Psychowissenschaftliche Grenzgebiete


Theme: GOD and HIS antagonist (6)


11.2 Demonic forces

11.2.1. Questions and answers

Question : Why are there people in this world that always want to do something evil?

AREDOS : This is in context with joy. There is positive joy and also negative joy. One must feel pleased when one does something good and one should not feel joy when one does something evil. There are unfortunately a lot of people that derive some kind of pleasure when they do something to the detriment of others. They are unfortunately unaware that they are inspired to perform these negative pranks by the antagonist’s cronies.

Question : Which genotype is particularly damaging to our development?

ELIAS : The SANTINER (extraterrestrials) lack any understanding of sadism. But it is hereditary amongst the people on Earth, otherwise there would no longer be any wars.

Question : What can one do against this?

ELIAS : In order to be able to understand an evil person, one has to be psychologically trained so that one can find out exactly where their weakest point is. Once this has been recognised, a positive treatment must then proceed. Such a negative point is usually in connection with a complex.

Question : Can you tell us something about fanaticism?

ARGUN : Fanaticism always leads into an abyss. It is noticeable in all areas. Mankind, for instance, is considerably hindered in its higher development through false, cultic behaviourisms. Almost all religious institutions promote fanaticism’s behaviourism and it always begins with exaggeration.

Better understanding could also be promoted in politics, if one wouldn’t always exaggerate everything so fanatically.

Do you believe that GOD or CHRIST agrees with the all that bragging of the Christian churches?

Question : Fanaticism is encountered everywhere in the world. Are there some TRUTHS one should fanatically defend?

AREDOS : No! Whenever fanaticism rears its head, there is something wrong with the TRUTH. Every type of fanaticism makes you unreasonable. Every type of fanaticism is capable of reaching for the most negative means. You can already gather from this that it can never offer you objective TRUTHS!

Question : Arrogance seems to be a global occurrence these days. To talk about humility here is completely out of the question. Not even the major religions exhibit genuine humility. What can you tell about this?

ELIAS : The more people possess, the more they profess to know things, the more arrogant and haughtier they become. Only true hardship brings back their humility. The craving for admiration thrives particularly well under atheism. A negative attitude is always coupled with: Haughtiness, greed, hatred, craving for admiration, disobedience, contempt, unscrupulousness and a lot more.

The masses distance themselves from the ALMIGHTY, because they are predominantly negative. Only a small band of positive people are in the foreground; they represent GOD’S elite. You can clearly see here how the spiritual realm assesses things. – The smallest is at the same time also the largest! You find this example verified by the atom.

Question : You once mentioned “ill” souls. What did you mean by that?

ARGUN : An ill soul is negative. It can have a penchant for vandalism. It is ill, because it doesn’t like itself and it only has mischief on its mind. We don’t say “evil” in this case, we say “ill”.

Question : Black Magic knows a form of mental concentration that is directed at other people with antagonistic intentions. It is possible that such thoughts can do damage to others?

ARGUN : If you believe in GOD, you are protected through your GUARDIAN ANGELS.

It is a different situation in regards to atheists, because their PROTECTION is more relaxed due to their negative behaviourism. It is in your hands to create a protective WALL for yourself. I can see from where I stand, that this is already a small mountain (with you). We will endeavour to stand on top of it and to heap more sand on it.

As you know, brotherly love is also the BRIDGE that CONNECTS the here with the hereafter. But you must be aware that the foundation of any LOVE is one’s LOVE for GOD, no other form of LOVE can endure without this foundation.

Question : It is incomprehensible to a normal human being that there are those that are so negative and evil, that they keep their surroundings in a constant state of anxiety. Are these sorts of people absolutely not reformable?

ARGUN : Above all, remember:

There are no opportunities to change these people. They have to be avoided whenever possible. However I know that this isn’t easy, particularly when one has to depend on them. Every attempt to help them –they ridicule any effort in that direction, because they are ungrateful and turn insolent – to do something kind for them, is LOVE wasted on the wrong object. Even bearing reference to GOD will not help these people. Christian brotherly love is not an issue as far as they are concerned, because they abuse those that endeavour to help them. They are unreachable, because they even deride the name of GOD.

Question : Are these people not quite normal?

ARGUN : Oh yes, they are normal. They are completely responsible people, but they do evil out of pure malicious glee. They are malevolent and envious, because they gain complete satisfaction from this. They couldn’t bear a normal, harmonious existence, because it would be too boring for them. But those that believe that they can help these discontented people, that is to say, awaken them, will be completely exploited and eventually destroyed by them.

Brotherly love actually has its limits! – The churches however are completely unaware of these limits, otherwise they would not ask for senseless sacrifices from their followers.

