILL, to PLEASE HIM and to please man.

  10. In his insane ambitiousness and his rebellious attitude against GOD, the bearer of light Lucifer however, wanted to imitate GOD. Lucifer wanted to create something in his own image. After a lot of work and by imitating, he created apes and monkeys in a variety of species – and he continuously tried to create something in his own image until he finally created his masterpiece, the Gorilla. – Only then did Satan feel content.


10.3 The origin of evil

Lucifer tried to trump GOD and he vaunted that he would be able to perform the construction of the universe and all life in it even more sensibly, more properly and even better. One can assume that GOD had to chastise Lucifer over this. This must have wounded the devil’s pride and he began to brood over revenge and wanted retribution. Rejection also entered the picture and he began to hate GOD.

Satan revolted against GOD, but the CREATOR however was not overawed. HE distanced HIMSELF from Lucifer, HIS, up to this point, greatest, most powerful and trusted friend and consequently from the concertedly intended CREATION. Satan saw in this separation the start of open animosity. He couldn’t help himself, because he had turned into a contrary character. Lucifer became increasingly negative, that is to say, evil in all aspects.

Philosophy has always balked at the fact that organic life fights against organic life. This state of affairs was very difficult to equate with the universal WORLD PLAN of a sensible and loving GOD. This is the reason why philosophy continued to steer towards atheism. Nature however does not possess discrepancies as such, but what we are seeing here quite clearly is a battle between divine CREATION and satanic creation.

There is hardly one section of CREATION that has not been copied in a negative sense. All of fauna and flora is interspersed with negative fabrications.

Man is verily the apex within the divine CREATION, that is to say, that’s how it was carefully planned within the divine PLAN. Satan however contrived many ways and means to divert and distract man from his divine ASSIGNMENT. He told GOD: “I will take every human being and every soul away from you and win them over and employ them in my creation and my creation will do battle with yours until I have won the day. Your creation must then submit to mine, because I am more powerful than you!”

We can see the mistake people make when they identify their own existence with that of the animal kingdom or with the contradistinctions within the flora of this planet.

Whole nations turn into barbarous enemies that seek to destroy one another in spite of this.


10.4. Questions and answers

Question : Within Mother Nature, certain species are engaged in a life and death battle. Man has learned a lot from nature’s behaviourism, thereby justifying many of his own actions. How do you see this?

ARGUN : There is a negative and a POSITIVE creation. The negative creation attacks the positive creation and this is the reason why it had been called into being. The creator of the negative creation is called Lucifer! The negative creation would not be able to maintain its vitality without cruelty and this is why it is a satanic law of nature.

Question : Did the power that conferred the scent to a flower also confer poison to the snake?

SILVERBIRKE: The GREAT SPIRIT is not responsible for everything the devil calls into being! Every human being is a microcosm.

Everything is present: The perfection of the angels and the evil of a beast. This is why you were given the gift of free will so that you can chose which way you want to go.

When I look around in your world I find that there are a lot of things that cause you pain. I remind you of all the wars, all hardships, distress and sorrow. However I also know that the power of the SPIRIT is at work.

Question : Lucifer called all the poisonous reptiles, insects and plants, damaging viruses and bacteria into being. Should one – as far as it is possible – either ignore or destroy the creations of the negative world?

Elias : The negative creation naturally attacks the positive CREATION and man draws the wrong conclusions from this state of affairs. He therefore believes that he also has a right to also attack CREATION in a most cruel and gruesome fashion.

This is an aberration!

Even though man is a part of the divine side of CREATION, he indiscriminately attacks the divine CREATION, for instance his fellow man!

Objection : But Extreme cruelties take place in nature where the stronger attacks the weaker to devour him. Man has copied quite a lot from this barbarous behaviourism within Mother Nature.

ARGUN : As I mentioned before: There is a positive and a negative creation. It is within GOD’S LAWS that the animal kingdom fights for its survival. However man makes the unpardonable mistake of identifying himself, as creation’s crowning glory, as a rationally talented being, with the animal kingdom. He is naturally allowed to protect himself from the animal kingdom, but the may not include his fellow man in this battle.

Animals have no emotions in regards to the cruelties they commit against one another. They only instinctively sense a danger. However man has the capacity to fully understand the cruelties committed amongst one another – and thereby to doubt GOD’S existence.

Man believes that he’s entitled to behave like an animal. He comes to the conclusion that as Mother Nature has arranged it like this in the animal kingdom, he is also entitled to kill.

