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Much of what you read and learn from these pages has roots reaching far back to ancient cultures and religions. Thousand years old practices and current research results show that man continues to exist totally conscious in an ethereal but physical form, disengaged from matter and independent from space and time, after physical death. This is unfortunately virtually unknown to the rest of the world. What is however known is that man only perceived the things he was taught to think about. Whatever lies beyond this horizon escapes him.

These pages will introduce amongst other things the research done by the Medialen Friedenskreises, Berlin (Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) and this will shed some light on the prevailing spiritual darkness. We are dealing here with a Christian/spiritual community that did some major research in the field of metaphysics from 1950 to 1975, pursuing questions of a possible life after death, which might provide answers for the reasons of our terrestrial existence. The psychic work performed by both automatic writing mediums, namely Monika-Manuela Speer and Uwe Speer, began when they were 15, respectively 17 years old. The complete works, the so-called "Mene-Tekel" comprises many thousands of A4 pages. All existing protocols were arranged according to their themes and they may be copied without restrictions. He, who is prepared to deal with these unjustly tabooed questions, will find that magnificent, lost knowledge will be revealed. The question about the meaning of life will no longer have to be asked, because this question will have ceased to exist.

A well-known journalist made the following comments about the psychic messages received by the Medialen Friedenskreises, Berlin:

"These texts are an example of mental brilliance. The ability to change the 26 letters of the alphabet into such words is something of unique beauty. My profession dictates that I spend most of my time writing. This makes me appreciate that to spontaneously express words of such great wisdom and at the same time of such august simplicity is something supernatural."

(Extract from a psychically transmitted answer from the SPHERES of LIGHT to the question: What is truth?)

... There exists an objective truth that is capable of enlightening all of terrestrial mankind. The reasons why questions about the truth can apparently not be answered lies mainly in the fact that the truth has to fight a battle against errors and mistakes. Your average human being is absolutely incapable of grasping the fight that is taking place. It is incredible in all its details. All the many dogmas that have existed for thousands of years have placed mankind in iron fetters. The truth challenges the fanaticism smouldering under the ashes.

The truth however finds it much more difficult than a politically, scientifically or theologically protected aberration, because it cannot fight errors and mistakes with raw means. Errors and mistakes have physical force at their side, because they base themselves on the many erroneous passages of the bible, like for instance, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". When confronted by vices, the truth receives no support. One withdraws any financial support in the hope that it will simply fade away. You should therefore no be surprised that terrible wars still reign here on Earth; they are the immediate results of false dogmas and nonsensical, false insights ..."

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Publisher is Rolf Linnemann (Dipl.-Ing.)


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