Abusing the decent emotions of their fellow human beings is their greatest ignobility. It is about time that these people are shunned so that they can learn something from their own solitariness. Once in the spiritual realm, they also only improve by being isolated.

Question : Is it appropriate to pray for these people?

ARGUN : Prayers do not reach them at all, because their boundless egotism overrides every prayer. These people prefer to waste their affections on a dog, than not to grudge someone they hate something. This is unfortunately how it looks in all too many cases. This is why I advice you to:

Question : How should one behave when there are negative people in one’s own family that cannot be rehabilitated and that continuously create disharmonies?

ARGUN : These are difficult tests for positive people. The best one can do is to erect SPIRITUAL WALLS around oneself and to avoid them as much as possible. One has to ward against these disharmonies. One should naturally try to help, but once this help remains unnoticed and promises to be fruitless, one must resign to the fact and remain inactive from then on. This isn’t easy and cannot be accomplished from one day to another.

Question : According to what you say, otherworldly souls can extract ENERGY from a human being on Earth?

ARGUN : Yes, there is this kind of vampirism! – I will give you an example: A man dies and leaves a grief stricken wife behind on Earth. The bereaved, through her permanent grief, detains the departed soul here on Earth. The departed attaches himself now to the grieving widow and extracts all her ENERGY from her so that she becomes ill – and as you say – dies of a “broken heart”. Both of them do not allow one another time to continue their own development.[12]

Question : Can you tell us something about sleep-walking (somnambulism)?

ARGUN : The moon reflects the light of the sun. The permutation to the sun’s ray gives the spiritual, respectively the occult forces, impetus. The moon thereby gives the otherworldly forces power over someone on Earth. The sleepwalker is guided by the otherworldly souls and this is why they never stumble. However, if the spiritual thread of life (silver cord) breaks due to some terrible shock, life in the physical comes to an end.

Question : Can a sleepwalker commit a crime he is not responsible for in this state, because he is obeying an otherworldly spirit?

ARGUN : You are aware that one cannot force anybody under hypnosis to do something they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances.

The same applies to sleepwalkers. The otherworldly plays the role of the hypnotist. He can however only utilise his medium to the degree his medium allows it. A negative soul tries to commit evil deeds, whilst a good soul does positive things.

This mental state is used in many cases to provide an excuse – even when we’re dealing with states of inebriation.

Question : Does a state of inebriation diminish one’s responsibility?

AREDOS : The terrestrial judicial system is wrong in many instances. Many laws have the complete opposite effect. Instead of dishing out punishment or trying to rehabilitate them, they offer the offenders reduced sentences or even acquittals. This is particularly true in regards to inebriation. Being inebriated is a crime in itself. One therefore cannot use one form of crime to excuse another crime that follows the first one.

He, who commits a crime whilst under the influence of alcohol, must receive additional punishment, drunkenness doesn’t alleviate the sentence, it aggravates it. To poison oneself intentionally, thereby representing a danger to one’s fellow man is a severe crime in itself. One’s capacity is certainly diminished, everybody knows that, but the blame does not lay with the alcohol, it lays squarely the wallower!

Question : For how long can evil draw from a positive person’s ENERGY?

ARGUN : The negative can tap into a positive person’s ENERGY and feed itself from it for about 10 years. To put it in context, an incarnated soul can be abused and exploited by evil souls and by his terrestrial counterparts for about 10 years. It is no longer worth their while after that. The negative must then begin to cope on its own.

Once a soul has missed this chance, it will fall even further. It will then be so negative, that no help will reach it. It might be satiated with the amassed positive ENERGY, but it will not utilise it to do good. We then have the perfect example of a negative coarseness that only uses its raw energy to do damage to mankind. There are unfortunately plenty of those around.

Question : Why does Lucifer seek to destroy all of mankind on Earth?

AREDOS : He wants to prevent man from becoming humble and from improving himself through arduous life experiences and training.

Question : Many people turn negative when they feel abandoned. They have lost contact with society and begin to hate it. Can you tell us something about this?

Answer : No soul is ever alone for one moment, - even if it might seem like at times. The LOVE of those devoted to you is always around you. This also happens when you are not aware of them. Whether they are able to enter your consciousness depends entirely on the circumstances around you.

Question : How is it possible that negative people are so successful in life?

ELIAS : There are people that appear to be very tough and thereby make an unsympathetic impression on you to begin with. They are however respected just the same, one looks up to them and one even idolises them.


11.3. Crime

11.3.1. Question and answers

Question : What is the reason for such an increase in violent crimes like hold-ups and sexual abuse?

ASHTAR SHERAN: The more atheism spreads across the world, the more all kinds of crimes will also spread. The spread of atheism brings with it a lack of MORAL TUITION at schools, high-schools, tech-colleges and universities as well as all other academic institutions!