The ever increasing row between good and evil are signs of the end-times. The end-times are however not the catastrophic demise of the world, but a victory of GOODNESS over negativity. You can believe me when I say that GOD will free you from the claws of the demonic powers.

Question : What are the features we can recognise negative creation by?

ARGUN : It is so extremely cleverly masked that it is very easy to miss them. This is his great artistry and it takes time to learn to recognise them. In any case, it is the aim of the negative side to falsify GOD in every respect.

Question : Are flies, spiders, mosquitos, etc part of negative creation?

ARGUN : All insects engaged in the pollination of fruit trees, all kinds of herbs and edible plants are a part of the divine CREATION. However all insects that spread diseases and destroy GOD’S CREATION are a part of negative creation.

Question : There are birds that feed on these insects. Isn’t there a contradiction in this?

ARGUN : Appearances are deceiving, because there are plenty of birds that do not eat insects. If this is the way you look at it, you could also say that: Spiders also belong to the positive side of creation, because they feed on flies etc. We only talk around in circles here. One has to assume that: If the one would not exist, there would be no need for the other.

The people on Earth generally show unwillingness in this regards and this brings ignorance with it. Man’s negative characteristics bring no advantages and they can only be comprehended by negative people.

Question : What is your opinion of orchids?

ARGUN : They belong to the most noble of flowers. Their colours come very close to the blaze of colours of otherworldly flowers.

Question : Why are there so many poisonous plants particularly in the tropics?

ARGUN : The tropics are areas where the negative is particularly strongly entrenched. It has something to do with the inhabitants there and with the high temperatures. The cult of the dead plays a particular role here. It promotes the existence of negativity in every way. The night times are filled with demonic trance dances and they irresistibly attract these powers. This is why they promote the nurturing of snakes and other vicious animals. Termites and also soldier ants are spiritually guided and they are on the march particularly in this region. Septic diseases are also promoted by the lower spiritual awareness prevalent there. Remember leprosy?

Question : Could one stem the negative development within the fauna and flora in the tropics through a better mindset?

ARGUN : Yes, one could certainly do so, namely through harmonious religious exercises and by adhering to the divine REQUESTS.[10]

Poisonous snakes could be bred in captivity in any case as they are of great importance in the field of medicine.

Question : Does negative creation have the upper hand here on Earth?

ELIAS : As I said before, Lucifer has his domicile here. – But what do pundits know about this negative creation? It includes all creatures that are directed against divine CREATION, for instance poisonous insects, bacteria, toadstools and snakes. Well, you can also add rats and other creatures to these numbers. Man however is also in danger of joining negative creation, because he steps out of the divine CIRCLE.

Question : The catholic and also the reformed church do not make a distinction between a negative and a positive CREATION. Everything that exists is put down to GOD’S almightiness. What do you make of this attitude?

ARGUN : This is a huge mistake and we condemn it totally. These churches are devoid of objectivity. Their representatives might be arrogant, but they are also uninterested in the TRUTH.

Question : (1965) The terrible state this world is in is enormous and it is obscured by the progress of technology. Most people however are unfortunately unaware that next to the divine CREATION, there also exists an opposing, a demonic creation that is engaged in a war against GOODNESS. Can you tell us more about this problem?

Answer : In HIS ALMIGHTINESS, GOD could eradicate all of demonic creation in one go, but HE would then have to begin right from the start in many respects.

Compared to prevailing conditions on other planets, man has been pre-programmed in regards to the concepts of good and evil, because the percentage rate of diabolicalness on other planets is absolutely miniscule.

The process of redemption on this planet is very backward, because the churches are hardly aware what this redemption is all about and party politics absolutely swart any attempts at redemption.

The demonic world must be robbed of the very foundation of its existence. Such an enormous endeavour can only be solved through the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON. This dispute will however still take some time. It has not yet reached its apogee.

Question : Why must man fight a battle with Mother Nature?

ELIAS : Because the antagonist has a hand in this, as he is a negative creator whilst GOD is a positive CREATOR. Both creations are so intermingled that it is very difficult to tell them apart.

This misjudgement has had the effect that nature was always regarded a compulsory example. Particularly atheistically minded philosophers make this great mistake.

The concerted CO-OPERATION between GOD and man can bring about a situation where this bodacious apparatus we call nature, can perform even more dependably and meaningfully to benefit mankind and to please its CREATOR. It is therefore essential to recognise the SPIRITUAL and to opposed, negative creation.