ELIAS : Children must receive easy to understand MORAL INSTRUCTIONS before they enter school. All students must also receive literal and credible instructions in a scientific RELIGION.

AREDOS : Bright children cannot take existing religions serious. Their antipathy against every religion has an even greater effect during their adolescent years. Adolescents feel that they are lied to by religion. Let’s assume that an adolescent asks whether it is possible for a man to be swallowed by a whale to then be spat out on land after a few days.[13] His teacher will say: “You should not rack your brain about this, because there are such things as miracles and when it comes to GOD, everything is possible”.

You will not make any progress in this way and your scientific insights will overrun your good faith. Even miracles have to be comprehensible to modern man and they have to be scientifically and irrefutable based on facts!

Objection : Many people are forced into negative acts, they must participate!

ARGUN : These people participate because they are not prepared to make sacrifices, because non-participation demands renunciation. They don’t object and then it’s suddenly too late. They often accept other people’s opinion without deliberations. This is wrong, because they fail to test the opinion of others before they make up their own mind! They then go from one mistake to another, even though they sense that something is not quite right.

Question : Our adversaries are of the opinion that it must be possible for otherworldly entities to solve certain capital crimes, in as much as there is otherworldly life that has contact with us. As this is not the case, one doesn’t believe in a hereafter either. What do you say to this argumentation?

ARGUN : It is a well known fact that the adversaries of the spiritual sciences have no idea about divine LAWS. This is why they ask such primitive questions. I reject any denunciation, because it will not bring me bliss. But I can help the sinner, encourage him to contemplate his deed and not find rest.

The spirit dwells within you so that you can find the rich treasuries where all genuine riches are to be found and so that you receive the fortitude that lifts you up in times of hardship and sorrow, it is there to support you when everything else fails, when your so-called friends abandon you, when you seem lonely and abandoned. – This is when you can be certain that warmth, comradeship and the LOVE of BEINGS from ANOTHER WORLD surround you!

Question : You in the hereafter can observe criminals. Why can’t you participate in solving capital crimes? This could deter a lot of people from committing crimes and it could also reinforce their belief in your existence.

Answer : When we make contact with you, we do so as a kind of MISSION. We have very specific guidelines! We are prohibited from dealing with crimes. Even the lower spirits will not help you when a crime takes place, because they sympathise with the criminal act. Assuming that we would really participate in solving a crime, we would certainly be hindered by unclean souls if this was the case.

Question : There have been a few cases throughout criminal history where people have behaved so extremely beyond humaneness that nobody is able to understand them. Are these people also influenced or controlled by unfortunate, evil spirits?

ELIAS : Abject thought and mean spiritedness naturally attract lower spirits. This has the effect that they completely succumb to these negative influences and end up a toy in the hands of negative forces. These criminal people certainly have it within their own power to defeat themselves. – Everybody has it within their own power! –These people entertain barbarous thoughts in spite of their great intelligence. They only fear medieval punishment.

Question : Due to the increase of criminality, voices are raised to bring back capital punishment. What are your thoughts on this?

ARGUN : The letter of the law is a dangerous thing. But the ignorance displayed by the judges and jurors is dangerous also. They know nothing about the LAWS that apply in an OTHER WORLD, in another form of existence. This is why we endeavour, in spite of enormous difficulties, to enhance your knowledge and your conscience. However various scientists and other academics cannot abide by the fact that even higher KNOWLEDGE than theirs comes through a medium.

Question : How should one deal with these criminals, without actually killing them?

ELIAS : The best means are solitude and banishment!

But there will come a time when the people on Earth will have the same opportunities as the SANTINER. Those that commit capital crimes will then be banished to other planets. They will then have to begin their development over again there. It will be their own affair if they then kill one another.

Question : May you tell us something about the devastating air crashes that have occurred in Japan?

ELIAS : If we are dealing with criminal activities, we are not allowed to say anything. You have to be happy with that answer, even though I am not saying that we’re dealing with criminal activity here. In spite of what I just said, the answer is still taboo.

Question : Is the spiritual realm actually interested in solving crimes and pursuing criminals?

ELIAS : The instant we interfere in these affairs we burden ourselves with guilt, especially once we cease to do so. This would then constitute an injustice against those who miss out. Apart from this, one would be asking too much from mediums, because crimes are the order of the day.

Question : Is it more advantageous for people to be judiciously punished whilst still here on Earth when they committed a punishable act or is it meaningless, as they might be punished again in the hereafter? Must they still expiate their punishment in the spiritual realm?

ELIAS : It is certainly more advantageous for the relevant sinner to be punished during his time here on Earth. The fact is that somebody convicted and punished here on Earth will no longer have to make amends for their crime in the spiritual realm. He is free. This however only applies to minor maledictions!

Question : We have always assumed that the “bitter end” always applies in all cases. This is apparently not the case?

ELIAS : It does say in the bible: “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us”. We totally oppose capital punishment! One can however not necessarily blame the condemned or the executioner. The blames lies squarely with the legislators.

Question : What happens to those souls that have been unjustly incarcerated?

ELIAS : These souls end up in the SPHERE for MARTYRS. - Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Question : How does the spiritual realm assess the persecution of Nazi war criminals? One now intends to cease these persecutions.

ELIAS : This guilt is so immeasurable, so outrageous, well, what do I say, so universally offensive, that it triggered great indignations on every inhabited planet. One cannot allow these murderers to escape! However there are no LAWS here to mete out the kind of punishment that would be appropriate to some extent. GOD will be the last JUDGE in cases like these. It is out of the question to talk about forgiveness when it comes to such mass murderers.

Question : Why do victorious nations not condemn their own war criminals?

ELIAS : You can count on the spiritual realm to take over the judicial role in this, if they do not do so, like for instance the commanders who proliferated the bombing of innocent people, remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima![14]

Question : When one reads the papers one mainly only finds reports about crimes and other atrocities. We cannot find an explanation for such horridness, respectively, no motives that could possibly explain this. What is your opinion on this?

ELIAS : You have reared yourselves to think positive and this is why you cannot comprehend this type of negative behaviourism. However people with a negative attitude always find an explanation, naturally a negative one!

But you must remember that human beings have a divine GIFT, namely their DISPOSITION. When someone gradually turns godless, he naturally also turns negative, because he deactivates his divine DISPOSITION in the process. The greatest intelligence will not help him, if this is the case. The greatest possible intelligence will also direct its attention to negative goals, if the important divine DISPOSITION is deactivated.

This situation is not just a general occurrence; it unfortunately also affects the upper echelon. Important political decisions are made under these conditions and major conferences are influenced by them. – As you can see, there is an explanation, well, even a motive present!

Question : Just the same, it is difficult to comprehend why the negative is able to prevail in this way?

ELIAS : What do you expect? – After all, you do live on a planet of redemption! – You are not here on this planet by mistake! It isn’t about who has more rights here on Earth!

There is however a great number of souls incarnated here one does expect improvements from, but they continuously allow themselves to be dragged down by negativity. This impedes the redemption process. The fact that there are a lot of good souls in this world in spite of this is already a significant accomplishment.

The good and kind have a particularly difficult assignment: To show that they have moral fibre! But if they are successful in surviving this battle against all hostilities and if they remain upright citizens – dare I say it, if they are successful in helping others to gain redemption, they will certainly have made a great step forward!

Question : Why can Lucifer’s devotees commit evil acts unpunished, as they are also subject to the LAW of KARMA? Would Lucifer not have to suffer under the LAW of KARMA to such a degree that he would perish?

AREDOS : Every soul has the freedom to do either GOOD or evil. Lucifer is also a soul and he also has the same choices! The fact is that Lucifer’s devotees here and in the hereafter enjoy doing evil deeds. Why does man on Earth stick to his vices? Only because he finds satisfaction in them!

The reason why Lucifer has not perished under the weight of his karma is due to the fact that all of mankind on the planet (here on Earth) continuously helps him to instigate evil. This ensures that the actual KARMA always falls on the executants of evil. Lucifer is crafty enough to cleverly avoid KARMA. Apart from that, the time when GOD’S LAW will reach him has not yet come.

People are in most cases not coerced into doing evil:

People commit many sins they are not aware of all day long, because they regard them to be harmless pleasures.


12. The Battle of Armageddon

12.1. Questions and answers

Question : Mankind on Earth might be familiar with the term the devil, but one does not count GOD’S antagonist amongst any existing entities. This unfortunately makes them unaware of the dangers they are exposed to, because the antagonist’s revenge is supposed to affect every human being. Do you agree with this?

Answer : This is correct. This is the reason why not just mankind on Earth has armed itself to the hilt, but the devil also prepared for the greatest battle the universe has ever seen, namely the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON, this enormous dispute between GOOD and evil. The whole human race on Earth has been integrated into this cosmic event.

The negative forces exert a compelling force upon all people with a negative attitude. These people are however completely unaware that all their thoughts and feelings are forcefully guided, akin to one’s instinct of self preservation or reproduction.

GOD’S antagonist has already had a positive influence – unwillingly though – on people by opening the eyes of many to the fact that something is happening here on Earth that can never be in order and that will eventually lead to destruction.

Positive thought processes have to be trained and this training is lacking everywhere.