The wunderkind of human ingenuity can force NATURE to behave less aggressive towards mankind; because some natural disasters are brought about by negative energies that can be triggered by man.

There is a possibility that political atheism takes the negative behaviourism of nature as their primary paradigm. The first steps in that direction have already been taken. If they continue along these lines, these people will achieve the same level negative nature occupies, meaning that they will no longer know the difference between good and evil, no longer feel LOVE or KINDNESS – that they will allow other consciousnesses to do the thinking for them.

Question : Does the Soviet Dialectic Materialism (DIAMAT) therefore represent a great danger to the future of mankind?

ELIAS : This is the great danger we are worried about. Once man aligns himself with the alleged insights of Dialectic Materialism, he invariably compares himself to non-sentient physical matter.

Question : But isn’t nature’s archetype authoritative, as GOD and NATURE are supposed to be identical?

ELIAS : Man stands above nature, but never above GOD. Man looks upon nature as something that is self-evident, something that does not require an INFORMER. In any case, the law of the jungle reigns in nature and this is where a great mistake is being made.

Question : Many serious thinkers find it difficult to understand why the stronger devours the weaker?

ELIAS : Whether man wants to believe it or not, this helps mankind in one way or another. Imagine just how quickly the whole world would end up in an inhomogeneous situation. However there is a deeper meaning to all of this. GOD knows exactly why.

Question : Dialectic Materialism explains its stand based on this behaviourism, namely that human beings have the same rights. How do you see this?

ELIAS : The mistake being made it very obvious: Because people identify too much with animals or assume that they descended from apes.


11. Negative characteristics

11.1. Malicious glee (Transmission from the year 1974)

Well, no objections can be raised against being pleased, being joyful, but it is always a question of what one is pleased about. Feeling joy can be positive and even strengthen people and heal them. There is however also a negative joy and no philosophers have even given this differentiation a thought. This negative joy is the so-called malicious glee. It is very dangerous and it has cost many a person’s life.

Let’s look at the criminal act of an arsonist: He delights in the catastrophe he initiated and then there is also the endless succession of the crime of vandalism, negative people also delight in the destruction they have caused. It wouldn’t be worth their while to do these criminal acts without feeling this satanic glee.

How is it possible that such a derailment can give such pleasure?

Man on Earth has still not comprehended that there are two SUPERPOWERS that oppose one another: GOD and Lucifer. GOOD and evil in enormous proportions. You lack any plausible explanation to explain these FORCES.

When somebody says: “I don’t believe in GOD” he might as well say: “I don’t believe in GOODNESS!” – He is well aware that GOOD and evil really exist in spite of this. Therein lays the contradiction!

GOD created CREATION through the incredible process of a TEAM EFFORT. Lucifer was also a member of this cosmic TEAM. He fell pray to fanaticism and ambition, because he didn’t tolerate objections from anyone and when GOD reproved him, all the GOODNESS within him turned into unimaginable hatred. He no longer enjoyed participating in the CREATION process. He downed his tools and, like an evil, aggrieved person, said: “I’ve had enough, do it yourself.”

However, after quite a long period of time he no longer enjoyed his inactivity and looked for something to do. But whatever he was going to do could no longer be the same work he did for GOD in the role of a co-worker in the name of LOVE, joy and beauty. His new challenge had to coincide with his new feelings of hatred. This is when he discovered malicious glee. The destruction of CREATION was going to be a pleasure.

When assessing malicious glee, one should always take into consideration where this negative glee comes from!

The common denominator behind all of these actions is hatred and hatred is even capable of destroying itself!

GOOD and evil are however directed events and they require deliberation, because they are controlled by WILL and by very specific intentions. Consequently, WILL, THOUGHT and above all CONSCIOUSNESS are behind GOOD and evil, otherwise one could not feel either joy or malicious glee. –

I have now explained this to you and nobody should now stand up and say that GOD or the antagonist does not exist.



[9] ELIAS is our oldest guide. When ELIAS takes spiritual control of the circle, it is usually due to the medium. The medium Uwe Speer tends to write more legible with ELIAS than with ARGUN, whilst Monika-Manuela has a better rapport with ARGUN. ARGUN remains at the side of the medium in spite of this. He also writes his signature under the written memorandum. The answers come from within the SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY.

[10] See: Protocol “Decalogue” in “The Ten Commandments”.