However, those people who allow themselves to be dragged down by demons, will have a few things in store for them. They can call themselves fortunate if GOD in HIS GRACE does not simply abandon them instead of wrestling them from the grasp of demons so they can still be redeemed. If they obtain this GRACE, they will be able to reincarnate once again on this planet. But they have to redeem the karma of their guilt in order to pay for the GRACE they have received.

Question : What else can you tell us about the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON?

ELIAS : This enormous conflict now takes place more on the terrestrial plane than the spiritual plane.

At least there is an end in sight. This fight is however particularly aimed at the terrestrial wards of the spiritual realm. There is a pulling and pushing of people in progress: “He is mine!” “No, he is mine!” – The GUARDIAN ANGELS are enormously stressed trying to keep their charges under control. After all, the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON rampages on behalf of the people on Earth!

Question : Could a situation arise where WWIII could erupt during the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON?

ELIAS : This outbreak is absolutely feasible, but such a super conflict could not be brought to a conclusion, because all HIGHER FORCES would interfere. The SANTINER also belong to these FORCES! – This battle rages mainly on behalf of mankind on Earth anyway.

Question : What is actually meant by the appellation of “BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON”?

Answer : What is taking place at the moment is a very real event. This dispute between the super POWERS of GOOD and evil is literally and symbolically described in the bible. This dispute must not necessarily be on a physical level; it already started a few thousand years ago in the spiritual realm and now gradually interacts with Earth’s plan. This spiritual battle already finds expression here on Earth. The major mental crisis suffered by individuals, nations, religions, races and all other areas of life already indicate that the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON is in full swing.

These things must not necessarily be restricted to the spiritual DOMAIN, they also affect other areas, for instance the economy, the sciences and universities.

The otherworldly INTELLIGENCES have already done all they can to support the divine HIERARCHY in order to win this enormous BATTLE. This is why it is high time that all positive FORCES are prepared to make sacrifices and to go all out to make sure that the big changes of the New Age end up POSITIVE changes.

The moment the people on Earth begin to envision what the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON is all about, namely that it is already in full swing, all people of good will must side with the positive SIDE in order to prevent that evil prevails.

Objection : The situation here on Earth becomes more precarious by the minute. Most people unfortunately are unaware of the spiritual dispute.

ELIAS : Most people possess no knowledge about spiritual POWERS and FORCES. This is why they look for the source of their problems somewhere completely different or they cannot explain the results from this spiritual dispute.

Question : We ask ourselves, what will be the result of this? Will people learn something from this dispute?

ELIAS : The hardship, the losses, the senselessness of civil war, the unnecessary shedding of blood and the hatred will have a sobering effect and it will lead to innovative deliberations!

Question : Is it true that the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL has the ASSIGNMENT to effectively deal with the dispute taking place here on Earth?

ELIAS : Yes, this is true, because he directs the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON, this superlative dispute between GOOD and evil. This combat is in full swing, but most people unfortunately know nothing about it; they only sense it. The negative unashamedly shows its face. This is why one is able to distinguish between GOOD and evil these days.

Question : Everybody paints a dire picture. Is there really something to this pessimistic attitude?

ELIAS : What do you expect from a raging battle? – The BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON is in full swing. One always forgets that the Earth is a planet of redemption, unfortunately so, I might add.

Question : Do the churches not choose the soft option by completely depending on GOD’S GRACE?

ELIAS : Absolutely, this is true. – One should not altogether depend on HIS GRACE, because everybody must make their own contribution. The redemption process, that is to say, life here on Earth, is a divine ACT of GRACE.

Question : The enormous dispute between good and evil forces us to explain to mankind the spiritual implications with great skills and by using popular phraseologies. Do you agree with this statement?

ELIAS : My own definitions are actually designed to make a contribution. Man on Earth, if factored out of his spiritual definition, is a completely useless and inanimate thing, a robot in need of mental stimulation in order to accomplish anything at all.

Question : Can we actually still ascertain what is GOOD and what is evil?

AREDOS : The delineations are indeed very tightly linked together. It seems to be the result of this enormous BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON that was initially triggered by the spiritual realm and that has now approached the physical world.

If it benefits the antagonist, it is without doubt evil. However if it helps GOD’S PLAN in any way, it is naturally GOOD. GOD did not develop man in order for him to be negativity’s sidekick. Every human being would have to comprehend this. But if one is unable to comprehend this, it is either because one doesn’t know anything about or doesn’t believe in GOD or his antagonist.

Question : Do you believe that the positive spiritual forces are able to withstand the enormous pressures applied by the materialistic forces?

ELIAS : The positive spiritual forces will maintain the upper hand, even if everything seemingly indicates the opposite. –

Question : Eminent scientists are also inspired by otherworldly souls most of the time. Which spirits stand behind our scientists?

ELIAS : In regards to nuclear research and rocket science, many souls stand behind your scientists and technicians who once lived on a planet that was ahead of planet Earth’s development before it was destroyed. This is where all inventions come from which have been so successful in such a short time. – The BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON has also an effect here.

Question : Is it true that GOD has drawn up a GREAT PLAN in regards to our Earth?

AREDOS : Yes, this is correct. – The situation here on Earth demands vital measures within the framework of the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON. – A NEW AGE will be born!

Question : A proverb states that: “GOD’S MILLS grind slowly, but very finely.” Is it a fact that everything that develops at a leisurely pace is good, whilst everything that shoots up fast and hastily is evil?

ARGUN : GOD has time, in fact a whole eternity. HIS antagonist however is afraid that he will run out of time. He leads a hopeless, fanatical battle against GOD and he knows deep down that he must lose this fight.

Question : (1970) Has the SPIRITUAL NEW AGE already begun? Can we already register successes?

AREDOS : The SPIRITUAL NEW AGE is already engaged in a battle with the physical, the materialistic age. This fight is unbelievably barbarous and hard. Divine FORCES fight with Lucifer’s sidekicks. We stressed long ago that this dispute is in progress. The SANTINER have also drawn your attention to it. Everything is now in full swing.

The past must give way.

The NEW wants to be in charge.

But the past is also recorded in the church’s literature and in the philosophies of universities. History also has its negative past and it must be combated and eliminated. One cannot talk about successes at this point in time, because there are too many things still going on.

Question : To what degree has the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON, the way it has been described in the bible, progressed at this stage?

ARGUN : It is already nearing its end!


13. Better behaviourism

13.1. The world without TRUTH (Transmission from the year 1974)

Well, when one talks about the TRUTH one demands a word of honour or an oath; because one can not trust the TRUTH. The TRUTH unfortunately disguises itself in lies – and this mistake is due to human error, ergo due to failure.

Man relies on the sciences in difficult situations; because the Church and actually all other religions cannot be trusted when it comes to the TRUTH. However everything that goes against CREATION, let’s say against nature, is no real TRUTH; because the absolute TRUTH is with GOD!

But what does the TRUTH look like with the sciences?

The greatest enemy of the TRUTH is naturally GOD’S antagonist, namely the devil. He can only exist where aberrations and lies reign. This is the reason why the devil directs all his concentration on the sciences.

When scientists encounter the TRUTH, demons are immediately alarmed and a supernatural, spiritual fight against the TRUTH begins. These circumstances make it extremely difficult to convince the sciences of the TRUTH. This becomes immediately apparent to you when dealing with divine processes: The scientists, one after the other, deny the validity of the MESSAGES that come from the spiritual realm. They have a thousand different excuses and arguments to talk the TRUTH out of existence. But as they are unaware of the astral implications, they are also unaware of the devilish game one plays with them.

This is the only way to direct mankind into a different direction, to elevate it to a higher level. But how can one break down this door when the devil stands behind it? The sciences are called upon to decide whether one is dealing with a TRUTH. Und when the sciences say “no”, the judgment is made and it will become the current yardstick for the future. – Spiritualism also suffers from these aspects. There are a million corroborations for the TRUTH, but all of this evidence is doomed to fail the scrutiny of any scientific forum, because the antagonist is regent.

I ask you to give this a little thought!

The TRUTH is with GOD and it comes from GOD. Lies however come from the devil. You have to choose! – However if one allows oneself to be misguided and influenced to a point where one eventually believes to be able to manage without GOD, without HIS HELPERS and without taking an interest in the divine TRUTH, one is already solidly entangled in the antagonist’s web, who has no other goal in mind than to destroy mankind, so that CREATION goes to rack and ruin. This is his revenge and he is totally obsessed by it.


13.2. Protection against negativity

13.2.1. Questions and answers

Question : What should one do when spiritual instructions or discussions meet with dogged resistance, should one simply give up?

ARGUN : In all spiritual confrontations and also all political discussions, people with a negative attitude extract COSMIC ENERGY from positive people. Apostles of the truth are slowly but surely devitalised in this way. This is the reason why negative people ultimately triumph over their victims.

You have to be steadfast, but not fanatical! But you should not allow yourselves to be sucked dry by vampires. Exhibit your steadfastness and do not object yourself to discussing insane proposals, but consequently reject them as out of the question. A negative, respectively, a godless person will not accept criticism of his proposals and views anyway. The only thing that will convince him will be your steadfastness, but it may not degenerate into conflict!

Question : Vast regions of the world are literally overpopulated with atheists. How can one approach these people?

ARGUN : By becoming more generous and above all, more patient. You must extend your hand in friendship, but do so without anger or frustration. You must completely subdue your emotions and offer everything with great composure and dispassion, otherwise you end up victims yourselves!

Question : Should one wrestle with negative influences, when one encounters negativity?

ARGUN : It is best to distance oneself immediately from negativity once it has been identified.

Question : But how should one behave if one finds oneself in a mixed group of people predominantly made up of negative people?

ARGUN : The spiritualist must always be a shining example!

He must endeavour to maintain a positive attitude. A confident and calm approach will also impress a negative person.

Question : Why do most people shy away from these MESSAGES as they are so extraordinarily important?

Answer : There is a disinterest in everything one has to give a little bit more thought to. Fears about a nuclear war, the end of the world and a seemingly inescapable situation are all things that make you tired and apathetic. He who lives according to these observations thinks: After me the deluge.

General faithlessness supports negative thought processes. The situation in this regards is much worse these days than it was years ago. What are lacking are capable executives! He, who thinks positive is deemed a weakling and has no chance of success.

Question : Is man incapable of defending himself against the devil?

AREDOS : This is impossible whilst materialism and egotism still hold the reins. The devil lives off the ENERGY mankind places at his disposal! The devil also lives of GOD’S ENERGY, but this constitutes an abuse of GOD’S ENERGY.

All negatively disposed people are telepathically connected to the antagonist’s organization. They find everything negative good and proper, without every considering the fact that they are negativity’s foot soldiers. This is a great universal tragedy nobody seems to know anything about and if they do, they don’t take any notice of it at all.

Question : The antagonist’s negative instruments always pursue the same tactics in this world; they lame the positive elements ENERGIES by continuously challenging them and by keeping them needlessly active. How can one protect against this happening?

ELIAS : You shouldn’t forget in the process that next to an evil power, there is also a good, a positive POWER. You can place all of your trust and hopes in this positive POWER. Even if this positive POWER is presently unable to help you, you can lend this POWER your support by behaving mentally positive so that evil will rebound off you.

Question : Should one avoid evil and not challenge it, not confront it?

ARGUN : If at all possible, you should avoid it. However if you cannot avoid it, you should at least try to remain neutral. Above all, do not allow yourself to be challenged, but remain calm and relaxed.

Question : Can people protect themselves from the coercive powers of the antagonist?

ELIAS : The antagonist exploits ignorance. However when people are informed about these mysteries, the devil loses his powers.

What is even better is when a positive will is added to the mixture. Man must therefore try to inform himself in regards to these questions as best as he can.

Question : Is it true that GOD’S antagonist mainly approaches the people that endeavour to find divine LOVE?

ELIAS : Deliberately or accidentally, a lot of people unfortunately stand as allies at the side of the antagonist.

Question : Can one protect oneself from negative influences and annoyances by making the sign of the cross or by saying: “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”?

AREDOS : No, this is not enough! The negative FORCES do not take any notice of this, because they are much too disrespectful.

Question : We heard from you that evil is only powerful in larger numbers. Can an individual negative soul also have an effect?

ELIAS : Yes, particularly when it finds support from negative people. Evil, that is to say, evil creatures from our realm fear and eschew LIGHT, prayers and above all frankincense and ANGELS. They feel completely exposed and naked. They cannot bear the brilliance and gaze of an ANGEL. The lower spirits are like bedbugs, they only come out in the dark.

Question : How can one protect oneself from negativity?

ELIAS : You can best protect yourself through composure. I will prescribe an autogenic training for you:

Question : What will be the result of such training?

ELIAS : Try it before you go to sleep! It will not be easy at first, but with a little practise, you will eventually succeed, because we will constantly help you. Important are joy and contentment, because they are valuable FACTORS within the HEALING PROCESS!

If this doesn’t work, remember that we mean you well, that we can perceive you and are around you and that we know all of your wishes and hardships.

What is important is that a genuine feeling of joy actually wells up within you, even if it is only for a few minutes. It is then easier for us to have an effect on you, to reach you when this happens – the result then could be that a euphoric feeling of joy begins to hit you, like lightning out of a blue sky. If this happens once, it will also happen more often and the connection between us will then be perfect. You will derive great joy from this contact with us.

Question : What is an anima?

Answer : An anima is for a man the most beautiful woman his imagination can produce. His type, the one he dreams about. And he loves this woman of his dreams from the bottom of his heart. However what represents an anima to a male represents an animus for a female, a dreamboat of a man.

GOD has the opportunity to control every human being through HIS SOULS and ANGELS. HE possesses an enormous ORGANIZATION.

This SUPERVISION affects all of man’s thought processes, all sensations and all actions.

Question : Is this why we can remember old thought processes and experienced situations?

Answer : Yes, that’s right, that’s the way it is. –

Question : Why does planet Earth possess so little knowledge in regards to the supernatural? Our sciences must surly be able to shed some light here.

Answer : Because occult insights change the world picture! – Human beings are willing pupils of evil. Apart from that, pundits are no great scientists or thinkers by a long shot. Governments also have little interest in this kind of higher KNOWLEDGE, because it acts against their striving for power! – Even the Church – GOD’S own Church! – persecutes prophets!

Question : Isn’t there a way that leads directly to the TRUTH?

Answer : The most reliable way begins within one’s own heart! –

GOD cannot use cowards for this assignment. HE requires spiritual revolutionaries, who fight for HIM and for the TRUTH with body and soul.

Question : Due to the fact that the Soviet Dialectic Materialism is also accessible to students, it is discussed and accepted by many. This leads to ungodliness and this endangers everybody. What is your opinion of this doctrine?

AREDOS : We are not dealing with a doctrine here, but with an aberration that emerged from party political thought processes and it has nothing to do with scientific insights. All I can tell you is that this false doctrine is a book written by the antagonist, it represents the “devil’s bible”. This false doctrine makes assertions that have not been verified by anything or anyone:

It states for instance that physical matter was not created, that it always existed. Where is the evidence? – It also states that consciousness is connected to matter, respectively, that consciousness is evoked by matter. Where is the evidence? –

Question : When one considers all the things the devil has on his conscience one can not do anything else but hate him.

Answer : It is not appropriate that you hate him, because GOD knows no hatred, not even against him. Only he knows hatred, namely hatred against GOD. When he comes to his senses one day and shows genuine regret, GOD will forgive him his sins and even make him forget them, the way I have shown you.[15] He can never find peace for as long as he has his helpers and abetters that stand in great numbers at his side, encouraging him to do evil.

You are his helpers and abetters in regards to his misdeeds. But you should be his helpers and abetters and really help him by performing a SAMARITAN ACT for him:


14. New Year’s Eve (Transmission from the year 1975)

Well, Christians also celebrate the beginning of the New Year. It is supposed to be a festive moment, because every new year holds its own secrets. Nobody can say with certainty what the future brings. The future however is important to everybody; it can bring death or good fortune, well, whatever people actually regard as good fortune.

I don’t want to be a prophet of the future, but I will delineate the situation for you the way it really is, because New Year’s Eve is more than a mysterious turning point in people’s lives.

You live at a time of enormous cosmic events. I am talking about the immense dispute between the superpowers of GOOD and evil. We are dealing with the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON – and this fight, which has been going on for quite a long time, is in full swing. But as the victor also has to pay his dues, it is inevitable that GOODNESS also has to make sacrifices. – This is actually no reason to celebrate!

There are a lot of people who are interested in abolishing Christmas, the festival of remembering brotherly love. – We are naturally dealing with the adversaries of GOODNESS.

We would prefer it if mankind would abolish the New Year’s Eve celebrations altogether. Mankind is unfortunately unaware of the unsavoury implications of this celebration.

I will explain this to you:

Christmas is in reality not just a remembrance of the MESSIAH’S birthday, but also cautionary advice that people must be tolerant towards their fellow human beings. CHRIST taught this and this is why people should select a small present with lots of LOVE – but they should not leave out their forgotten fellow men! Christmas is a very important festival and it also has great pertinence in the hereafter where it is also celebrated. It is a part of the redemption process.

The antagonist however is very annoyed by this, because in his unimaginable hatred against GOD and the human race, he is against every kind of redemption. He decided many years ago to counteract Christmas with something else and this is why he decided to usurp the New Year’s Eve celebration for himself, for his own purposes. And this is where the dangers that should not be underestimated lie for every human being, because this celebration drags mankind down to unbelievable depths.

Lucifer says: “I will show you how I and my followers celebrate an eminent festival!”

He turns the New Year’s Eve celebrations into a festival from hell.

Mankind has fallen into a trap and every year that passes sees this coven celebrated in an ever more outrageous fashion. You know how this festival is celebrated, but you don’t know who is behind it and who holds the reins!

There is shooting, rioting, murder, rape and fighting. People die under most horrid circumstances. In addition to this there is arson, unimaginable amounts of alcohol are consumed, there are sexual derailments, desecrations, blasphemies and the noise of explosions that bring back memories of every war ever fought. – Hell has been let loose and every vice that can be overtrumped, will be overtrumped and mankind suffers enormous moral damage in the process.

Please contemplate this for a moment!



[11] This is what genuine vampirism is all about!

[12] This unfortunate situation is even supported by dogmatic church religion.

[13] This is in regards of the biblical story of the prophet Jonas being swallowed by a whale.

[14] A name was mentioned, but we prefer not to mention this name.

[15] See the parable of “The prodigal son!”